Points To Consider Before Getting A CRM Mobile App

Points To Consider Before Getting A CRM Mobile App

Customer Relationship Management, or simply CRM, is the backbone of every successful business. Creating prolific relations with new customers, retaining existing ones and bringing old customers back is the most important aspect of a business. Optimizing customer service is possible only when you know what they need or want.

The need of the hour is a full-fledged CRM mobile app that can help you maximize customer experience through valuable insights. So let’s take a look at the major points that you must consider before choosing one…

Business Goals

Business Goals

Different businesses have varied goals that they want to accomplish with their CRM apps. All CRM apps revolve around the idea of knowing customers better. The difference lies in how that knowledge is put into use. There are primarily 4 types of CRM mobile apps:

Contact CRM Mobile Apps:

This is the simplest form of CRM mobile apps, contact CRM helps in gathering only the important information such as customers’ birthday, anniversary, favorite spots and favorite food etc. But don’t confuse its simplicity with weakness, for such small details can help businesses establish strong relations with their customers across the years.

Leads and Deals CRM Mobile Apps:

As the name suggests, CRM mobile apps of this kind help in converting your leads. Right from generating leads to tracking interactions happening at all stages of sale, leads and deals CRM mobile apps do it all. They are your go-to tools when it comes to sales and conversions.

Conversation CRM Mobile Apps:

Primarily used for scheduling emails and calls with customers, conversation CRM mobile apps also help in keeping track of conversation logs and important reminders. These CRM mobile apps ensure every person who is the part of the communication is on the same page. Conversation CRM mobile apps are useful in streamlining communication with customers.

Marketing CRM Mobile Apps:

These are the most efficient and effective kinds of CRM mobile apps. They are the most clever CRM mobile apps that rely on automation to put your data into action. They prove most effective when it comes to notifying the team about a very promising lead.

Sales Team

Sales Team

The size and expertise of your sales team play a major role in the CRM mobile app you want to go for. This is especially important if you are in talks with a mobile app development company to create a fully customized CRM mobile app.

CRM is a tool designed to simplify things up, not complicate them any further. Moreover, CRMs don’t come cheap, so you also have to keep ROI in mind.

If your sales team is big enough that you’ll need a CRM mobile app to keep everyone on the same page, go for it. At the same time, choose a custom solution that is easy to use and adapt.

Complicated CRM mobile apps drive users away.

Custom Over Readymade

A readymade CRM mobile app built around your niche can help, but it won’t help you address your individual requirements. A custom CRM mobile app, on the other hand, gives you complete control over the design and functionality.

A custom CRM mobile app is created keeping your sales team’s learning curve and workflow in mind. It also helps you stay updated with evolving trends and make changes as your industry evolves. Custom CRM mobile apps are also useful in keeping tabs on customer and competitors behavior, giving you room to improvise as and when required.

Scope of Integration

The sole purpose of a CRM mobile app is to make things easier for your team. And thus, it should integrate effortlessly with your existing platforms. It all depends on how effectively your CRM mobile app can pull all the data from your primary website, your social media platforms, analytics and emails.

Cloud vs On-Premise

Cloud based systems are witnessing a rapidly rising popularity because of their unlimited access. But their limitation with WiFi and web connectivity can be a big concern. On-premise systems, on the other hand, are only affected by power outages.

That said, cloud based systems offer unparalleled speed and performance. Identify your needs clearly before choosing between these two.


The size and expertise of your sales team is a major deciding factor to know whether your business needs a CRM mobile app or not. The rest of the points help you decide what kind of CRM mobile app you should go for.

As a company grows and the number of sales staff increases, a CRM mobile app will help in keeping everyone on the same page. They’ll know who contacted a certain customer and what response they got. They’ll know the best time to reach a customer. They’ll also know how to make an offer they won’t be able to refuse.

January 4, 2019



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