Top 10 SaaS Healthcare Companies in 2023

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June 30, 2023
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Shilpi Chhabra

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Top 10 SaaS Healthcare Companies in 2023

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Among other industries, the healthcare sector bags one of the top spots in terms of the industries most impacted by technological advancements. 

Thanks to technological advancements, today, patients have access to cutting-edge therapies and diagnostic tools. Meanwhile, healthcare providers have been able to digitize their processes. 

For budding entrepreneurs looking to build an empire in the SaaS healthcare niche, it’s the right time to harp on the opportunity and take inspiration from top healthcare software development companies taking the lead.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most premium SaaS healthcare companies:

1. Flatiron Health

On thoroughly investigating the oncology industry, the founders–Turner and his business partner Zach Weinberg–noticed that most oncologists didn’t have access to even the most basic data analysis tools that are used daily by other specialists. 

So, in 2012, they set up the company with an aim to change the way cancer care providers collect their medical files. The firm supplies cancer treatment centers with tools used by doctors to track patients’ progress and find out what works best for them. 

Using Flatiron’s software, medical cases can be shared with researchers so that they get supplementary data for better research.

Using the platform, institutions can also track their compliance with national cancer care guidelines, select eligible patients for clinical trials, and strengthen documentation.



2. Zocdoc

Running operations since 2007, Zocdoc provides online medical care scheduling services. Using the app, patients can find doctors in the nearby region, browse reviews, and book appointments.

Users get access to over 1800 kinds of medical procedures in over 50 specialties. They can use Android, iOS, and web apps and also access the Spanish versions. 

Zocdoc check-in was launched in 2012, which allows patients to fill out paperwork online. The brand has developed a top notch product that can be implemented by businesses as part of their corporate wellness initiatives.

The best part? Patients can booking an appointment/consultation for free. But healthcare providers partnering with Zocdoc need to pay a subscription fee.



3. ClassPass

When founder Payal Kadakia couldn’t find ballroom dancing lessons after work in NYC, she strove towards launching a type of search engine and reservation system for fitness classes.

After many attempts, she finally launched the platform in 2013. Using ClassPass, users can access the world’s largest network of fitness studios and gyms. They can choose the most preferred type of physical activity, including yoga, strength training, or dance.

There is a library of 101 lessons and users can also benefit from live-streaming video workouts by paying an additional fee.

The platform has more than 9,000 partners in 50 cities and boasts a community of 2,50,000+ members globally. ClassPass’ membership pricing varies as per the location and number of classes users want to get access to. 



4. Thrive Global

Established in 2016, the company has partnered with industry-leading giants to offer their employees sustainable and lucrative workflow-enhancing solutions. Thrive Global describes itself as a corporate and consumer well-being & productivity platform.

The company’s business model is built around serving corporate clients who use it for health and wellness education. Thrive Global organizes workshops, wellness seminars, and online courses for companies in the banking and consulting industries. 

Its website features stories from celebrities and business leaders, advice from medical professionals, and content from thought leaders and users who have some valuable insights.



5. Talkspace

The platform was founded in 2012 with the goal to combat the prevalence of mental illness and make therapy more accessible to the common folk. To date, over 5,00,000 people have benefitted from their Unlimited Messaging Therapy.

A network of licensed therapists who have partnered with Talkspace offer consultations via mobile or web. All communication between professionals and their clients starts with a simple message via the platform. Users can take therapy through LIVE chat or attend sessions via video calls with experts.

Strict professional codes of customer confidentiality are maintained during every consultation. Further, the brand guarantees that all content is securely stored and end-to-end encrypted.

Talkspace is extremely user-centric in the sense that it offers several payment plans as per the buying capacity and mental health needs of various individuals.

With public figures like Demi Lovato and Michael Phelps acting as the company’s mental health spokespersons, today, Talkspace has become one of the most prominent online therapy providers.



6. Pager

Available in select areas of Florida, New York, and Texas, the company offers patient navigation & telehealth services. Pager has built an ML-based chat app that helps users decide if they need to see a certified medical health professional. 

The platform offers a personalized solution by gathering clinical and insurance claims data. Eventually, users are brought in contact with concrete healthcare options. If they do need to see a doctor, they have the convenience to get a consultation via video chat or on-call.



7. AiCure

AiCure is a mobile visual recognition platform combined with predictive analytics and ML. It was built with the intent to revolutionize patient monitoring and launched in 2010. 

The app can be used on any mobile device having a camera. Using imagine recognition, the app identifies the patient’s face and the medication they are taking, and accordingly, confirms ingestion. 

The data is then shared with the healthcare provider or pharma company that is organizing a clinical trial. Besides, AiCure also offers tools for motivation to ensure adherence.



8. Noom

Though the platform was launched in 2008 as a simple calorie and fitness tracker, by 2016, it added the psychology and behavioral change component to rebrand itself. Now, users also had access to support groups and personal coaches.

Today, Noom helps users achieve their fitness goals by first helping them reframe their mindset. The app has a team of behavioral health experts with knowledge regarding diabetes prevention and management, oncology, and hypertension. 

In 2013 itself, the company had a wide user base of 47 million customers worldwide. In the same year, Noom built the first mobile diabetes prevention software recognized by the CDC. The tool combines AI with dedicated coaches to help users sustain healthy behaviors. 



9. Nomad Health

The company was founded in 2015 and is basically, a marketplace for clinical jobs. It was built with the aim to offer rewarding opportunities to clinicians while addressing healthcare staffing shortage.

Nomad Health offers a free network for nurses and doctors to find permanent freelance jobs in the clinical field without involving agency recruiters. 

The platform allows companies and specialists to directly communicate online. Besides, it digitizes processes for insurance, employment, and payments.

Today, Nomad Health is operating across 50 states, has a market size of $40 billion, a team of over 500 employees, and an online network of 300,000 clinicians.

Nomad Health


10. Happify

Happify was built in 2012 to encourage users to think positively and experience greater levels of happiness. The company aims to achieve this goal by offering users over 60 games and activities on the platform. 

The idea is that users will play for a few minutes every day, and eventually, thinking positively will become a habit. The company partners with brands that want to motivate workers and improve their job satisfaction levels. 

The program begins with asking questions about personal details and then suggests users some tracks, each of which contains brief games and quizzes that help users focus on the more positive aspects of their lives. 

After a couple of weeks, Happify again quizzes users to measure their happiness levels. It also shows their progress in multiple happiness skills.



Final Note

We believe that’s enough inspiration for the day! But make sure you choose only that SaaS healthcare company that matches your specific business needs. As per our research, the firms listed above are the most dependable in terms of offering new healthcare solutions to startups.

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