A Complete Guide to Make an app like Khaleej Times – News App Development

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May 11, 2023
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Shilpi Chhabra

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A Complete Guide to Make an app like Khaleej Times – News App Development

A morning cup of coffee and a daily dose of news provide an unparalleled level of happiness. The days of reading the morning newspaper to quickly learn about what is happening in the country are long gone. The world has certainly evolved, and in this contemporary age, the creation of news app development companies has greatly alleviated the issue, particularly in places like the UAE.

Let’s now explore how newspaper-based applications have been extremely important in attracting consumers from all around the world.

Why is News App Development Like Khaleej An Important Investment For Your Business?

People spend a lot more time on their mobile devices these days, and they seldom engage with tangible objects. 

It should come as no surprise that the mobile app market is booming with more than 6.6 billion smartphone users globally. 

news app development company

Source-  Think With Google

App Monetization Techniques For News App

You may adhere to the top three monetization strategies listed below to increase the return on investment for your news app:

  1. Subscription

You may use the same strategy to provide consumers with high-quality material in return for a price, just how people subscribe to physical newspapers. A weekly, monthly, or annual subscription can be beneficial for the user. It offers a consistent stream of money as well as a more devoted and interested audience.

  1. Advertisement

You may start with personalized adverts for companies, which are a great way to tailor advertisements to the interests of readers.

  1. Sponsorship drive

Another source of income for your news mobile app is to run a tailored sponsorship campaign. On the app, you may sell tickets for performances or events. You can do this for a particular region or group of individuals who share your interests.

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Benefits of News App Development

Smartphone use has become more common than personal computers. We spend the majority of our time on apps in our mobile devices. Today, practically all newspaper companies have a mobile app to both keep their present readers and attract new ones. Moreover we use news applications to promote businesses with virtual advertisements.

The digital shift in this industry has made greater opportunities possible. The top news apps offer more than simply cutting-edge infographics; they are dependable items. They frequently do this by assisting readers in finding solutions to issues that they are facing in real life or by responding to readers’ inquiries in such a practical or interesting way that they are regarded as long-lasting resources. 

Below is the infographic showcasing the top benefits of creating your own News App.

build your own news app

What is Khaleej?

khaleej times news app dubai

Khaleej Times App is a mobile application that offers news and information from the Khaleej Times newspaper in the United Arab Emirates. The newspaper was established in Dubai in 1978. The Khaleej Times app covers a wide range of subjects, such as national and international news, business, sports, and entertainment.

Businesses intend to create news applications similar to Khaleej Times due to the newspaper’s enormous readership in the UAE and reputation for its thorough coverage of the area. The finest news app for iOS and Android users is this one.

To know more in detail have a look at Similarweb Insights on a Khaleej Times

How News App Like Khaleej Times is Gaining Popularity?” Look at the stats below from Statista to see whether you fall into the same category.

news app stats

Digital Newspapers & Magazines – Worldwide 

    • Revenue in the Digital Newspapers & Magazines market is projected to reach US$38.60bn in 2023.
    • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 2.73%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$42.99bn by 2027.
    • In the Digital Newspapers & Magazines market, the number of users is expected to amount to 1.88bn users by 2027.
    • User penetration will be 21.2% in 2023 and is expected to hit 23.7% by 2027.
    • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to amount to US$23.70.
    • In global comparison, most revenue will be generated in the United States (US$15,960.00m in 2023).

Source- Statista

app development company dubai

Different Types of News Mobile Apps

Before beginning the process of creating a news app similar to the Khaleej Times, you should be aware of the several categories of news mobile applications that are already present on the market, as outlined below.

  1. News Aggregator App: These apps compile news from several sources and display it all in one place.
  2. Personalized News Apps – Based on the user’s interests and choices, this news app uses algorithms to give personalised news.
  3. Breaking News Apps – The breaking news app shows all of the real-time news updates, particularly significant events.
  4. International News Apps – International news apps are helpful for providing news from a global viewpoint and serving consumers who are interested in world news.
  5. Local News Apps – These applications offer news and data that are specialised to a given area or city.

How To Develop News App Like Khaleej Times With The Pivotal Features

Considering creating a news app similar to Khaleej Times? Do you want to discover how news apps are developed? Consult the specialists who provide on-demand app development in Dubai, UAE, and create any type of news app given below:

  1. Market Research and Examine Competitors

You must do adequate market research before creating your application because there are several news applications like Khaleej Times accessible in the UAE. Studying the well-known news app in the UAE would also be helpful for gaining knowledge about news app creation.

Find out what is popular right now. What kind of news applications, for instance, are most popular? Then, it will assist you in creating a news app similar to Khaleej Times that will quickly become successful and profitable.

2 – Select the News App Development Type

Next, you will choose the kind of news app that you want to create. You must choose which news application would work best for your company. Your study will assist you in making the greatest news app model decision here. It would be best to seek professional mobile app development services if you run into problems so that specialists can make your task simpler.

3 – Select Special Features and Tech Stack

Depending on the sort of news app you’re creating, pick the features and tech stack that are most appropriate. Always keep in mind that features are a powerful tool for drawing users’ attention at first sight, so choose the news app’s features wisely.

Similarly to this, tech stacks are crucial to enhancing value while embracing cutting-edge technology. So, consider using innovative features and technology.

4 – Implementing Unique UX/UI

Along with news app development, design is important. So, if you want to create a news app similar to Khaleej Times, consider how straightforward and efficient its app design is. When developing your news app, try to include such a design.

Be careful not to overly complicate the application for the users. Just keep the news app’s design straightforward yet functional. It will assist you in maintaining the user’s interest. It is preferable to contact expert UI/UX designers that can assist you with news app creation and design if you find the procedure challenging.

5 – Start the news app development process 

When you have finished the aforementioned four processes, it is finally time to start developing news apps. You may use all the information discovered throughout your investigation here. Hurray, you’re ready to start developing a news app. Just make the most use of all the knowledge and experience.

Depending on the goals and requirements of the project, it is advised to engage specialist website developers or app developers if you don’t know “How to develop a news app like Khaleej Times?”

Hire a Development Company

Experts you need:

  • Top vetted mobile app developers
  • Back-end developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • QA experts
  • Marketing Team

6- Test and Release the news app

After finishing the Khaleej Times app creation process, test and deploy your news app on the preferred platform. Make sure you conduct thorough testing before the official launch since no user wants to use an app that is full of bugs and faults. Before releasing your news app, you may also employ qualified quality assurance and testing personnel. Engage specialists from a reputable mobile app development firm if you don’t already have one.

Key Points – UAE Mobile User Statistics 2023

9.69 million people in the UAE use smartphones.

There are 9.20 million mobile internet users who spend 4 hours and 18 minutes on the internet daily. 

Source- Global Media Insights 

Key Features Required to Develop News Apps Like Khaleej Times

 All popular news apps include essential components. Now lets us dive deep and learn more about the important key features of a successful News App. 

top news app development company

  • Login

To attract consumers’ attention, a simple user login or registration procedure is vital. Verify that the user may establish a profile while providing an email and phone number. For a speedy sign-up, you may also include social media connectors like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

  • Update Profile

Users create their profiles as soon as they check in to a news app. Right? As a result, it is an essential aspect to take into account while creating a news app like Khaleej Times. The app will display users’ relevant news while fostering participation based on your profile and interests.

  • Filter for Advanced Search

Finally, a sophisticated search filter is a key component of a news app like the Khaleej Times. It enables users to hunt for specific news and enables the app to determine the reader’s preferred type of material. The keyword, location, date, or trending news will all be used to determine search results.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications are a feature of any business program, and news apps like Khaleej Times are no exception. But consider a clever push notification method to prevent consumers from becoming annoyed and disabling them. Attempt to provide people with personalized news alerts based on their interests and choices.

  • Offline Reading

This offline reading option is available in a very small number of news apps. However, if you want to set your application apart, remember to include this functionality while creating news apps. The users will be able to save the material in offline mode. When there is no internet connection, this function will be useful.

  • Live broadcasting

One of the services that bring in money for news applications like the Khaleej Times is live broadcasting.  Consumers are more likely to stick around thanks to this feature, which lets consumers watch live news on the program.

  • Integrating Videos

Your news app, like Khaleej Times, will be more engaging and exciting if you include the greatest video integration. On your news application, you may also include video resources when broadcasting live news and political discussions, as well as record news items.

top app development company dUBAI

How Does It Work?

Knowing the development process is essential for creating news applications like the Fox Weather app, WhatsApp News, and other news portal apps. The news app developers at Code Brew Labs are knowledgeable about how each application functions and is developed. 


To receive the most recent news & updates, users must first register on the news application using their email address or phone number.


Users just need to enter their email addresses and password once to access the digital news portal.

Profile Management

Users may then finish the account verification procedure and create their profiles while providing personal information.

Set News Preference

Users can configure their news preferences to receive the most recent information via the online news portal after successfully completing verification and profile registration.

Browse News

The news will then appear on the user panel. On the news application, users may find out the most recent news and events.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A News App Like Khaleej Times?

App development cost depends on various factors. Below are the factors on which the cost of app development depends:

  1. Platform – There are various platform development requirements for different news applications. Companies that create mobile apps examine the needs of the business and recommend the best platform within the budget.
  2. UX/UI Components – The user’s thinking is significantly impacted by UI/UX. We recognize this and include eye-catching and distinctive designs in each digital newspaper app. Consequently, the cost may vary depending on the design.
  3. Features – One of the key components that help to immediately catch consumers’ attention while using mobile apps is their functionality. To make each news application distinctive, we integrate the best-tailored rich features within the budgeted news aggregator app development cost.
  4. Tech Stack – A contemporary tech stack must be inserted in order to maintain the newspaper and magazine application’s functionality. The greatest tech stack is integrated by our team of committed news app developers while keeping the budget in mind.
  5. Third-Party APIs – To make your news application stand out, you may incorporate extra third-party APIs and integrations. While some APIs are free, some demand extra fees for creating newspaper applications.
  6. App Testing  – It’s critical to carry out in-depth application testing if you want to produce a successful mobile newspaper app. Before releasing a news app, our QA uses the greatest tools and ensures that all issues have been fixed. Although it doesn’t cost much more, this technique is highly worthwhile.
  7. App Security – Modern tools and technologies must be used in the building of the news platform in order to increase security. It also has an impact on the news app development budget’s cost calculation.
  8. Hosting & Submission -It is the last stage of the development process for newspaper and magazine applications. The price can only be set during the building of news applications because various apps have varying hosting fees.

The average Minimum Viable Product news app development cost estimate for a simple app is between $5,000 and $20,000. If you want to provide your app with sophisticated functionality, the range may change. A premium news app with additional user interaction costs between $30,000 and $70,000 and above.


How can Code Brew Labs help you build a News app?

The greatest news app solutions are provided by the Code Brew team, which eventually boosts reader retention, social media presence, and engagement rates. Below are the top exceptional features of brewers’ talent which can help you accelerate your business by 10X.

best app development company


There has been tremendous progress in the development of News Applications in the last few years. You should carry out thorough market research on news apps and examine the company strategies, functionalities, and other aspects of the competition. Above all we should research on the demographics and interests of the end user.

You might finalize the project scope and choose the app features with the aid of customer needs and market trends, followed by finding the top app development company for your news app dream project. 

news app development company

This is the right time to go!

Finally, get your live NEWS app ready with the world’s best app development company and be in the news headlines. If you haven’t started building your app yet, you can get all the advice you need right here.

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