10 Best App Design Companies With Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)


The present day hyper competitive market for mobile app designing has proven to be ground to flourish for a myriad of development studios with the range for the same varying from small scale boutique studios and going all the way up to corporate giants.

Interesting thing here is the fact that size isn’t a matter of concern whilst creating cutting edge apps on various platforms and the results are solely dependent on the developer’s innovative approach & skills.

“If you want to be a winner, hang around with the winners.” -Christopher D. Furman

Hence, if you are looking for an app development & design agency then we can help you find the right fit. In our list of

Top 10 Best App Design Companies

We will discuss about the very best in the business across the globe, to help you understand each firm better and choose which one would be the right choice for your project.

blue fountain media


With a wide range of services along with their expertise in the app design businessBlue Fountain Media have won several awards in the past. Some other services offered by this enterprise include mobile app design strategy with effective marketing & developmentplans for the same. They help their clients to build a strong brand identity on the web and are one of the very best in the business today.

Allurive - best app design companies


Allurive- they are an extremely focussed and visionary organization with expertise in UX and UI Design. Their highly proficient team of designers work around the clock to create the perfect interface that is easy to operate and adored by the users. They strive to establish an efficient communication medium with their clients and help them create state of the art apps that are appreciated globally.

y media labs

Y MEDIA LABS, Redwood City, California

Y Media Labs is one of the leading app agencies with a proven track record and a number of accolades for their outstanding contribution in the app development business. Their experts are highly skilled in several programming languages and are known to create outstanding designs. They utilize flash, video clips and cool colours to make the app aesthetically appealing without affecting the responsiveness.


FUELED, Chicago, IL

Fueled have an inventive approach towards app design & development. They deploy several open source scripts on a project inception which include codes from PHP, HTML, jQuery and Java combined. They tend to add multimedia content to improve the visual appeal of the websites and apps. They also create virtual shortcuts which allow users to access apps without running browser or time consuming programs.

big drop


Known for their focussed approach towards appearance and functionality, Big Drop Inc provides a seamless combination of both utility & function to its users. They are a force to be reckoned with in the trade and serve a wide range of organization which include restaurants, businesses and non- profit organizations.


CODAL, Chicago, IL

Codal– a well renowned consulting firm is focussed on providing a wide range of business intelligence, compliance testing, design & testing services globally. With over 7 years of enriching experience in the trade and a skilled team of experts they have helped create the right digital platform for start-ups and corporate alike.


EIGHT25MEDIA, San Francisco, California

Eight25Mediais a specialized app development firm which keep the client specifications on priority. They are a unique organization and work on both client projects and their own. The diverse outlook of the company has helped them outshine many competitors and make them a strong contender in the trade.

hudson integrated

Saddle Brook, New Jersey

This New Jersey based Hudson Integratedis an innovative organization offering sustainable and smart IT solutions. Their prime focus is towards companies that don’t have high commercial interests. Their clients primarily include charitable organizations, contractors, schools and more. They have proficient team that is well versed with various platforms and can create outstanding apps in minimal time.



Konstant Infosolutionswork with a highly technical approach and help their clients create customized apps for business. They take time to craft strong apps for platforms like windows and macOS. They utilize Unix & Linux OS to attain support for complex web app functions. They also a step ahead and add unique content in the apps which includes 3D flash, photos and short articles.


COFA MEDIA, San Diego, California

Cofa Media– they are a proud web design agency located in San Diego, LA. With their unique strategy and IoT- internet of things approach towards design, they focus on apps concerned with real time surroundings along with feedback and close analysis. Their apps are usually connected with GPS sensors in the present day smart phones.

The aforementioned companies have been subjected to an extensive quantitative and qualitative statistical evaluation before being featured on this list.


January 6, 2017



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