Instant Gratification And Increased App Usage

The phase of instant gratification among consumers is at an unprecedented high level, and it doesn’t seem to phase out at all. With the internet getting faster and a plethora of options available, customers want to avail your services and they want them now. After all, that’s the purpose of mobile apps, to give them what they want when they want. The faster a mobile app lets customers purchase the products and/or services, the more they will like to engage with it.

Keeping your target audience in mind, you must remember that tapping on their desire for instant gratification begins right from the development stage. That’s what we will discuss in today’s blog, creating an app that drives high on instant gratification:

Integrate Round The Clock Customer Support

Integrate Round The Clock Customer Support

No, we are not talking about 24*7 phone support because that’s your decision. However, you need to implement a system where your customers can get their queries resolved anytime. Although there are Google and other search engines too, making your consumers switch screens wouldn’t be a productive decision.

Thus, it’s important for you to resolve customer queries at the earliest. It would be a good idea to include the following customer support and resolution tools…

Live Chat Support

Live chat support with a real human not only gives your customers instant answers to their questions, it also adds the necessary “human” value to your app. Customers don’t like to get their real problem resolved by bots; they need human interaction. Live chat support gives you a practical solution to both these problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Launching an artificial intelligence powered mobile app helps ecommerce businesses tremendously. Such a system analyzes users’ buying patterns and shopping behaviour. In return, customers get suggestions that help them in making quick decisions when they want to buy something on your mobile app. Better recommendations and easy repeat orders are the two key benefits of artificial intelligence that greatly improve AOV as well as the shopping experience.



Frequently asked questions are an integral part of the knowledge base. This particular section comes in handy to address all the questions that frequently come in the minds of your audience, especially first time users.


Navigational onboarding and video tutorials familiarize your customers with your mobile app. It makes them fall habitual of your app quickly, making it their first preference. Instead of creating endless text, make short, crisp and engaging videos that guide your consumers on how to use the app, place refunds (because that happens too), make repeat orders, etc.

The points we mentioned above are merely the tip of the iceberg, for there are many other aspects revolving around instant gratification. Remember, it’s not only about receiving services on demand, it’s about making customers go wow right from the moment they log in to your app. As an experienced premium mobile app development company, we bring you more points that will engage your audience and make them want to come back to you more often.

Lightweight Yet Robust Architecture

Keeping your apps lightweight allows quick page loads and better performance even under flaky networks. That said, such apps also give a lightning fast navigation experience, giving your customers an exciting browsing and shopping experience.

As such an app grows in popularity, more audience starts coming onboard, and thus, the app also needs to have room for a huge audience. This is where a robust architecture comes into play. Your app should be able to handle the high load. The stronger the server, the better your apps will perform when your app receives high footfall.

Aim For Quick Navigation

An app is called successful when your customers get a seamless shopping experience. It’s not only about responsive design, it’s also about the way your mobile app moves from one page to another. It’s also about speed, but speed is not everything. Na fast loading page will help you if it looks out of place to your customers.

Time Your Pop-ups


Time Your Pop-ups

Time your in-app pop-ups so that they enhance user experience. A good option is to push a pop-up at the time of browsing your products and/or services. Another good idea is to push a pop-up at the time of checkout to help users redeem a coupon. Or, you can also give them an option to avail an offer once the cart reaches a particular amount through a pop-up.

Integrate Push Notifications Wisely

Push notifications can help you enhance instant gratification by prompting your audience about any and all upcoming offers. At the same time, you can also send a push notification on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. Doing so also reminds your customers to avail your services when they are looking for something special and almost forgot about your app.


Remember, app iterations and updates come way after your app is completely developed and launched in the market. The key lies in developing a mobile app that delivers remarkable user experience at every tap, every scroll and every successful checkout. With the points mentioned in this blog, you will surely be better equipped to make an exceptional impression instantly. Customers don’t have patience these days, that’s why you need it while creating a mobile app your impulsive buyers. Let us know your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

May 3, 2019



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