F.R.I.E.N.D.S with A.P.P.S

Technology has completely taken over our lives. The 90s people are the luckiest ones among others. This is because they have lived tech as well as non-tech life. We are the ones who played the real Ludo and we are the ones who grew while playing in the streets. That being said, it amuses me to think of how different our lives would be if technology had hit us at that specific time. It amuses me more when I imagine my favorite on-screen characters in the same situation.

Please Note: Read only if you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan as there are references that only a fan can comprehend.

Joey Tribbiani

Everybody knows that Joey doesn’t share food and he can finish a turkey all by himself. When the fridge stops working, he becomes the responsible flatmate and eats everything to prevent food wastage. Not to forget about the times when he chose friendship over love and all such traits make him the most favorite out of all other characters. Imagine, if Joey had a smartphone (of course, Chandler would buy it for him), how different his life would be.

Friends and technology

So, this is what his home screen would look like. As a Tribbiani, he knows his priorities clearly, so all he would bother about is which app provides amazing food at his doorsteps. With the personality of a womanizer and the way he does “How You Doing?”, he probably would not need any dating app. To enjoy hassle-free food ordering, he would have Chandler’s payment cards saved in all his apps in his struggling years.

All his acting and modeling interview dates would be saved in Reminders. To remember the names of all his dates, he would put Notes to the maximum use. Also, he would use his Calculator judiciously considering that he was pathetic at numbers. Google would be always open on his phone so that he can search for every weird topic, the FRIENDS discussed at Central Perk.


Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing is the one responsible for an odd count of nipples around the world. The moment he said, “and I want a billion dollars”, he became everybody’s favorite. Chandler, being the first one to buy the phone among all others would keep it carefully out of everybody’s reach. But as a true friend, he would take it out to make a comparison about Rachel and Julie.

With his wittiest one-liners at perfect timings, Chandler became the sarcasm pundit for all the 90s kids. However, if there were Apps at his time, he would really have a hard time keeping up with the competition. Hence, he would have a lot of Apps that could help him keep his sarcasm on point.

chandler bing

To help him quit smoking, the FRIENDS would have installed Stop Smoking app in his phone to ensure his good health. Other than that, Chandler would have a common WhatsApp notification that would freak him out every single time.

chandler whatsapp notification

People judge Chandler for his weird jokes, unnecessary sarcasm and his dance moves. To make himself better, he would usually talk to Siri. However, his Siri conversations would not turn out in his favor.


One more app that Chandler would keep is Photo Splash and other photo editing apps that would help him get the perfect picture for himself. No matter how many times, Monica helped him click a normal picture he would naturally ruin all the pictures because you know he is Chandler. And Chandler is not only camera conscious, he is allergic to humans around him. You would agree after seeing his dance moves. He repels everybody with his amazing dancing skills. That said, he would obviously have a few dancing apps like Dancy.

Dealing with not-so-dad dad and bad festive experiences, Chandler would distract himself on his low days by playing games on his phone. Joey and Ross would often join him to play fantasy Super Bowl on their phones.

Could he BE any better?

Ross Geller

Ross is adorably irritating. He is the most qualified FRIEND and prefers to introduce himself as Dr.Ross Geller. With the perfect bonding with the Gellers, he has always been the favorite child and Monica hates that. Ross was a great friend and that he proved at different instances. He kissed Joey to help for his audition, though it did not help him much. He also buys a bike for Phoebe and then forces her to learn how to ride it. Clearly he set up friendship goals when he asked Joey to express his love for Rachel to her and not hide it.

However, Ross sucked at relationships. Although it has always been Rachel, Ross would look for different matches on dating apps like Tinder, Woo and other such apps.

ross geller

To make at least one marriage work out for him, he would have an app to know about all the Marriage Do’s and Don’ts.

Divorce is not a normal thing but for Ross, it was so he would also keep an app to help him through the legal procedures (first with Carol, then Emily and then Rachel).

A special note with title WE WERE ON A BREAK would be saved in his phone that had the question DOES IT? and that would cover 18 pages (front and back)


Ross is a grammar nazi as the Twitterati would call him today. Hence, he would have one pronunciation app in his phone for sure like Sounds.


This was how the guys in this gang would live if they had smartphones with applications. Stay Tuned to find out how the girls would behave if they had apps in their lives.

October 25, 2017



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