Latin America’s Tech Blog, Contxto, Giving Startups The Media Attention They Deserve

There are amazing things happening in the Latin American tech and startup ecosystem, yet many people wonder why it has not evolved as fast and exponentially as others.

Well, there are many obvious reasons, but one of them which might be quite underrated is this: lack of media attention.

I dare you. Name one website where founders, investors, and tech enthusiasts can inform themselves about what’s going on with tech in Latin America, consistently.

There might be a few, but 1) they’re in Spanish — thus, limiting the audience reach — and 2) information it’s not focused on these subjects, it’s not consistent, updated or accurate (Lavca is nice but is still years away from a TechCrunch model, and I don’t think that’s even their aim).

Quick quiz. Could you name six Latin American Unicorns?

Imagine Silicon Valley without TechCrunch, or without any tech blog/media company, for that matter. Do you think it would be the same?

It would not.


latin america startup infographic

The role of the media

Transparent information, accurate data and community engagement would not be the same without a trustworthy media source, where every actor in the ecosystem can reach to inform and update themselves.

Contxto aims to fulfill that crucial role for Latin America.

Whether it’s about funding rounds, M&A activity, events, government actions or just profiling of interesting startups, Contxto is the go-to content and news platform for this.

Even though Latin America is widely different across its different cities and countries, there are a lot of shared characteristics and similarities. That’s why people from all over the continent should be informed and updated on what’s going on miles away from their home country.

You never know if a Chilean startup in a garage is going to rise up to compete next to Rappi. These expansions across countries are as common as just expanding to a neighboring state.

Which is why Contxto aims to cover them all, be it Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador or any other country having an impact in the region.

Take a look at some of the categories covered up in the site.


The importance of a media platform within an entrepreneurial community is undeniable for its success.

In the case of Latin America, the Venture Capital landscape is still small, talking specifically about regional Venture Capital funds. Most investors within the region are just starting out in the startup space, and big foreign funds — such as Softbank or Sequoia — have not made a significant entrance yet.

Why is that so? Lack of information, mainly. Whereas the US has big popular tech blogs and startup databases, Latin America has nothing similar yet.

The lack of news sources limits the capacity of venture capital firms investing in Latin America to make informed decisions, including the local fund’s ability to raise money from institutional and individual investors, and blurring the foreign investors’ outlook, so they choose to pass on many opportunities because of this.

Not anymore! Check out Contxto to join the new chapter in the Latin American startup ecosystem.

January 21, 2019



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