5 Social Media Tactics That Are Not Working Anymore

5 Social Media Tactics That Are Not Working Anymore

With the constantly changing world, especially given in hands of technology, the biggest challenge faced by us, humans is to “keep up”. I might sound a bit philosophical here but that does not change the absolute truth that everything changes with time. Think about yourself. You are not the same person as you were a year before. Because you learned new stuff, you got bored of a few things, you replaced a few things with better and now you are a different person. Considering that the fundamentals of human psychology remain same for everybody, we can imply that behaviour of people (in this case your clients, customers or readers) changes with time. This brings us to the purpose of writing this blog where I am going to talk about how your social media target audience has changed over time and which social media tactics are not working anymore for your business.

Everything that is Auto is annoying on Social Media

Face the truth that you do not like people sending you auto DMs, adding auto comments on your Instagram feed and those boring sales pitches. When you pitch somebody in their DM, you are just resting there among others. Even if a person might be looking for services that your business provides, he would never like to be spammed. The simple way is deal with this is to write personalised messages that a person will be interested to read. Before actually reading a message, a person always goes through the pretext that appears in the notification. Make use of it smartly to put an impression of a decent organisation that is not just spamming but is actually sharing some productive content.

Another annoying this is Auto comments on Instagram. I mean, we can make out which comments have been written by bots and which are by somebody who is human. Growing your account’s following and engagement in an organic manner will be more beneficial in the long-term. With the help of personalized content on your Instagram page, you will be able to build up a decent following that would not unfollow. Considering the fact that content will always be the king, use it carefully as per your audience and not just be hungry for more likes or followers. Rather you should focus on building a community that sticks together. Another thing that is not working anymore on Instagram is using popular hashtags. They are only going to attract more bot comments and nothing else.

Adding People To Groups Without Permission

Consent matters a lot more than you might think, especially to those who take their professional lives seriously. So, when you add people to the group of shameless promotions, they will either block your profile or report it. As a result, you will get your profile banned or suspended. To avoid such consequences, you must ask the person first if he/she would be interested in being a part of the group. This small yet effective step will help in building a credible community who will not only be interested in your services but will also actively participate in discussions and other activities.

5 Social Media Tactics That Are Not Working Anymore

Unnecessary Tagging In Random Posts

It worked earlier because only a few were doing it. Now, people are overdoing it which is why it is not effective anymore. Instead of tagging random people on random posts, spend some time in studying the interests of the profile and then tag them on relevant posts. For an instance, a feminist would not be interested in seeing a patriarchal post and might even respond in other ways such as blocking or reporting your account. Thus, you should be considerate when tagging people in your posts.

Creating An Email Marketing List From Linkedin

LinkedIn is considered as the most professional social media platform. That being said, there are people who prefer to ruin the vibe by overdoing the professionalism. This includes extracting information from the platform using third party tools and then creating a huge mailing list for respective email marketing campaigns.  

Talking about consent again, when you send emails without permission to anybody, it is a SPAM. To add your LinkedIn connections on your mailing list, just ask them to subscribe to your emails or newsletter.

5 Social Media Tactics That Are Not Working Anymore

Clickbait; Seriously?

A big no. They are no fools and the ones who are, won’t be your potential customers. Stop doing it right away.

Final Takeaway

Putting so many efforts in the development of an app or website may turn out to be useless, if you are not able to reach out to your customers. Therefore, a concrete marketing strategy should be in place to expand your business across various regions of the world. That being said, an outdated marketing strategy is only as good as having no strategy at all. Code Brew Labs has an in-house marketing team that stays on top of everything that is happening in the marketing world. To connect, you just need to book a free consultation with us.

Stay tuned for more B2B marketing blogs in this space. Till then, let us know if we have missed anything here, in the comments section.

September 16, 2018



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