8 Wonderful Online Business Ideas. Number 6 is Absolutely Stunning.

Starting a Business has never been so easy before as it is now in 2021. And the best part about starting now is that you can take your business online and in no time, you can bear the next success story of the town. Before starting any business, it is better to analyze the market demand and create customer personas for a better outcome. All you need is some of the best Online Business Ideas to choose from.

There are many online business ideas already sprawling in different industries, but not all of these ideas are worth pursuing. Starting a business has its pros and cons, you can end up losing all your money, or you can build a fortune. What matters is that you pursue the right idea and build it strategically.

Are you looking for some new ideas to start a business in 2021?

This article will help you get a sense of some top online business ideas worth following as we move into a new year with the hope of new beginnings and achievements.

Online Business Ideas for 2021

It is very essential to choose an idea that has the potential to grow over time. We would like to spare your time thinking about the best online business idea for yourself by giving you the list of top online business ideas to invest in or to go-ahead in 2021.

1. Ed-Tech Services

2020 saw the biggest shift in how knowledge is transferred in the education sector. The ed-tech market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.1% from 2020 to 2027.

The benefits of integrating technology with education have resulted in stimulating the growth of ed-tech startups. Advantages such as the possibility of distance learning via virtual classrooms, dynamic learning process and progress tracking, performance management, etc. have resulted in businesses either shifting or combining technology into their conventional modes of learning.

It is one of the most funded sectors of 2020. The pandemic has brought the momentum in the growth of ed-tech services which were already taking over. If you haven’t already started, it is time to reap the benefits of such an opportunity. Setting up your online business is now easier than ever with Codebrew.

2. Online Bookkeeping

As an accountant, you can start working as a private bookkeeper and implement accounting-related online business ideas. Such unique app development ideas are highly lucrative, provided you can secure high earnings for the business owners. The best part is that every type of business requires accounting services.

So long you can deliver client-friendly services, your business has an unlimited potential to grow and scale. To know the monetary side of online accounting services, the industry can grow up to $687.7 billion by 2023. Because it is an integrated field of study, you should not start such a business without the basic knowledge of the subject matter.

3. Home Care Services

Can you develop an operational plan with such an amazing online business idea? Of course, you can. As per the HRSA survey, even before the pandemic hit the world, there were not enough healthcare workers to provide home care services. After the pandemic, the need for the same has only increased manifold.

By 2050, there will be 1.5 billion people above 65. In the US alone, this number is expected to reach 81.2 million by 2040.


What does this mean for your business?

In this scenario, you can build an online application for home care providers. By developing an aggregator platform, you can connect the home care services providers and those who need such services and earn a commission to help them connect.

4. Career Advisor

Building your business as a career advisor can be a bit tricky because this is an industry that runs on trust more than experience and knowledge. So, such online business ideas require farming and developing better product delivery for your customers.

The potential to grow as an online career advisor is vast, provided you have the right set of systems in place. To ensure that such good app development ideas are fruitful, start with areas with a smaller student population. Once you have established some stability with the business, start thinking about growth and scaling. Know about our mobile app development services here.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping does not need a lot of investing, which makes it a favorite among those who are looking to start their venture. They look to sell online products without going through the trouble to store and deliver.

By 2025, the dropshipping market valuation will be around $557.9 billion.


With a website or a mobile application, you can list the product you want to sell and start marketing. As the number of orders climbs up, you begin to earn more. However, dropshipping is a competitive business, and giants like Amazon give little room for small companies to make a name for themselves.

6. Food Delivery

One of the most promising yet risk-oriented app development ideas is starting a food delivery service. Here too, the pandemic has given a push to the market while allowing several business owners to have a share of the pie.

However, getting success in this type of online business idea requires a lot of research and analysis. As per several findings, users like to use applications that are easy to use and have a quick response. While developing your business model, make sure to include custom ordering and build a timely delivery system. Such app development ideas achieve success based on their operational efficiency.

Eager to know the market value? Well, rest assured that if you can deliver a great food delivery application, you will become a part of a $150 billion industry by 2023.

7. E-Healthcare

The term “Growth” would be understating the spur the HealthCare industry has witnessed in 2020 due to the widespread novel CoronaVirus and social distancing norms. The pandemic has forced people to consult doctors remotely or via virtual platforms. The result of which is this dramatic boom.

The online health industry is speculated to grow to $70.19 billion in 2026 from $26.4 billion in 2020

Source: Businesswire

E-healthcare is an umbrella term and it includes not just online health care consultation but also medicine delivery apps, and on-demand home healthcare services. There are various opportunities in the field of online healthcare due to lack of physicians, a colossal amount of diseases that need immediate attention, and more.

Building a top-notch online healthcare marketplace is fairly easy and has its advantages. This includes global connectivity between doctors/consultants/vendors and patients, low-cost of infrastructure, easy maintenance of records and data, faster payments, and much more.

8. Diet Consultation

Did you know why dieting consultation businesses have been a rage in the recent decade?

As per a study by the NCBI, approximately 39% of the world population was termed obese and this number has been multiplying twofold since then. This is the outcome of a lack of knowledge about quantified nutrition and the correct methods of body training.

Health now has become a priority for young adults and the boomers, but it can get difficult for them to navigate through the chaos of information. Gone are the days when people believed in diet fads. Today’s generation wants to keep up with the correct knowledge and make informed decisions.

This is where online Diet Consultation Apps play a major part. US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the demand for diet consultants is speculated to rise by 8% going from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average job growth rate. Yes, there is potential for growth in this field and we can help you brew ideas and build on them! Just Get In Touch with us.

Success is only a sip away now. What are you waiting for?


Building a business from scratch is similar to growing flowers. You need to care for them and protect your idea from all sorts of vulnerabilities. Any business is only as strong as its digital solutions.

For any of the online business ideas listed above, you need to develop applications with intuitive design and user-friendly interface. Understand the customers and run a competitive analysis to build better products than your competitors. Code-Brew provides easy solutions for building applications for any kind of online business. We are just a click away. Get In Touch to Brew Success.

February 3, 2021



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