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Design First Approach

The first things that makes an impression for your business is the way your app looks and makes the user feel. People undermine design, but it is the cherry on the cake that makes all the difference. We have honed in on having a design first approach and has made a world of a difference in the end product.

Consultative Approach

We consider each project as a knowledge packed journey. We have always leaned towards a consultative approach. This helps us understand where the client is coming from, which further helps in solutioning.

24/7 Support

We understand the ever evolving process of working. We understand various questions could stir up and being curious comes naturally. We value all those queries as learning and feedback. We consider it as our responsibility to be there, whenever we might be needed.

Latest Technology Stack

We believe putting out best foot forward. With latest technology stack in our pockets we offer our clients nothing but the best, to help achieve what they have been dreaming of. We understand the power of top notch technology and the kind of difference it can make in an app. With our latest technology stack our clients have the nothing but the best going into their product, helping economise time and effort.

Personal approach to your app

With dedicated and extensive interest in your idea behind your app, we furnish a personal touch to your app. Throughout the app’s lifetime, we readily offer our assistance at all stages of your startup. We offer an insight from a technological point of view to your vision which helps in the long run, as our experience comes into play.

Free Support for 3 months

Additional assistance for 3 months, free of cost. We sign up to support you with help and assistance in case you need any for the 3 months to follow after a project is wrapped up. This will give you a great kick-start and you’ll have us backing you up in the initial months when the wheels are in motion and you have your hands full.

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we are a DESIGN FIRST team - our well-crafted UI's and subsequent user experience are validated to the point of 100% client satisfaction and no less


Ministry of Bar Exchange (MOBE) is a rare concept bar for party lovers in City Beautiful, Chandigarh. Experience a technology which makes drink prices increase and decrease based on customer demand.You can imagine MOBE as a drink pricing system based on stock market, where based on real time demand, the prices of the drinks fluctuates. How cool is that!

CLIKAT is an On-Demand Home Service Solution and a powerful distribution channel which connects the consumers with their local service providers. It assists the users with services that include Price Comparison, Barcode Scanning, Multiple Order Search, Order Scheduling, and Order Delivery. With a few clicks, users are helped with Groceries, Electronics, Laundry, Flowers and Gifts, Party Planning, Cleaning Services, Baby Sitters, Photography and Sports options, and a lot more.

SPUNJE is a GPS enabled application that allows users to find nearest qualified washer and get car wash service at their doorsteps. User can also schedule the car wash. User can choose to become both washer and user. It ensures smooth functionality with secure payment feature.

Zogu is the ideal solution for the ones looking to reach their destination at a short notice. Seamlessly connecting users to local drivers, it offers a smooth journey through the integration of GPS, pricing information and estimation, multi-language support, and instantaneous journey monitoring.

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