Explore the new iOS 8 platform and develop rewarding mobile apps

Explore the new iOS 8 platform and develop rewarding mobile apps

Smart technology has been the buzz word of today’s technology- driven and gadget obsessed generation. Devices like iPhone and iPad have been the defining symbol of this tech- savvy generation. These mobile computing devices have changed the complete face of computer industry and have led to the beginning of the era of smart phones and tablet computers. Apple Inc. has been the game changer in this field with its innovative digital products. And, yet again the stage has been set for the perfect face- off in this mobile market with the recent launch of the iOS 8 mobile platform in the WWDC. The recent update has been received with thumping response by mobile app developers across whole world. It is the beginning of the new phase in the mobile app development market.

Now, the Cupertino based tech giant has opened its doors for everyone and developers have been given the opportunity to explore this new mobile operating system. The rich features and mind- blowing apps of this iOS 8 can be easily used by third party apps also with this software update. The mobile market has been predicting huge windfall change in the app development market with this relaxation of Apple Inc. New possibilities have emerged in the field of mobile application with the launch of this new update. It has enhanced the usability of iOS features beyond its native core apps and has made it available and accessible to any other third party app. With this welcome change, even third party apps can now easily interact with the iOS platform and with other native apps. Many popular third party apps and features have found their place in the core apps of the iOS operating system. It provides user liberty to use third party apps inside main apps of the Apple devices. There is no such “no entry” label marked anymore by tech giant to explore its iOS mobile platform.

With its liberalization policy towards its operating system, it has led to the building of the favorable environment for the third party developers to work and develop exciting apps for its iOS platform. The new update has made synchronization and communication with different applications a seamless task. You can access any third party apps inside the core apps of the Apple computing devices. It is a major revolutionary step in the field of mobile market. New exciting app is on its way to arrival with the appealing features of iOS 8 platform. It is certainly a celebratory occasion for all those people who are involved in the field of mobile app development.

So, it is time to explore this innovative new update and make full advantage of its exciting new features and functionality in your own apps.

June 9, 2014



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