Benefits of Partnering With Our
Trading App Development Company

Our ace team of developers builds your trading platform with a laser-sharp focus on design,
technology, premium quality, and user experience.

Complete Legal Compliance

We build the best-fitting solution for you; one that complies with industry legal norms and government standards.

Secure and Reliable Solution

We design safe and reliable stock market apps that undergo a 360-degree check before final delivery.

Super Fast Transaction Speed

We ensure that our customized solution offers your customers the fastest and most hassle-free transaction experience.

Get 100% Access to Source Code & IP Rights

Based on your subscription plan, get complete access to the solution’s source code and ownership of IP rights.

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Advanced Features of Our
Customized Stock Trading App

Our tailored platform condenses big market data into digestible visual insights that
inform your client’s market decisions to trade better.

Real-Time Stock

Streamline trader workflow by sending them real-time stock trading updates so that they’re always on top of market trends.

Access to
Transaction History

Get to know every transaction that has happened on the platform with one click on the dashboard.

View Profit & Loss

Check various companies' profit and loss statements from your dashboard before listing them on your trading platform.

Multiple Stocks

Allow users to keep track of certain stocks in the share market and know the right time to invest using the watchlist option.

Seamless Fund

Buying & selling investments is a breeze on our trading platform. Traders can swiftly transfer funds using the platform.

View Trader/Investor

Check trader and investor ranking through our 100% customizable stock trading platform. Also, know the popular trades in the marketplace.

Manage Customer

Manage trader reviews on your platform; display, hide or delete the comments as you deem fit.

Offer Trading

Offer the platform users a chance to earn rewards. This motivates them to engage more with the app and carry out transactions.

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Code Brew’s Trading Software
Development Offerings

Our disruptive solutions have various use cases that pan out exceptionally well while
allowing you to maintain liquidity for easier trading.

Robust Mobile Trading Apps

Build a trading app that is compatible with both Android and iOS to significantly increase your user base and earn soaring revenue.

Future-Ready Trading Software

Commodities Trading Software

Currency Exchange Software

Data Analysis Solutions

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Security Features Defining Our
Stock Trading App Development

We build fully secure custom trading platforms integrated with APIs, modules, and analytics dashboards.


Users can register easily via phone number or email. A verification code is sent to their number and/or email for successful login.

Side Server Forgery

Protect the traders and server from an attacker abusing server functionality with our SSF protection feature.


Our stock market software developers ensure that the e-wallet is fully integrated into the trading platform to ensure secure transactions.


Safeguard your sensitive data and secure your internet connection with our Secure Sockets Layer-based system.

Cross-Site Forgery

Protect your users from vulnerabilities that act as bait to lure them into executing actions they don’t intend to.

Resilient to Malicious
Cyber Attacks

We build tamperproof software that is resilient to malicious DDoS attacks. So, there’s no chance of a web server or online system crashing.

Tools & Technology We Use To
Develop Your Trading Software

Our stock market app developers leave no stone unturned in equipping the portal with top-of-the-line tech infrastructure.

Advanced Charting Tools
Cloud Computing
Real-Time Filters
News Feed
Big Data Analytics
01 02 03 04 05

In one click, these generate the previous, present, and future predictive share market analysis reports.

Avoid buying costly hardware and get easy access to all the market data with our state-of-the-art software.

These provide immediate access to information for smarter users' decisions and boost their profit margins.

Keep your trading platform and users updated with an interactive news feed. Use it to inform about recent listings and the latest norms.

Our tech solution utilizes the wealth of Big Data information for the users to take more precise decisions.

Advanced Charting Tools

In one click, these generate the previous, present, and future predictive share market analysis reports.

Cloud Computing

Real-Time Filters

News Feed

Big Data Analytics

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Platform Software Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

By what tentative time will the final software be delivered?

The exact time depends on the project scope and requirements. We shall tell you how much of that scope can be completed within the budget and give you a time estimate.

How do you guarantee trading platform quality?

Basically, having a dedicated development team means you have a group of experienced professionals who work as a remote team on a single project. Learn more about how we can help you hire a dedicated team.

Will your team create prototypes and demo versions before delivering the final platform?

We don’t put any restrictions on the time frame. You can hire a developer for as long or as short as you want. Dubai App Developers strive to assist your dream project in every possible way.

Can the trading software be upgraded in the future as new technology becomes available?

Indeed, you can hire a dedicated development team at your convenience. Even we offer flexibility to change the hiring model any time later.

Do you develop automated trading software?

Indeed, you can hire a dedicated development team at your convenience. Even we offer flexibility to change the hiring model any time later.

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