4 Easy Tips To Increase Your App Downloads

4 Easy Tips To Increase Your App Downloads

With millions of apps both in the Android and iOS ecosystem, the challenge for app marketers to acquire new users is perhaps at its toughest. Most of the app users already know what their favorite apps are and don’t have enough inducement to try out new apps. As per a survey it was found a smartphone user in the US installs 3 new apps every month. That’s a very low number and certainly not very inspiring for anyone wanting to make a mark on the App Store. But there’s help around. There are proven methods that are known to encourage more users to download a new app. This blog takes a look at four of them. 

1. Keep An Eye On ASO

App Store Optimization doesn’t get enough credit as it should but it still remains a great way to influence app downloads. The one criticism of ASO is that it’s a lengthy process and requires a sustained effort to bear fruitful results. But it would be wrong to cast aside App Store rankings as a system working upon a cluster of things viz. keywords, description, rating, and reviews. As an app marketer, you need to figure out how various keywords rank in different app categories. You would also benefit by performing A/B tests to find out store assets that best resonate with your target users. That way you’ll be able to continually improve your App Store page.

2. Make Your App Bug-Free

 Make Your App Bugs Free
Nothing frustrates a user more than frequent bugs and crashes. The moment they experience a problem with your app, they’ll either submit a bad review or silently go ahead and uninstall the app. Neither scenario helps your case. While it’s important to address the crashes as early as they’re brought to light by the app users, your attempt should be to build a neat app free of any issues. That could be ensured by performing vigorous testing on your app in the post-development stages. Resolve all the potential bugs in the early stages and it will save you from picking bad rep on the App Store.

3. Create A Virality Feature

Referrals are a great way to manifest your app’s quality, trust, and relevance. You don’t need to have a mammoth marketing budget or hire the services of an iconic brand ambassador for app referrals. The app’s own features today seem to work brilliantly in creating a referral statement. For example, the banking and finance apps offer exciting cashback offers from app referrals. Similarly, a cloud storage app could offer free storage to existing users for app referral. So you’ll have to find out what features in your app could be used to create a virality aspect.

4. Invest In Quality Content

Invest In Quality Content

Content is the King and that’s an incontestable truth. There’s no doubt that you’re going to benefit immensely by creating compelling content that helps you reach more potential users. This could be in the form of online articles, videos, infographics etc. For instance, a banking app could have a video that demonstrates its various features, rich visuals and user interface to the end user. All in all, content is absolutely vital for your app’s success.


App promotion is no easy cookie and you’ll have to try a whole bunch of things effectively to make your app appear on top of the App Store. But by carefully following the tips mentioned in this blog, you’re sure to feel the difference in your app marketing endeavor. If ever in doubt, you shouldn’t hesitate to call for the assistance of a reputable mobile app development company. I hope this blog provided the information you looking for. If you have something related to share on the same topic, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

November 19, 2018


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