DocsApp: Mobile Healthcare Done Right

DocsApp, a mobile app that allows patients to consult specialist doctors in less than 30 minutes, is the brainchild of Satish Kannan(CEO) and Enbasekar (CTO)- alumni of IIT-Madras.Both the founders have been featured in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list, class of 2017, for their commendable work in the healthcare sector. We asked them to share their success story with us and here is what they said:

Q1. Could you brief us about your journey?

A lot has happened in the last two years, we successfully connected over 1 Million patients to specialist doctors. We have delivered medicines in over 3000 Pin Codes. DocsApp was declared as the APP OF THE YEAR (2017) by Amazon and Facebook. Also, it has been ranked as the #1 Health App on the PlayStore since inception. We have never stepped down from the pedestal in over a year and most importantly we have ensured that world-class healthcare was made accessible in every nook and corner, crack and cranny of the country.

Q2. Which key strategy did you keep in mind while making DocsApp?

First and foremost, we have always paid attention to the needs of the customers. We always look at the pain point and work towards solving it. When rural users were finding it difficult to make payments through plastic money (pre-demonetization era), we introduced a new method of payment. Users can pay for their consultations directly using their mobile phone balance. When language was becoming a constraint, we made Hindi as an alternative language option. To make the users’ experience hasslefree, we have made it easier to order medicines and book lab tests. We have worked to solve customer end issues and we will continue doing so until the end of time. So, this is our key strategy that keeps us going and we are always ready to adapt changes.

Q3. What is your success mantra?

We’ve grown from a team of 5 to 85, the only thing that keeps all of us going is the mantra “Connect users to a specialist doctor in less than 30 minutes”. We’ve etched these words on the walls of our office. It’s also the need for speed, we like doing things fast, we don’t wait for anything, each member of the team has full autonomy to make decisions, sometimes these decisions make us shine brighter than ever and sometimes they teach us a lesson or two. We work in full throttle, always.


Q4. How does your business work?

The best minds from both, the technology and medical domains work together to ensure that DocsApp continues to make world-class healthcare accessible to everyone and reign over all other medical apps. We push several lines of code and ensure each new update is better than its predecessor. We promise to connect our users to doctors in less than 30 minutes and also maintained an 80th percentile TAT of 12 minutes. Not to brag, but we connected a patient to a doctor in 4 seconds. Talk about over delivering, but that’s how we roll.

Q5. What advice would you like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

Take the best minds in the industry, add motivation, subtract distraction and divide work equally among everyone. Sigh! If only it was that easy. We believe that being persistent will get you the spot, but being consistent will let you keep the spot. We are persistent about staying on top and work consistently to remain at the top

Q6. What are the future goals for DocsApp?

We are a young company, we still have a long way to go. We serve over 2000 patients a day right now, we aim at changing that number to 10000+ patients daily! The DocsApp team is determined to make world-class healthcare accessible to the masses and we walk into work every day determined to do so. We tumble, fall and stand right back up. For all the challenges that come our way, we’ve got three words “Bring it on”.

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