F.R.I.E.N.D.S WITH A.P.P.S Part 2

Phoebe Buffay

And the weirdest yet beautiful soul award goes to Phoebe Buffay a.k.a Regina Phalange. Other than chewing her own braid, Phoebe was a master of procrastination. Remember how cleverly she shirked work when Joey asked her to join them in helping Ross with his new furniture.

phoebe 1

One could not explain Phoebe’s character in one word as she possessed too many different traits as a person. So, she would have different applications on her phone and this is how her home screen would look like.


The first app that she would use has to be Song Writer to write her iconic piece Smelly Cat. For the perfect chords, an app that could teach her Guitar would be just perfect. Something like Guitar Chords could be a perfect fit. Talking about her profession, Pheebs would keep a few massage apps to provide on-demand massages to all her customers. She could put technology to the best use to earn more as a masseuse.

Of course, Phoebe would also need Tinder to find a perfect date. She could not spend her entire life being married to a gay. Oh, but she would have specific traits mentioned on her Tinder so that people didn’t confuse her with Ursula Buffay, her twin sister.


Other apps that would differentiate her from others would be meditation and aura cleansing apps like Self Healing, Calm, Joyful Giver etc. To overcome a tough childhood like hers, all these apps become kind of necessary. Unlike all other FRIENDS she was a vegetarian, so she would have a Vegetarian Living app in her phone too. However, she would uninstall it in her pregnancy period when all she craved was ham, beef and all kinds of meat.

Also, poor Phoebe would fall for the scam messages asking her to claim her money she won.


And then she will be all like this

phoebe abusing

Phoebe had her unique way of living life which made her personality stand out. She could do a lot more with technology.

Rachel Green

Rachel Green is all about sophistication, class and fashion. From her perfectly done hair to her toenails, she can make boys goes head over heels in seconds. There was a reason Ross had always been in love with Rachel since high school.


Rachel who is also a runaway bride, kept looking for true love all the time. So this goes without saying that Rachel would be the most frequent user of Tinder. However, she had a weird thing for doctors so she would also have apps like Doctor On Demand, Hey Doc to get a doctor date.

rachel doctor

The journey to become an independent woman was not easy for her. Apps would have helped her manage a lot things. First, she could manage her expenses by taking note of everything she bought. To be a better waitress, she would take order using Notes in her phone to avoid delivering wrong beverages. To make her job hunt easier, she would have Jobs app to find her dream job.

rachel coffee

She would always keep up with all the fashion industry updates through magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue etc. To get ready for her perfect dates, she would also have Glamsquad app that facilitates beauticians at customer’s doorsteps.


Monica Geller

Monica Geller would be a tough customer for all mobile stores. She would get on everybody’s nerve to find that one perfect phone for herself. Once she got it, she would carefully place all apps in proper order. Have a look on what her home screen would look like:


The perfect wallpaper of Mr. & Mrs. Bing would leave a smile on her face every time she unlocked her phone. Then, she would spend some time in rearranging the apps as per her preferences. Posting pictures of her neat apartment on Instagram while tagging her mother would make her day just perfect until Ross would post about his achievements.

One app that Monica would definitely need in her high school years is  Weight Loss to help her shed those extra kilos.

monica dance

For the amazing chef that she is, she would have cooking and recipe apps in her phone all the time. Better Butter, Recipes etc. and all such apps would always find a place in Monica’s phone.

Monica loves everything organized and hates it when someone messes up even a bit. To ensure end to end planning, she would keep apps like Planner and Trello. Being ahead and perfect gives her sheer pleasure and she would not miss a chance to show her superiority among others.

monica cleaning

She would keep searching for her true soulmate on Tinder. AFter getting married to Chandler, she would still check hot guys on Tinder, you know just for fun.


Let us just agree that it would be hilarious if F.R.I.E.N.D.S used Apps. You can create endless situations to recreate epic moments from the series. Share your idea of F.R.I.E.N.D.S with A.P.P.S with us and we will feature the best one in our guest blog.

October 28, 2017



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