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Where once Word Of Mouth Marketing was the modus operandi to reach more people and multiply sales, Internet’s arrival has left many people scratching their heads. Whatever the size of your business, there are few constraints now to reach your target audience and apprise them of your splendid services. This was not possible at any time in the past, at least not so easily.

The most obvious and ubiquitous tokens of this digital age, smartphones and tablet, are also the chief means of transmitting and acquiring information. People come across scores of brands on daily-basis throughout these devices. Consequently, most of their buying decision are also made online. A recent finding that estimated 94% of B2B buyers conduct some type of online research before purchasing just goes to underscore that fact.

With this biblical shift in the way people reach their buying decision, the need for business to bolster their online marketing game through SEO, online review and Social Media is ever so huge. But feeding information alone isn’t enough. In fact, that’s the least minimum every business is expected to do. Customers are looking for something more, something they can remember your brand by. That’s right – a trustworthy and compelling experience. 

That involves adopting a proactive approach to contacting customers and solving their concerns in a satisfactory manner. For small businesses with limited resources, this wasn’t always feasible. But thanks to CRM, almost every business entity can now offer a refined customer experience. Haven’t given a thought to CRM yet? Here are 4 reasons why you should:

CRM Helps Keep Tabs On Your Sales Cycle

CRM Helps Keep Tabs On Your Sales Cycle

With a CRM system, your sales pipeline is always under your nose. This allows you to rigorously monitor and analyze every single lead. As well as keeping your sales team in check with their sales target, CRM also helps elevate the customers’ experience. With the knowledge of where a customer is in the sales cycle, your team can offer the most suitable type of information to solve their concern. For example, individuals in the early stages doing their own research would greatly appreciate information in the form of product description, uses, benefits and case studies etc. Customers who have already opted into your services would benefit from certain feature’s usage or set-up related information.

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CRM Helps Maintain A History of Customer Interactions

Most of the modern CRM systems will maintain previous conversations, email of prospects and existing customers for you. This is highly beneficial when it comes to solving customer issues that extend for a long time. You’ll know exactly what kind of conversation a person previously had with your business and how to deal with them at the current stage.

Given your team also has the contact information of people who interact with your business, they can reach out to them anytime just to check if the customer is satisfied with the help offered thus far. The fact that the history of previous emails and conversations is widely available to every team member makes it irrelevant who the customer was speaking to the last time. They can be offered a seamless customer experience by just about anybody from the sales team.  This is the ideal approach to establish long-lasting relationships with the customers.

CRM Helps Impart Trust & Business’ Longevity

CRM Helps Impart Trust & Business’ Longevity

As mentioned in the earlier point, using CRM your team can set reminders or alerts to follow up on prospects. For a client that’s struggling to make up his/her mind, a brief engagement and a few helpful words can work wonders in closing a deal. Following up applies to existing customers as well. Knowing how satisfied they are with a product/service and getting that valuable feedback on the areas they’d like to see improved can work as a guiding line for your business. Eventually, all these efforts increase your likelihood of retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones.

CRM Helps Facilitate Content Marketing

For the umpteenth time, it has to said that the value of knowing where a prospect is in the sales cycle is vitally important. Not only for all the aforementioned points but also to facilitate your marketing. When your sales staff are acquainted with the specifics of previous conversations, they can communicate the same to the marketing team, who in turn can design the content in a way that best resonates with your customers/potential clients. Sending out emails with personalized marketing content can significantly boost your sales and no doubt add to your brand’s reputation.

Final Thoughts

The digital age has rendered many of the traditional marketing practices redundant. Customers have oceans of information to feed on and they don’t always enjoy that. They’re looking for organizations that can act quickly, solve their problems and simplify their buying decision. CRM has all the answers when it comes to offering a personalized user experience. By not only helping your sales team stay on top the sales targets but also reach out and deliver useful information to the potential clients, CRM proves to be a tool that every business should take advantage of.

If reading this blog has got you buzzing, then you’d no doubt want to get in touch with an expert CRM development company. Feel free to post your queries in the comments’ section below.

January 10, 2019



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