AR Effect – Tourism Transformed

Tourism industry goes back a long way. It’s one of the few industries that has always been on an upward slope and continues to grow in each successive year. In 2015 the global tourism revenue stood at 1.26 trillion U.S. dollars. That figure is forecast to exceed 1.8 billion mark by the year 2030. Whatever happens, we can rest assured that Tourism as an industry is never going to go out of fashion. In that sense, it’s also a fertile ground for tech entrepreneurs looking to make hay. Modern technological innovations have the potential to drastically transform tourism in a way never been thought possible before. One such technology that’s perhaps making the greatest impact and has everyone buzzing with anticipation is Augmented Reality(AR). Read on to learn about some of the ways in which AR has changed the tourism landscape for good.

The Hotel & Accommodation Headache

Planning a trip somewhere and the first thing that comes to your mind is sorting the lodging and accommodating needs. What’s the place going to be like? Will it have all the necessary facilities and amenities for my convenience? In short, the worry of the unexpected gets inside your head. These are some of the motions travelers would go through before the advent of Augmented Reality. With AR you get a virtual tour of the desired hotel with a 3D view of the room where you’d be staying. You can also take a look at the nearby amenities and put your mind at ease about the stay.  

Information On The Tip Of Your Fingers

Information On The Tip Of Your Fingers

The great thing about traveling is you get to experience and explore a whole new place and culture strikingly different from your own. In the past, travelers relied on guide-books, which although were useful, never prepared them for everything. Then came Augmented Reality that made it possible for travelers to choose their destination and hangout places in a far more enriching and interactive manner. Given that AR is available on smartphones, access to information has become very simple. It’s now easier to look up information and find reviews about notable locations, locate Wi-Fi hotspots and get weather updates on places of interest.

Travel Around With Confidence

Travel Around With Confidence

We’ve all heard stories about people getting lost on to their trip to new and unknown places. But thanks to Augmented Reality, that prospect has been nearly eliminated. AR gives the power to do more with typical navigation maps by adding useful information and digital elements in the form of arrows and directions. This way travelers can navigate whatever place they’re at with confidence and without the fear of ever getting lost. This trend has resulted in an Apprush for the search of a top mobile app development company

Language Barrier Is A Thing Of Past

Language Barrier Is A Thing Of Past

The biggest challenge for any traveler going to a county where the native language is different than his/her own is communication. Since you have little or no understanding of the native language, it can be difficult to express your needs, communicate with the locals, read and make sense of the notice and messages at community places. All in all such a setting can knock the stuffing out of most travelers. But that’s where Augmented Reality comes to the rescue yet again. With AR equipped apps, you can easily scan printed materials and view them in your native language.

Final Thoughts

The mark of successful technologies is that they make us change our habits by offering easier alternatives, thereby saving time and elevating the overall user experience. AR in that respect ticks all the boxes clear. Its entry into the tourism industry has been nothing short of a sensation. The world is becoming more and more reliant on technology. Automation, machine learning, and Artificial intelligence are the buzzwords in the tech spheres and our attitudes to technology as a whole reveal a very interesting truth. Wherever we can’t find tech by our side, it makes us itchy. We don’t feel comfortable and assured of our abilities as technology has very much become a part of our identity. AR’s success can simply be described as a natural outcome of demand and supply chain. Tourism industry despite its booming success was always ripe for a grand technological intervention. AR has but delivered all the goods it was asking for.

December 20, 2018



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