Ten Commandments Of Education App Industry

Ten Commandments Of Education App Industry

According to research by Statista, the digital education and e-learning industry is expected to grow beyond $243 billion by 2022. The colossal numbers surely inspire many entrepreneurs to launch an education app, and rightly so. With constant innovation in the mobile app world, students and teachers have copious amounts of information at their disposal. The world has become one big library, and anyone willing to learn is welcome.

As an entrepreneur, it’s time for you to realize the massive potential education app market has to offer. Digital learning has paved a path for a highly successful business opportunity, you just need to tap the market in the best possible way. And that’s why we have prepared a list of ten commandments of the education app industry that every digital entrepreneur must adhere to.

Thou Shalt Not Be Afraid To Share

Thou Shalt Not Be Afraid To Share

The best thing about knowledge is that the more you share it, the faster it increases. When we say the world is one big library, the core idea is to share as much knowledge as you can. There’s only one way to do so, give as much as your take.

Create a network where you have many educators on board, in text, video, audio and gamified versions. At the same time, also help these educators grow by creating a sign-up program for them. Give them credit where it’s due, and appreciate them on social media.

The more you value your educators, the more they’d like to work with you.

Thou Shalt Go Multiplatform

Your education app must be available on all the popular device platforms known. From iPhones to iPads to Android phones to tabs, make sure your education app delivers a seamless experience across all screen platform and sizes.

The core idea behind imparting education is to open doors to information from all sides. Make your app available everywhere.

Thou Shalt Make Thy App Invincible

Improperly developed apps are prone to all sorts of risks, ranging from malfunctioning to vulnerability. The internet is not only a boon for all, for there are many maleficent elements ready to ruin everything good. Make sure your app is robust enough to keep all the bad elements at bay. From malware attacks to hackers, your education app should be able to handle them all.

The best way to have an invincible app is to get it developed from an experienced mobile app development company.

Thou Shalt Be Different

It’s easy to follow the paths of the successful, but that won’t take you where your brand achieves a unique identity. See what your competitors are doing, analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

The key doesn’t lie in being better at what they are good at, it’s about being awesome at what our competitors aren’t doing. The research may take time, so start right now. In simple words, find your USP and leverage upon it.

Thou Shalt Know Thy Audience

This particular point has been emphasized by many tech pundits across the years, and it gets all the more important in case of education apps. It’s possible to make an app that offers education to everyone. But this is not the age of being a jack of all trades and master of none.

What app entrepreneurs need to understand is that the times are calling for education apps that tend to a particular field. Analyze your audience’s academic needs, the material they need and find a way to provide it to them. This will help you keep your education app light, quick to load and deliver an amazing user experience.

Once you have a strong foothold in the market, use your app as a brand and start making apps for various classes.

Thou Shalt Be Clear With Thy Revenue Channels

As an education app owner, you would naturally want to make money to keep the wheels rolling. So you need to finalize your revenue channels beforehand. The primary sources of revenue in case of education apps are:

  • Freemium: A free app that has some paid features, like research material, special tutorials, detailed test reports, sample papers, etc.
  • Special Classes: You can bring guest faculties on board to conduct classes for special exams. In this case, you can charge a certain amount of tutor’s fee as commission.
  • Advertising: No list of app revenue channels is complete without advertisements, even education apps. Advertisements have always been a trusted revenue source; just make sure the ads are relevant and targeted.

Thou Shalt Keep Records

From customer database to sales records to order history, everything that revolves around your education app must be recorded and secured. This is especially important in the unlikely event the app goes bad. Backup also comes in handy while upgrading and updating the app.

Thou Shalt Focus On User Engagement

Thou Shalt Focus On User Engagement

User engagement is the founding ground of a successful mobile app. And given the fact that you are planning to launch an education app, user engagement becomes even more important. The core idea is to create an intuitive learning app. Make learning a fun and engaging process.

Make fun quizzes, engaging test papers and interactive research material to help students learn and grow better.

Thou Shalt Plan Ahead

Mobile app trends keep changing, and what is relevant today may not be relevant in coming times. Keep regular tabs on your industry to figure out what will be the norms and standards in the future. Keep updating and upgrading your education app as per the trends.

Academics change their syllabus when required, make sure your app’s material doesn’t go obsolete. Stay updated with syllabus and curriculum to deliver the best study material.

Thou Shalt Heed Thy Customer’s Feedback

What your end users have to say about your education app holds utmost importance. Keep tabs on their reviews, ratings, feedback and suggestions.

Customer feedback helps you create better milestones for your apps. They help you understand your audience better and guides you how to serve them better.

When used the right way, customer feedback can be one of the strongest tools in your arsenal.


The stage is set for you to launch your education app. The list is of all the important must do’s and mustn’t do’s is ready. Follow it with all your heart and wits, and you’ll be surprised to see how amazing your app has turned out.

For the entrepreneurs who are eyeing the potential of health and fitness apps, here are ten commandments on healthcare app industry.

January 8, 2019


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