Working Of Instacart – Buyer App Workflow

Working Of Instacart – Buyer App Workflow

The Instacart app boasts several features: real-time updates from shoppers; freedom to choose the store and items from the glossary; scheduling a preferred delivery time and mode, and interacting with the shoppers as they make the purchase.

So, it isn’t surprising that it is a buyer’s go-to on-demand grocery choice. In 2022, Instacart was the most downloaded mobile app for grocery delivery in the US, with more than eight million downloads.

As for the buyer workflow, right from registering on the app to when the grocery order reaches the buyer, they have to go through a series of steps. Here, you will get to know the whole buyer journey in detail.

Working Of Instacart – Buyer App Workflow

Buyers can also choose the option of curbside delivery

Under it, the shopper makes the purchase and delivers at a place where the buyer requests. When the buyer can collect the same, they notify the store via the app, and the groceries are delivered to the preferred location. 

We at Code Brew Labs have over a decade of experience building top-of-the-line on-demand grocery apps like Instacart. And we believe in always going the extra mile. 

So, if you want any additional features to be configured in the app, we’ve got your back here too. Don’t hesitate to talk to us right away!   

April 28, 2023



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