Android Developers Invited to Get Ready for Chrome OS

Android Developers Invited to Get Ready for Chrome OS

Google is almost ready to bring Chrome OS into action, which would provide android media and applications to users of Chromebook. Google had introduced the first prototype of Chromebook in 2010, along with the first commercial notebooks that arrived in the market the succeeding year. After five years, the Chromebook has now got a significant market share, especially in the United States wherein schools are using more of Chromebooks than any other devices. It also overtook Macbooks during the first quarter of this year if citing of Google are to be believed.

One among the important factors that has affected the slower adaptation of Chromebooks is the incapability to run simple Windows applications and also lack of any kind of support to run few applications offline. It is to be noted that the enterprises had the option of running the legacy of Windows applications through Chrome Receivers, that’s a solution for Citric desktop virtualization.

To solve the problem of the gap that the missing apps have created, Google has made a decision of bringing the entire Play store and all of its 1.5 million applications to this new OS. They declared recently that the Chrome-boxes, chrome pixels and also chrome bases would be allowed to access Play even when M53 is going to be available in the month of September. Users would now be allowed to use Microsoft app instead of android apps that also include PowerPoint, Excel, Skype or Outlook. They would also have the chance of running them off-line, as it is the same with the Play Music of Google.

Not of the Chrome-books would get access to Play. Android app developers would be allowed to run their apps on the Chrome-book Acer R11, Chromebook Pixel 2015 and Asus Chromebook Flip. But all of the apps would not work on Chrome-books as there is a lack of some sensors and functionality. While the GPS data sensors could be replaced with the location obtained from Wi-Fi networks, apps needing connectivity of phone wouldn’t work on Chrome-books as they are not usually equipped with one.

Google’s Guidelines for Android Developers

Android app development companies are encouraged to prepare their apps for the Chromebook by Google. They must take care of the following aspects

  • Sensors and touchscreen need to be set as not needed in manifest
  • Home screens, custom IMEs, Widgets and launchers aren’t okayed
  • Make use of multi windows support offered. Android run on chrome IS would be capable of running Three windows AR once in landscape, portrait and maximized mode.
  • Update apps to use keyboard, trackpad and mouse
  • In case the user replaces one his or her Chromebook with another, the backup data should be able to get restored easily
  • Prepare for the Android N so your app would be ready when chrome books get updated to run the app
  • Organizations would be capable of centrally managing the android apps on the Chromebooks by removing or pushing certain apps, blacklisting or white listing few of them.

Well, that’s about it folks!

June 14, 2016


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