Online Fitness Consultation Apps: The ‘New Normal’ For Health & Fitness Industry

Online Fitness Consultation Apps: The ‘New Normal’ For Health & Fitness Industry

Fitness applications have been doing recently well. The growing adoption of health and wellness mobile apps is driving market demand. And the whopping numbers have a lot to say. Have a look; 

  • As per the Digital Market Outlook, the online revenue of the Fitness Apps is expected to be 1,798.9 million U.S. dollars in 2024.
  • According to Statista, there are 87.4 million users of health or fitness apps in the United States alone. 
Online Fitness Consultation Apps: The ‘New Normal’ For Health & Fitness Industry


Adding fuel to the fire- is the spread of pandemic COVID-19. With the virus outbreak
cases increasing on a daily basis, now gyms are turning to the virtual mode. A few months back, governments across the world confined people to stay at home. Plus, the gyms and fitness centres were asked to shut down for an unknown period. Certainly, the sudden change made them suffer a financial crisis. However, there is a ray of hope which is now escalating the industry towards a ‘New Normal’.

 What Is The ‘New Normal’ For The Fitness Industry?

With more gyms going online, the positive effect can be seen through fitness companies gaining over 200% growth in subscribers. The big industry players like Gold’s gym have moved to online platforms in order to stay afloat. They are offering indoor and outdoor workouts guidance through audio and video media. In fact, these companies are even launching on-demand streaming video workouts.

Online Fitness Consultation Apps: The ‘New Normal’ For Health & Fitness Industry

To put it simply, online consultations are the ‘next’ for businesses offering fitness, wellness and healthcare service. Firstly, it helps businesses to keep running amidst this chaos. Secondly, these online fitness apps are turning into a savior for fitness lovers.  Especially, in the time when people want to maintain their fitness level without stepping out of their homes.

Why online fitness consultation apps are a new rage?

There seems to be no fall in the pandemic spread so far. Hence, the fitness studios adjusting to this new reality, which is inspired by creativity and flexibility that online platforms can offer. As far as the fitness companies are considered, they are benefiting from the industry shift. 

1. One app, many offerings: Yes, that’s the power of being online. You can offer multiple services through a single platform. From weight loss programs to meditation and yoga classes, all can be served right at one place. Below are stated different types of fitness consultation services to start with.

Online Fitness Consultation Apps: The ‘New Normal’ For Health & Fitness Industry

2. Increase in sales: There has been a considerable increase in the memberships for different fitness services. Brynn Jinnett Putnam, CEO MIRROR (an interactive at-home fitness system) has reported an increase in sales by 2X since the advent of Covid-19.

3. Reduced equipment & operational costs: The need for social distancing has made fitness professionals switch to virtual workouts and personal training. With minimum equipment now they can provide online consultation, plan workout regime, diet plans, and more. And this definitely helps cut down on the overall operational costs.

Above all, it’s not essential for you to be a fitness expert or starting an online fitness business.  Neither you need any specialization, certification or training experience for the same. You can simply launch a platform to connect fitness experts with those who seek expert consultation. Hence, if you are an entrepreneur looking forward to investing in an industry which has an exponential growth rate, fitness consultation apps have your answer.

How to launch, run & grow your online fitness consultation business?

It’s not just about building a fitness consultation app. To help your online wellness and fitness solution stand out, you need a full-proof plan backed with a right technology partner.

Launch with an advanced tech-Suite: First thing comes first, and to offer fitness consultation online you will require a complete technology suite. This basically encompasses:

  • Branded User App & Website: This part of your tech suite will lay the foundation of a solid user-consultation provider relationship. Using the same, your users can explore through the fitness experts listed on your platforms. They can check all the details, like specialization, availability, offerings, fees, etc. And then they can book an appointment to connect through text, audio or video chat with the expert of their choice. Also, it enables your users to pay consultation fees online.
  • Trainer/ Expert App: Harnessing the technology dieticians, yoga experts, gym trainers, and many other health experts can serve their clients remotely. They can help millions of people worldwide to lead a healthier lifestyle by providing the best workout regimen, diet plans, exercise plan, etc. It can be made possible by posting videos, live streaming, uploading different form of content and resolving their queries in real-time.
  • Powerful Admin Panel: For the business owners, this panel is an empowering tool to view and control all aspects of your fitness consultation business. While you can keep a bird’s eye on the important numbers, you leverage from data-driven insights to make better business decisions.

Run with end-to-end features: Your tech suite needs to be powered by the high-end toolkit to make sure your fitness consultation app is loved by the customers. Some of the most advanced features that are vital to make your app thrive are:

  • Advanced Search & Booking: Let your users search for the right fitness experts with help of advanced filters and make a booking as per their requirement, i.e. instant or for later.
  • Real-Time Audio/Video Chat: Give them the flexibility to choose the mode of consultation. Users can consult through in-app chat features easily. Else they can go for audio or video calls right from their app.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: Let your users pay consultation fee through their preferred choice of payment such as debit/ credit cards, Stripe, PayPal, etc.
  • Manage Offerings & Fees: Fitness experts can add, edit or delete the services they offer easily from trainer apps. Also, they can set the consultation fee as per their wish.
  • Push notifications, Email and SMS: Keep your users updated and engaged with time to time alerts, related to their appointments, fitness classes, discounts, offers, and more.
  • Discount & Promotions: Boost your app engagement and retention offering various promo codes, loyalty points, discounts, etc. which further lead to increase in your revenue.

Grow with data-driven insights & support: Next, you will need real-time insights to track the performance of your fitness consultation app. With the help of AI-based analytics and reports, you can check on the important numbers that affect growth. Moreover, comprehensive analytics can be used to grow your business more productively and constructively. On the other hand, it’s equally important to have a team of experts to support your tech solution 24/7.

Online Fitness Consultation Apps: The ‘New Normal’ For Health & Fitness Industry

 Are you ready to make the best decision of your life by launching your own online fitness app? We are as excited as you to be your technology partner in this journey. Having the right blend of experience and expertise in fitness application development, Code Brew can transform your idea.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs today. Also, if you want to book a free consultation with our business experts, we’re just a step away.


August 27, 2020


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