Logistics App Development: Why It’s Necessary For Your Logistics Business?

Logistics App Development: Why It’s Necessary For Your Logistics Business?

The logistics industry is the backbone of international trade. It facilitates the entrepreneurial exchange between two or more alliances through the transportation of delivering goods via different supply chain networks. As per the reports from Statista, the industry was worth 8.4 trillion euros in 2021 – something that’s only expected to exceed 13.7 billion euros by 2027. However, logistics operations were not as efficient and sophisticated a few decades ago as today.

So, what changed? Technological advancement.

Gone are the days when the conveyance of your business operations was recorded on giant log books. Today, organizations leverage some of the latest technologies to automate the transportation of goods and other services. Not to mention, more efficiently and far more quickly than ever! Speaking of the latest technologies, they primarily use on-demand logistics app development solutions.

Read on to know more about the role of logistics mobile apps in the stimulation of business operations.

Why Choose a Mobile App for Logistics Business?

Here’s a fact – it’s as difficult to run a logistics business on paper as it is efficient, precise, and quick to operate it on a logistics app.

As per the reports from Global Market Insights, the delivery industry is bound to get a gradual boost in the coming years to come.

Logistics App Development

But that’s a long story short. Let’s understand how it actually makes a difference in this business. 

Shipment Tracking

Whether it’s the logistics or transportation business, you need precision to deliver shipments on time. This is where a geolocation feature allows you to follow the vehicle and get real-time alerts of your orders. In addition to tracking through GPS innovation, an on-demand logistics app allows you to send quick assistance in case of some trouble.

Efficient Warehouse Management

The logistics business is more than just about transportation and delivering shipments. It is also about managing your warehouse centers as well. Logistics mobile apps also help you to correct stockpiling areas. So, when all the information is stored in a database, it’s much simpler to check the stock.

Less Paper, More Automation

A logistics business includes a ton of administrative work which makes it a difficult task to pull off with an ordinary plan of action. However, logistics mobile app development gradually reduces desk work and oversees everything with just a few clicks.

The gradual automation of paper-based administrative processes not only makes the work process more efficient but also serves as a perfect solution to making business strategies.

Reduced Cost & Energy

Today, a great number of businesses use more flexible applications than traditional techniques that take more time and money to streamline multiple prerequisites of logistics-related operations. And not just that! It also empowers authorities to deal with numerous activities within their budget.

Quick & Accurate Processing

The fact that logistics mobile app development allows the admin to handle every operation with precision, it significantly improves the decision-making associated with transportation and fleet management. In addition, the reports and analytics made on logistics mobile apps help the field representatives to collaborate and work efficiently.

On-demand logistics apps not only help the admin to keep a track of its business operations efficiently but also help to set up your brand name. But that’s a different story. If you want to build logistics mobile apps, you must know what is required to have a potential logistics app – features!

Features To Include In A Logistics App

Let’s look at all the essential features that add value to your logistics business and serve your customers adequately.

Customer Panel

Logistics App Development

A client panel is a crucial asset of logistics app development that helps customers place their requests and requirements.  

Registration: It is the first step, yet a key feature that incorporates the entire sign-up process. This can easily be achieved using email or social media account sign-up.

Vehicle Selection: Once the registration is done, the customer goes through all the vehicles as per their necessity – whatever allows them to transport the product efficiently.

Booking: The customer books the vehicle and gets the confirmation details related to it, including vehicle type, vehicle number, and expected time of the shipment, among other things.   

Real-time tracking: A feature that gives the client a bird’s eye view of the ins and outs of the entire product delivery journey – from product packaging to its dispatch and until its delivery at the destination.

Payment Gateways: A potential on-demand logistics app development should include all the trending payment gateways. The likes of which include PayPal, Stripe, Tap2Pay, ECOMMPAY, etc.

Rate & Review: Once the transportation of the product is completed, users should be able to share their experience and rate the services accordingly.

Driver Panel

A driver panel is another essential part of the on-demand logistics app development to keep the fleet vehicle drivers updated on the entire process. Here are some of the crucial features of the driver’s panel.

Registration: This allows fleet drivers to sign-up for the logistics mobile apps using online forms or their email addresses. 

Shipping Management: A feature that allows drivers to fetch clients’ or shippers’ information – name, address, contact number, and delivery space.

Request Management: This is a useful feature that enables a driver to request clients for confirmation to transport the shipment and look after it until the request is finished. 

Route Tracking: The integration of the GPS feature in the app helps drivers to find the shortest, more efficient route to arrive at their destination. 

Admin Panel

Logistics App Development

An admin panel is as essential as a driver and a customer panel. This gives the app owner with access to tracking all the consignments associated with the warehouse or shipments. 

Here are some necessary features that should be included in the admin panel.

Dashboard: A dashboard includes all the data related to clients and drivers. This enables the app admin to check the pending tasks, finished requests, and tasks ongoing.

Notifications: A notification helps the admin to implement a push notification mechanism to send updates regarding installments, driver allocation, etc. 

Driver monitoring: This allows the app admin to thoroughly go through drivers’ on-road exercises and manage all the pending requests.

Billing & transactions: This enables an admin to easily examine all the bills and solicitations effortlessly by utilizing this element. 

Vehicle management: The fact that it’s quite a task to keep a track of all the vehicles and their fuel consumption along with all the admin-related processes, a vehicle management feature gives a complete picture of such activities.


Mobile apps significantly enhance productivity and promote growth in logistics business operations. Not only it helps to rearrange every one of your assignments, but it also helps to track processes more efficiently. 

Now, leveraging the benefits of a logistics mobile app is one thing, but its effectiveness is, however, a different aspect. If you want to have a potential logistics app, you need a reliable company for on-demand logistics app development solutions. 

Speaking of which, Code Brew is one of the popular names in the app development industry. In A decade of experience with a team of 300+ expert individuals, 7000+ enterprise business apps delivered in 150+ countries and counting.

April 18, 2023



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