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iOS and Andriod App Strategy

Product Strategy

Our team of product managers build the road map to a successful product.

We chalk out a complete blueprint that has:

Mobile App Development Strategy

Unique Feature set

iPhone App Development Strategy

Clear business model

Smart phone App strategy

Definite Launch Strategy

Market Research

With product managers and strategy experts in our team, we take everything on us to discover, refine and finalize.Your mobile app development idea may be a one - two lines concept, or just a reference to other competitors in the market. We take all your ideas, business needs and references into considerations - before digging into any research. Our research is oriented towards finding out unique ideas, solutions and market realities.


Document sourcing plethora of information around the product market.

Mobile Product Strategy

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.

- Albert Szent Gyorgyi
Mobile App Development research

Scoping the problem set

Building a clone of existing mobile app is not our domain. We want to be pushed and challenged, solving problems & building solutions according to market needs is our drive towards working with your startup. Great products give a solution to consumers that others don't. Our consultation heavily invest in finding new ideas and filling the gap in market.


Key set of problems that the product would solve.

What Strategy for Mobile App

If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes defining it, and 5 minutes solving it.

- Albert Einstein
Mobile app creation

Technovate sessions

Initially, you probably had just an idea of what you wanted to do, and achieve! By now, you would know the whole landscape of opportunities and ideas that you can explore with us! We make sure you get the best engineering foundation to your product. Starting up, few questions will always haunt you such as - cross platform vs Native platform, Whether going Cloud or not, Will Focussing on User experience be too time consuming. Your compromise on technology will affect your product for a long, long time. Our experts are best in the industry and definitely don't think twice using a better tech solution for iphone mobile app and android. We perform intense sessions on defining the architecture, finding tech solutions and aiming scale at every step.


All technical solutions/strategy around the scope.

App creation for Products

The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do

- B.F.skinner
How to Strategy work for Mobile App

Business model brainstorming

Engineering a tech product is one of the milestones for a startup to achieve. A product without business model can't attract investors and profitability in long run. Our business analysts would lay down creative models for business growth, key factors in determining the business model depend on the demography, economic strata, geography of the targeted users. Profitability at the cost of user experience is a bad principle to follow, as the lifetime value of users is a key metric that we can't imagine deteriorating. Similarly, a well thought out go-to-market strategy ensures that product gets a due traction initially.


Business model, Timeliness to target for the launch and Go-to-Market strategy.

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