What should I Know Before Developing a mobile App?

What should I Know Before Developing a mobile App?

“Want to develop a Mobile App??

Just get to know few points and your app will be downloaded over the world by a number of mobile users.”

Do you want to develop Mobile Application? Before making a decision to develop a mobile app you must ask a few questions to yourself. Do you really have an idea of standard mobile app development? If Yes, Amazing!! But which mobile app are you going to develop, Android or iOS? What are important factors you need to consider while developing an app? Also, you are required to have knowledge of mobile app statistics that will help you to find how mobile app world is growing or you must get in touch with a trusted mobile app development company.
Can you make any guess; what is the number of mobile apps running in famous app stores on June, 2016? There were 2.2 million apps available to the Android users to choose from whereas Apple’s app store users have 2 million available apps. So, it is essential to develop the high quality mobile app with unique features for noticeable entry in the world of mobile apps. The developers must ensure that the mobile apps they are developing are easy to use, helpful and also required by the users.

App development guide

I have recommended here the important things the developers are required to know while developing mobile applications. Just go through and check them out –

Set Your Goals

A goal-oriented project is always considered to be effective to achieve success in any field. Not only startups, but the most established companies first set their goal and then perform to reach that goal.

You need to think yourself as a user first; after that take yourself as a vendor. You have to remember that the app provides benefit to the users, only then it can be beneficial for you to give business. Taking this point into view, you have to decide what has the priority for you; user satisfaction or the business profit?

You should also set your short-term and long-term goals before proceeding for the next step.

Know Your Target Audience

You are creating app for the audience, right? The audience plays an important role in the development of your mobile application; so it is very significant to understand your target audience. You must know who will be going to use this app, and how the app will be useful for users.

A developer must know the requirement of the app’s target audience and the technology with which they are familiar. As if you meet your user’s expectations and provide them satisfaction, your mobile app will get popularity in the app land.

Observe Your Competitors

When you are planning to develop an app, you must know about the competition ground you are going to enter and the competitors as well. It is always effective and helpful to know what your competitors are doing; what are their weakness and strengths. Before beginning the development process of an app, you need to perform research for the similar apps. When you will observe the competitor app, you will detect the weak points need to be recovered in your app. You will obviously observe something better and new to add in your mobile app for the users.

Start With Single Platform

It is most important to decide before developing your mobile app on how many platforms you are planning to release or launch your mobile app? Do you want to launch your mobile app on a single platform or on multiples? I would suggest you to start and settle down with a single platform first and then enter into multiple platforms to release your mobile app. It is the step by step progress that can bring long term success for you.

Pinpoint The Description

App description is actually a compressed user guide. The description of your app makes your app easy to use; it is helpful when a new user checks your app without having prior information about it. Consider yourself a user, then what will you do if you get a new app but you are not aware of it. Surely, you will read the description, if found useful and suitable enough only then you will download and use it.

Generally app stores display only a few lines of the description. Then user need to click read more to read the full description, so it is essential that first 2-3 lines are so effective that they can convert your app viewers into likely customers.

Follow Specific Market Strategy

In the present day world, if you want to be successful and popular, you have to start with marketing. It is really effective to get huge response when you will release your mobile app. Thus, it is highly advised to begin marketing of your mobile app at the proper time. So, before developing a mobile app, it is required to create a marketing plan and fix the time to execute this plan to get a warm welcome in the app market. It is recommended that the developers should start app marketing at least before 15-20 days of the release to attract users.

Present Something Fresh

Of Course! I always like to try and have something fresh, something different. New things can create excitement among people. That’s why people go to the new restaurant as they are excited to try something new; and if they like the taste they visit that again and again. So, you need to represent yourself in the app market with something new. Human beings have a buzz for new things and get attracted when they find something different. Hence, you should originate something interesting that keep the users pinned with your mobile app.

Data Efficient Mobile App

If you are developing an app, try to make it 100% efficient; it is what users expect from any mobile app. Here the word efficiency refers to the performance and data efficiency too. Smartphone users generally use 3G or 4G data connection; they just download the app and don’t open it often if the app consumes more data. Even they remove it, if they don’t found the app data efficient. Hence, you must ensure to develop your app to use data and to consume less data comparatively.

In today’s world of competition, it is not enough to develop any mobile application; if you want to make it popular to generate revenue from it. Hence, you need to remember above mentioned precious points before developing a mobile application. These tips will definitely help you in achieving long term success. These are the factors that can be considered to develop more efficient app and to gain fame in the app market.

September 8, 2016



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