Best Prank Apps To Try Out In 2018

We’ve grown up hearing that laughter is the best medicine and as we get older we really learn the wisdom of those golden worlds. Laughter now with the backing of science has been proved to have a refreshing influence on our senses. A good laughter can bring down the physical tension and relax your muscles for up to 45 minutes. Moreover, by increasing the blood flow and improving the functions of blood flow, it helps ward off threats like heart attacks. Laughter can also burn a good amount of calories. The best thing about all that is it doesn’t cost any money. You could laugh in a company of friends or even alone by reminiscing about the humorous moments of the past. So central is humour to our lives that we have found ways in technology to keep us in an uplifted mood and Prank Apps are in trend.

Prank apps for smartphones serve exactly that purpose. Most of these apps work by giving the targeted person/victim a scare of one kind or another. The victim’s outrageous reactions give ample cause for everybody involved to burst into laughter. Other apps are purely laugh-inducing from the outset as you’ll find through the course of this blog. Without further ado, let us unveil our list of the best pranks via prank apps to try in 2018:

Ghost Prank App

Ghost Prank Apps

Ghost pranks never get old. This Ghost app is perfect for the Halloween but then again it can be used at almost any time of the year. You can use this app to insert a ghost, probably a flying girl or some other creature into a photo of your choosing. Then share that around with friends and family and see them freaking out with funny reactions.

The app offers 6 different ghost sounds for a given picture. Once you’ve edited the picture to your liking, you can also save it on your phone. Currently, this particular app is only available on the Google Playstore. But, there are definitely some variants of it on the AppStore that you might want to check out. So go ahead and scare people with eerie images using Ghost Prank App.

Crack Your Screen Prank App

Crack your screen is a brilliant prank app. The fact that the app can be pre-set to trigger the cracks makes the prank feel all the more real. The user can adjust the crack settings as follows: First is the crack at a shake. So that when the phone is shaken, many cracks cover the screen. Second is the crack at the touch, where the cracks appear as soon as the user touches the screen. The final one is where you get to set a timer, causing the crack to trigger at a time of your choice, possibly when you’re expecting your friend to pick up the phone.

The cracks may look the most natural but the fact that they appear suddenly can get the weirdest reactions out of people. Do you know someone who’s meticulous about cleaning little dots or smudges on their phone’s screen? This app will be ideal to freak them out.

Bee Swatter Prank App

Bee Swatter is an amazing prank game. So far it’s only available for the iPhone. The way it works is pretty cool. You can try to show the game to your friend and somehow get them to play it. The game initially is about catching bees. It’s relatively simple and a player has to go through a certain level to make the prank work. Once they get to that stage a bee comes up. The player has to continuously hit the bee harder several times to make it disappear. But when they do ‘hit harder’ the game stops working, then slowly cracks begin to appear. The player wouldn’t know what to do. They may believe it was the act of hitting harder that caused the crack in the screen. The only way to end their disbelief is to slide from the bottom right corner to the top left corner. But have as much fun as you can until your victim has run out of patience.

Fake GPS Prank App

This app again makes for some exciting pranks. If you’re someone who likes to update your social media with your GPS location, letting your friends know where you’re hanging out etc. then Fake GPS app will allow you to have quite a bit of fun. Using this app, you can acquire a fake GPS location of your choice and then surprise your friends and family about your physical presence. Use a location that you always talk about with everyone else and they may be duped into believing that you actually got there somehow.

Want to create android or iOS Prank App? Well, Code Brew Labs – A Mobile App Development Company is here for you.

Scare Your Friends Prank App

Scare your friends is an ultimate prank app for scaring the heck out of anybody. This app can freak out most people, so you need to be cautious when you’re trying it with a person who’s not known to have steady nerves. They can throw the phone away in fear or may suffer a panic attack. Using the app is quite easy. All you have to do is select a picture, a scaring sound and a timer for when you expect your victim to be using the phone. The scary images and audio can freak a lot of people out. So have plenty of fun pranking your friends.

Fart Cushion Prank App

Fart jokes have been around forever. But now there are specialised mobile apps to give people a laugh over farts. Fart Cushion is one such app. All the user has to do is launch the app, adjust a few setting and place the device where they expect the ‘fart victim’ to sit. Hold back your laughter until the app has done its work and then everybody can start laughing at someone’s embarrassment. The fart sound can be triggered based on touch, time, GPS and accelerometer. There’s setting to adjust the volume and length of fart itself. Get this app and start having fun with your friends and family.

Lie Detector Prank App

Lie detector is one of the great Prank apps to mess with your friends by asking them random question and setting their answers to your liking. This will be especially useful with children if you really wish to use it as a tool for getting the truth out of them.

All you need to do is choose the answers that you’d like the victim to see in the correct order. As you ask the question, you’ll need to ask your victim to place his/her finger on the screen. The app detects the touch and brings up the answer as either a ‘Lie’ or ‘Truth’ that was previously selected by you. Get this prank app now if you’d like to make a fool of your friends.

iTorturer Prank App

iTorturer can help you really mess with your friends by creating some spooky sounds. The app’s key feature is its ability to produce high-frequency sounds. Your victim will have a tough time figuring out where the sounds are coming from. The free version of the app offers three types of sounds viz. high frequency, tri-tone and white noise. More sounds can be purchased within the app.

One funny way to trick someone with this app is by acting indifferently to the sounds, making them feel that they’re the only ones who’re hearing eerie noises in their head. Also, it’s very difficult to catch the prankster with this app given the way it works, so expect your prank to last for a long time.

Yes, Photoshop can help you swap and chop all sorts of photos and create something unique out of them, but what if you only wanted to do some simple mods on an image to play a prank on your buddies. Photoshop is too big a software to load up your PC with. Dude Your Car is an ideal solution for that kind of situation. It allows you to upload an image of a car and add scratches, dents or smoke on to it. A great way to give your friends a fret over their precious car.

Curtains Down:

That concludes the list of our favourite Prank apps. Do try as many as you can to give everybody a cause to laugh. Did we leave out your personal favourite? Let us know in the comments section below, we’re all ears.

July 3, 2018



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