On-Demand Delivery – Detailed Market Research & Guide

On-Demand Delivery – Detailed Market Research & Guide

When it comes to explaining the blend of innovation, technology, and convenience, there is nothing above an on-demand delivery app. You may refer to this app type as ‘pick and delivery apps.’

Rise Of On-Demand Delivery Apps

The on-demand delivery app market has influenced many industries and made striking progress in all of them. As a result, we see an emerging number of business models being welcomed in this domain. Just in case you are making up your mind to be a part of this industry, don’t forget to check out the top 5 on-demand delivery business models for 2022

Plus, we have got you some eye opening facts for you to believe in the potential of this industry.  

Statistics Of On-Demand Delivery App Market 

top industries of on-demand delivery app


stats of on-demand delivery apps

Talking about the food industry, this marketplace is likely to grow to $320 billion by the end of 2029. Now industry experts see it as the biggest profit jump from 2020, specifically after the COVID-19 pandemic times.

Some other stats from the food industry include – 

  • The overall number of on-demand food delivery app users are expected to grow to 2,613 million users by the end of 2027. 
  • It may interest you to know that the global size of online food delivery apps is likely to touch 130.2 billion US dollars of profit by the end of this year (2022). 
  • The experts predict the app market to accelerate at a growth rate of 11.44% worldwide. 

On-Demand Delivery App – The Taxi Service Market Stats 

  • The market is expected to grow to $53.48 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.3%.
  • Growth of USD 354.2 billion by 2027 expected, at a CAGR of 8.95% over the forecast period (2021-2026).
  • 53% of total revenue will be generated through online sales by 2026.
  • The global online taxi services market is expected to grow from $31.03 billion in 2021 to $34.82 billion in 2022.

Pharma Industry Stats – 

Growth In The Number Of Pharma On-Demand Delivery App Installs In The United States

Pharma On-Demand Delivery App Installs In The United States

Key Features Of An On-Demand Delivery App

The ultimate secret of a successful on-demand delivery app is a string of valuable features. 

Browsing – 

Users can browse through the app for a particular product type. The search can be narrowed down using multiple filters including – product category, price, color, brand, restaurant or store, location, and much more. 

Payment – 

The app enables users to pay for the selected items using multiple payment methods including – credit/debit cards, UPI, PayPal, etc. The app consists of third-party integrations to simplify payment processing. 

Tracking – 

Users get the liberty to track their ordered items in real-time using the smart GPS integration feature. This helps the user get a close estimate of order arrival time.

Review – 

The end-users can review or rate the service or product received. This feature pop-ups on the app after receiving the order successfully. 

Where there were some basic features, on-demand delivery apps contain a lot more features and functionalities enriching your target audience’s user experience. Now to give you a fair idea of the former statement, I have culminated a string of advanced features that we offer to our on-demand delivery app clients.

But first, let’s take a break! 

Want To Keep It Short & Informative? 

Here’s A Quick Video On On-Demand Delivery App For You!

Advanced Features Of An On-Demand Delivery App 

In-App Call –

Users can connect to the delivery partner or boy to get a real-time update or help the delivery partner to reach the location faster.

Cart – 

You must have seen this feature in any online shopping portal. But guess what, now it’s available for on-demand delivery apps too. It lets the end-users. 

Takeaway – 

Users can choose to pay for the order delivery or pick the ‘order takeaway’ option as a cost-saving alternative. Yet the user is able to use the app and place the order and get relevant updates. 

Order History – 

Users can view the entire string of orders placed in the past containing all relevant information including – restaurant/store name, ordered items, invoice details, etc. 

Schedule Delivery – 

End-users can schedule the delivery time and date based on their preferences. This requires picking a date via an in-app calendar and clock feature. 

Push Notifications – 

Most on-demand pickup and delivery apps offer this feature for both app user parties (delivery partner and end-user). It lets the end-user view notifications regarding the order placed or order delivery request. 

how does an on-demand delivery app works

Now when you have got enough idea about the basic and advanced features of an on-demand delivery app, and how it works. Let’s sail through the development process of an on-demand pickup and delivery app. 

We at Code Brew Labs follow a set of steps to develop and deliver an on-demand pickup and delivery app. Having a well-defined strategy in mind helps our team execute and deliver the final on-demand delivery app within 3-4 weeks of commencement. And the only secret is our 5-step approach. 


Step 1 – Understanding Requirements – 

Our business development experts team interacts and understands your idea of a delivery app, discusses budget, and other constraints to get started. 

Step 2 – Developing Strategy – 

We use a set of tools, and conduct thorough research to bring the latest features and functionalities to the table for you. Strategy making process reduces the chances of unexpected loopholes in the execution process. 

Step 3 – Implementation – 

Our project managers align a team of developers to execute the on-demand delivery app development process in full swing. The process is carried out with the latest technology stack to ensure an enterprise-level product is delivered at last. This is one of our approaches to let your business stand out in this cutthroat competition. 

Step 4 – Deployment – 

The development process is followed by rigid quality tests to ensure a bug-free app. Furthermore, we proceed to the deployment stage after receiving a green signal from the QA team. 

Step 5 – Post-Deployment Services – 

Our team remains aligned with your in-house team to ensure timely updates, maintenance, and a bug-free app user experience. 

So, all set to develop and launch an on-demand delivery app for your preferred business industry? 

Well, we can be your helping hand here! 

We at Code Brew Labs hold decades of experience in developing and delivering on-demand food and goods delivery apps in 3 weeks. Our team of knowledge-rich developers works on the latest technology stack follows the agile methodology and evaluates your business needs minutely, so you can have a robust final product ready within weeks.

As of now, we have served up to 1000 businesses with a reliable on-demand delivery app yet we continue to strive and prove ourselves as a preferred on-demand app development company suiting your business needs. Be it developing and launching an on-demand delivery app or developing a new concept from scratch, we have got you covered. 

July 21, 2022


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