How Much Does It Cost to Build A Medicine Delivery App?

No industry is untouched by the impact of digitization, especially after the global pandemic times. This made Global Newswire & many other platforms research digitization’s influences on different segments. As a result, Global Newswire revealed that the global ePharmacy market is likely to touch $107.53 billion by the end of 2025. This is when the market could barely touch $42.32 billion before the pandemic (in 2018). As a result, we see a boom in the medicine delivery app world. 

The ever-rising demand for medicine delivery apps in the marketplace – 

Medicines are something that we all require at one point or another. Here, the urge of avoiding long queues in medical emergencies has risen the demand for different types of medical delivery apps in the current times. As per a Statista survey, South Korea reported the highest number of online medicine delivery app downloads in and post-pandemic times. Records show a growth of 135% in downloads. All of these facts are common to drag your attention towards the cost of medicine delivery apps in general. If you are here to unravel an answer to this question, you are at the right place. 

Let’s explore it through a quick video first! 

Online medicine delivery apps- What is it and Why Consider Investing in it?

If you are someone with absolutely no idea of what a medicine delivery app is, it’s more like any other on-demand delivery app like Zomato, etc. The only difference is an online medicine delivery app delivers prescribed medicine instead of your happy meals. 

Besides convenience, many businesses are seeking these apps as a great source of revenue. In this regard, revealed a report claiming the COVID-19 pandemic to be doubling the search for medicine delivery apps. To be precise the number suggests it as a successive rise of 200% health app searches on Google. 

Stats showing demand of medicine delivery apps


Different Business Models of the Best Online Medicine Delivery Apps:

When talking about investing in such apps, it’s wise and significant to understand the business model first. Here are some promising ones to consider. 

Online Medicine Delivery App for Stores:

This is for local stores with an ever-growing target audience. It offers a physical pharmacy the liberty to serve its customers beyond geographical limitations. The users can use the app to upload prescriptions, select prescribed medicines, order, and get them at their doorstep. Eventually, this adds to the retail store business’s market value and profit segment. 


Grab Medicine Delivery App Without a Middleman:

This is a preferred business model for those who wish to act as an active admin for all the operational functions. This is because it lets you interact with the users directly. Thus, be it receiving a new order or shipping the requested medicines, you have control over all details. 


Medicine Delivery App for Aggregators:

Here the pharmacist will need not stock up a sufficient amount of medicines at the store. This saves the pharmacist from the hassle of managing inventory and bearing the risk and loss of unsold medicines. In other words, it can be seen as a progressive partnership business model. This way you become a part of the pharmacists’ network in your vicinity. 


Perks of Medicine Delivery App for End Users:

benefits of medicine delivery apps for customers

Perks of Medicine Delivery App for Businesses:

medicine delivery app benefits for pharma businesses


Ultimate Interfaces and Relevant Features Deciding the Cost of Medicine Delivery App:

features of online medicine delivery app


Technology Stack Required for An Online Medicine Delivery App:

Here your first need should be to collaborate with a reliable mobile app development company. This is followed by understanding the technology stack you need.  

technology stack for medicine delivery app

The Overall Cost of Medicine Delivery App Displayed:

Developing a medicine delivery app ensuring swift order placement and fulfillment takes time. The reason is incorporating different features, intacting the medicine delivery app with real-time tracking, and much more. The entire app development process is time taking and thorough deciding the complexity of the project. 


Therefore, you should consider joining hands with a mobile app development company offering reliable solutions. As far as the cost breakdown is concerned, here is a brief overview drafted for you. 


It is one of the most crucial factors determining the exact cost of the app. If you run a startup and facing strict budget constraints, prefer getting started with a basic online medicine delivery app. A static drug app encompasses standard features costing you somewhat around $5000 to $7000+. This comes with the indefinite scope of adding more and more advanced features to the app. 


Besides if you have no budget constraints, consider uplifting the cost of the medicine delivery app by adding some advanced features and functionalities. This may burn a hole in your pocket but at the same time will ensure a kickass user experience. The overall cost of an online medicine delivery app intact with all advanced or customized features can go up to $10,000 to $15,000+ approximately.


Development Processes & Platforms:

Generally developing multiple native apps for iOS and Android operating systems cost more as compared to a cross-platform application. Plus, it runs on multiple platforms seamlessly. Also, you are likely to face lesser bugs on a cross-platform app than on a native app developed. 


Still, wondering how native apps cost more? Well, it requires integrating multiple payment gateways, real-time analytics, GPS, tracking systems, cloud environment-ready features, and much more. All in all, it almost doubles the cost of the online medicine delivery app for you.


Development Time Duration:

The exact string of desirable features and functionalities plays a crucial role in deciding the development time epoch. Your major focal point should be to keep the development cycle to minimal. This will assist you to reduce the developer’s cost. A smart move is to pitch for a ready-to-use Whitelabel solution. Such solutions require minimal tweaking to meet the unique business requirements without costing you a leg and an arm. 


Developer’s Location:

Mobile app development companies worldwide charge based on their experience, expertise, location, market reputation, marketplace hold, and many other factors. Where some companies settle for a milestone payment approach, others settle for an hourly payment system. 


For example, a US-based mobile app developer is likely to charge somewhat between $150–200 per hour. On the other hand, a European country-based developer may offer you satisfactory development services within $120–150 per hour. Also, when it comes to hiring competitive developers offering robust solutions, countries like Indonesia and India prove the best. Thinking about why? Well, you can seek an experienced developer’s assistance at $20–50 per hour approximately.  


How Code Brew Labs Can Act As Your True Technology Partner Here?

Code Brew Labs is a competitive hub for all kinds of white label solutions made readily available for enthusiastic entrepreneurs like you. Our pool of professional developers and designers has prepared base on-demand delivery app models to ease and fasten up the process effectively.


We are all set with 80% of the solution, all we need is to hear your ideas and wind up with the remaining 20% for you. Where it helps us deliver the quickest solution to kickstart your business, on the contrary, it saves your overall app development cost to a considerable extent. 


Sounds like a win-o-win deal? Then you must consider giving it a try for once! Collaborate with our tech-savvies on a virtual meet to explore how we turn your idea into a successive reality. 


Last Word:

Unarguably, the best medicine delivery apps are here to transform the pharmaceutical industry from scratch. And why not when digitization is offering countless opportunities to expand your service area while experiencing great ease and advancement? This requires getting your hands on a robust online medicine delivery app for real. 


To start off appropriately, consider making a string of required features & functionalities. This will help you make a close cost estimation for overall app development. 

February 21, 2022



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