Is iOS App Development going to become Obsolete 5 years from now?

Whenever it is about decoding the future of Apple and their beloved iOS, it is all speculation. Although mostly an exciting and engaging one, there is no certainty of what path Apple might take in the future, given their recent experiments with iOS 10. So, where does it leave countless iOS Developers who have currently engaged in iOS App Development for iPhones and iPads? As professionals, all they can do is keep learning about the new technologies in play because the software is going to be enhanced with each passing season. However, it is the change in the hardware aspect that should make the iOS Developers think about the future of application development.

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For a couple of years now, Apple users haven’t seen many changes come to the iPhone. The hardware is more or less the same, with the exception of the 3.5mm jack (which is also being made available in the recent variant of Apple through a connector). There was no new iPad launch this year, and the one launched last year wasn’t motivating enough for people to shell out their kidney. Recently, Apple, in a giant acquisition, took over an automobile giant, signaling a shift from the conventional business of peripheral devices that has kept them occupied for over a decade. So, where does the clue lie for iOS Developers?

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Apple’s elimination of the 3.5mm jack does say a lot. For a start, it does signify the company’s objective of having the wireless earpods in place. However, it doesn’t stop there. Given the fact that Apple seems to be running out of ideas when it comes to revamping their iPhone, one won’t be surprised if they rid of it altogether in near future. The world is moving towards 3D, for the better inculcation of application functioning and as a necessary evolution in the domain of technology. While there are already rumors of an iPad equipped with 3D functioning to be launched next year, the current iPhone shows the same features. Apple is going aggressive with its Smartwatch too. Many experts have suggested that Apple is looking to replace the iPhone with the combination of Smartwatch and wireless earpods.

In the future, iOS developers could be required to develop applications that use hologram technology (being 3D in nature), and an interface that is much more dynamic than the ones we have got used to today. More than Android, the onus is going to be with the iOS Developers to change the future of mobile application because of the unforeseen advancements being made by Apple in the hardware business. While this all is pure theory, for the wireless earpods are still struggling to find a place in the market, one can assume that a major part of it would be transformed into cost-effective reality in the next five years, and this would define the future of iOS. For the ones who are into the business of iOS Application Development, the future is indeed exciting.

October 28, 2016



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