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Our design process underlines our core philosophy of design led engineering.


We follow this process to include all features and structural assumptions as rough sketches with the use of tools like Balsamiq or pencil & paper. Detailing every information onto sketches and building a correct flow is critical before actual designing and this phase ensures the product has been broadly figured out.


A set of rough sketched screens & flow.

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Start with a sketch, but make it quick. There's real work to be done.

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Defining Brand identity

Any user interface based product is identified by its color scheme, typography and iconography. This is where we inculcate your vision and personal likings into creating the brand identity that you best relate with. Having said that - the process is at best collaborative, agile, fun and really rejuvenating.


Initial set of screens with multiple options on color scheme and typography.

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Designing for clients that don't appreciate the value of design is like buying new tires for a rental car.

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Visual Design and Prototyping

The look and feel of design matters the most Sleek and modern design really leaves the lasting impression on users. We have a rock-star team of mobile app designers who create life onto screens every day. Tiniest of details are considered duly - From margins & spacings to font sizes , there is nothing that is rushed through. And the final result is a mobile app design prototype that is dynamic, animated and visual in every sense.


A final mobile app design prototype & complete set of screens.

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Behavioral design is all about feeling in control. Includes: usability, understanding, but also the feel.

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