Must-Have Features in an On-Demand Laundry App

Must-Have Features in an On-Demand Laundry App

With the rise of the working-class and hectic schedules, more and more people want to spend the little time they have with their families or in pursuing leisure-based activities.

Further, with more earning capacities, people no longer want to carry out everyday mundane tasks like laundry by themselves. They would rather pay someone to have it done for them.

These are the two primary reasons behind the rising demand for on-demand laundry services. And with the coming up of more competitors in this niche, it’s vital that you know the crucial features you must include in the app before you deep dive into on-demand laundry app development

Laundry applications usually include four separate user interfaces. Here are the must-have features in every panel to make your on-demand laundry app a success: 

Customer App

This panel collects information on your customers, who are undoubtedly the most important stakeholder of your on-demand laundry app. As they invest time and money in your app, they expect the customer panel to be an 11/10. The features you must absolutely include are:

  1. Easy and Seamless Log In/Sign Up

Allow your users to easily register themselves on your on-demand laundry app with their contact numbers or email IDs or social media accounts. Further, provide a clear privacy policy so that your customers can rely on you. 

  1. Locating Service Providers in Close Proximity

Enable the clients to locate laundry service providers near their current location so they can obtain the services in the shortest time. GPS integration ensures this and eventually allows service providers to take up more pickups and earn more.

  1. Choice of Various Laundry Services

Customers should be able to select services–washing, ironing, or dry cleaning– as per their specific needs. Further, show them an estimated cost of the laundry service in question so there are no surprises during payment. 

  1. Select the Laundry Pickup and Delivery Date

Users should be able to select a suitable time and date at their convenience for laundry pickup and delivery.

  1. Placing the Order

This is the most essential feature of an on-demand laundry services app.

After finalizing the laundry service they want, the users should be able to place a laundry order easily.

  1. View Order Status and Order History

Facilitate the customers to keep track of their order status and view order history. Also, after order validation, the user should be able to check whether their order has been processed or remains in the queue.

  1. Multiple Payment Options

When you go for laundry app development, add the configuration of several payment options. The users need to have the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method–through cards, PayPal, or even COD.

  1. Feedback in the Form of Comments and Ratings

Provide a feedback mechanism where users can leave comments and ratings about the laundry service received. It’ll help you keep your finger on the pulse of what customers want. 

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On-Demand Laundry App Statistics At a Glance

On-Demand Laundry App Statistics At A Glance

Provider App

On this portal, service providers and company owners can view all of their client’s details and orders. Here are the must-have key features:

  • Register and Log In

Every service partner or provider may simply register using their email or contact number and get going.

  • View and Manage Orders

The laundry service provider should be able to view all requests and decline or accept them based on the number of pending orders.

  • View Customer’s Location

It’s critical for the service providers to pick up laundry on time in order to provide good service. For that, it’s important to have dependable navigation–GPS feature–integrated into the app.

  • Manage Account and Billing

Service partners must have access to all assigned and pending requests, and a method to manage service costs: they can do so based on the number of clothing items received and the services specified.

  • Access to Reviews and Ratings

All service providers must be able to view customer reviews and comments in the feedback section in order to improve their services.

Driver App

On this panel, drivers can view all of their orders and earnings. The following are the key features of this app:

  • Manage Orders

The screen displays all active and incoming driver orders. The driver has the option to accept or reject an order based on their availability.

  • Route Tracking

The driver begins their journey when they are given an address to pick up or deliver laundry. Drivers can check the map to know the optimized route and follow the same using the app.

  • Manage Earnings

This function helps the driver keep track of their earnings per pickup and delivery made.

Super Admin Panel

They are responsible for managing the service providers and clients and ensuring that all operations are being carried out seamlessly. The key features are:

  • Order Management

This function allows the admin to keep track of all orders placed by clients. If one driver refuses to accept these orders, they are assigned to other nearby drivers.

  • Service Provider Management

The admin enrolls service providers and manages them from this panel. Their data verification, registration, payments, etc. are managed from this panel. 

  • Driver Management

The admin has access to all driver data. Before accepting a driver into the system, the admin verifies the driver’s credentials.

  • Laundry Personnel Management

This feature allows the admin to manage all activities assigned to all laundry personnel.

  • User Management

All users who have ordered laundry services including washing, ironing, and dry-cleaning, are tracked.

  • Revenue Management

This allows the admin to manage drivers’ and service providers’ earnings. They can take their share and choose which driver and service provider receives a specific share of the entire sum.

  • Track Analytics

The dashboard allows the admin to view the type of services, users taking them, charges for various services, and the total number of registered users.

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On-Demand Laundry App Advanced Features

To deliver an exceptional user experience, here are some advanced features your on-demand laundry app must have:

  1. Push Notifications

They play a significant role in increasing the user recall value of your on-demand laundry services app. As users get regular updates about new features, discounts, or offers without having to open the app, it stays on the top of their minds. This eventually increases the chances of building a loyal customer base.

  1. In-App Messaging

Through a messaging feature, users can instantly connect with the service provider or the delivery person when needed. This feature also helps the delivery person when they’re not sure about the customer’s location and can quickly message them for guidance.

  1. Split Payment Option

It allows customers to make payments using several transaction modes. Users can make some payments online and the remainder by a different method. This is one of the most efficient and successful techniques to attract users. 

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Summing Up

If you want a robust on-demand laundry mobile application built by seasoned professionals from an app development company UAE, Code Brew Labs has got you covered. 

Our team of experts will work with you from start to finish every step of the way until they create a perfect app that meets your needs and exceeds customer expectations! If you’d like to know more about our services, contact us today.


March 10, 2023



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