3 Mistakes That Can Spoil Your App’s Prospects

The advent of mobile apps is often seen as the start of a new era. Going forward we’ll look back at this period when we swapped our desktop PCs for smartphone devices. Indeed mobile apps have given us the power to do so much with so little effort at the place of our choosing. What’s more, they keep getting smarter by learning more about users and offering them great ways to accomplish more.

Mobility has also become a need for businesses to stay alive and competitive. In the past decade itself, we’ve seen industries where app’s presence would have made little sense to most people yet they now thrive under their influence. The utility of mobile apps has led to a rush among budding entrepreneurs to invent the next big thing in the mobile world.

While developing a mobile app doesn’t involve any rocket science, there’s a lot that can go wrong and foil your best-laid plans. So to really crack effectively into the mobile space, one has to get the basics right. This blog takes a look at some of the key mistakes that must be avoided to ensure successful mobile app development.

1. Launching An App Without A Definite Purpose

Launching An App Without A Definite Purpose

The mobile app rush runs so wild that every entrepreneur wants to jump the app bandwagon and reveal their best to the world. Nothing wrong with that as long as the app idea is validated and researched sufficiently to ascertain the market-penetration.  The App Store consists of millions of apps yet it’s surprising how so many of them are built for the same purpose. In short, most apps lack originality and novelty. If your app idea already has a match on the AppStore, you have to find out what extra value would you be offering to convince the smartphone users to give your app a chance. The most successful of the apps solve a problem, no matter how big or small. But they solve it very well. Ensure that your app has a clear and well-defined purpose before rolling it out on the App Store.

2. Ill-informed Monetization Model

While most apps tend to be free apps, every owner has money on their minds somewhere down the app road. Without a clear idea of the monetization model, you’ll struggle to have success in generating revenues from your app. There are various app monetization models viz. in-app purchase, in-app advertisements, premium, freemium, etc. You can’t just randomly pick any monetization model for your app. An ill-informed decision can prove costly, leaving you much to regret. For instance, it’s all good for a branded app to be released under the premium model as its identity justifies its worth. But an app with no pedigree would struggle to have any success if released under the same model. For the latter category, a free trial for a limited period would be the best way to proceed.

3. Irregular Updates & Testing

Irregular Updates & Testing

An app makes its mark with its very first release. Yet, as time passes, it needs to be revamped to ensure continued success. The App Store is a very competitive space to survive. The quest to stay at the top never ceases and new players are always testing their luck to win the jackpot. Despite initial success, app owners have the job to continually test the app’s limits to do more and simplify the users’ world. So, don’t take a lean-back approach when your app has got a good start. Both the Android and Google release variety of OS updates that app owners have to abide by. Ensure that your app is continually tested for any bugs or glitches. Finally, depending on your app type, update it from time to time to enhance the user experience.

Final Thoughts

Surviving the competition in the App Store is very challenging. New ideas are always given form to gravitate users and disrupt the norms. The only way to succeed is by staying competitive and meticulous. To accomplish that you’d need to partner with a prestigious mobile app development company. Have you released an app recently? How has been your experience so far? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

November 23, 2018



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