What’s Next In Fitness App Industry?

Who’d have thought that fitness app industry will grow by a massive 401.3% in a course of 6 years? From $6.7 billion in 2012, fitness apps evolved into a $33.59 billion industry in 2018. And according to Statista, these numbers are projected to cross the $50 billion mark in 2020. The numbers clearly show the bright future of this industry. Needless to say, the amalgamation of fitness industry with the advent of technology is a welcome move, both in terms of business and health benefits’ perspectives.

But before you jump to creating a fitness app, knowing what’s cooking up for the coming times is of utmost importance. Let’s dig in to see what’s next in fitness app industry…

Personalization Will Be Paramount

While personalization is already the big thing in the world of mobile apps, this particular tech trend will never cease to be important.

The innovation in terms of personalization has already evolved beyond just the name of the user. Today, fitness enthusiasts can log their age, gender, height, weight and fitness goal to avail a customized fitness and diet plan.

But that’s not all. Personalization is expected to reach an extent where app users will be able to compare different workout plans. This helps in finding the right regime and not just following a popular or trending workout.

Better Use of Geolocation

Many fitness mobile apps allow users to track their walking, running or jogging routes. Take Runtastic for example. This app allows the user to record total time taken to cover a track, distance covered and calories burnt.

Better Use of Geolocation

The next age of geolocation will go beyond providing all the aforementioned information. Depending on the location detected, fitness apps of future will also tell users about any and all fitness events happening around them.

This is one of the best ways to enhance user experience and ensure more downloads.

Reminders & Push Notifications Will Evolve

“I forgot to drink water,” so we’ve heard many times. Doesn’t drinking water come naturally? Not when one is extremely busy living his/her daily life. From tightly packed schedules to sudden, unplanned meetings, there are many a slip between the cup and the lips. Fitness apps help you keep your water intake in check at all times.

But that’s not all, fitness apps now use push notifications to remind fitness fanatics a fitness event they registered for. Push notifications also take away the need to send an SMS to registered participants.

That said, app owners must ensure they don’t overuse push notification mechanism. Doing so will result in a nagging app, something nobody likes. Moderation and notifying users will be the key.

The Right Wake Up Call To Get Started

Right now we have seen sleep apps that promote healthy sleeping habits. At the same time, there are riddle alarm apps where a user has to solve a riddle to stop the alarm. But what about fitness apps?

The fitness apps of future will also wake users up with a bang! The rush of adrenaline, blood pumping alarm tone to help people get out of their beds is the need of the hour.

Rise Of Gamification

Fitness industry dwells on rewards, being healthy being the greatest reward in itself. But think about it, if we make a fitness app that actually rewards users with something more? How about a discount coupon after achieving a fitness goal?

Gym specific fitness apps can motivate customers by giving membership offers on completion of a challenge. The ideas are galore, you just need to talk to a mobile app development company to make them a reality.

Nutritionist Subscription

Nutritionist Subscription

The coming times will call for a nutritionist subscription in the fitness app itself. One app is all a fitness enthusiast will need. Subscribing with a nutritionist in the app will help a user to create a customized diet plan. Food allergies are common and often go unnoticed by inexperienced trainers. Moreover, not everyone is able to derive the same amount of nutrients from a given serving size. A nutritionist is capable of designing a diet chart that suits the needs of a particular person.

At the same time, the subscription of this kind can also work as a great revenue source. People have realized that a dietician is as important as a personal trainer. They are ready to spend money on a good diet chart. Give them what they need and they’ll be more than willing to use your app.


Fitness apps are already a fad among all the fitness enthusiasts. They help them stay healthy amid such a busy lifestyle. People have so much to do in so little time.

The futuristic picture we painted for fitness apps is not just a figment of our imagination. None of this has come from any of Isaac Asimov’s novels. This is where the tech trends of fitness industry are leading to. We recommend aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in a fitness app while keeping the above-mentioned points in mind. People want more bang for their buck, and the best way is to give in-app purchases in a free app.

December 10, 2018



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