Impact of Mobile Apps on Education Industry

Impact of Mobile Apps on Education Industry

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

These words of Albert Einstein will resonate for centuries to come. The only change we will see is the way education will be imparted. The advent of technology, especially mobile apps, has transformed the way many industries work, and education industry is no exception.

Once equated with money, education has now evolved into the good old parameter of availability and willingness. Thanks to technology, one can learn all they want without worrying about affording education.

I consider the right to education to be a birthright, and not just a fundamental one. Educational apps are not just tapping this right, but also helping parents, schools and students pave an easier path towards learning and growing.

Education industry is enjoying multifold benefits of mobile apps, let’s take a look at the major ones…

Better Interaction

It is a known fact that interactive learning helps kids learn better. Providing an interactive environment in traditional classrooms is not easy.

Learning through mobile apps helps kids to interact with their teachers and parents, giving them a more engaging environment to learn and grow.

The learning curve of young age calls for methods that can help children learn quickly and easily. Mobile apps make it possible by improving their tendency to interact.

Innovative Learning Techniques

Innovative Learning Techniques

“My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets.” This is how I was taught to remember the planets of our Solar System when I was a kid. I don’t think I couldn’t learn the same in a better way. But technology proved me wrong.

Mobile app development has evolved to an extent that kids now not only remember the names, but also know a lot about these planets than we did when we were their age. This is just one example, for mobile apps make learning the best thing to happen to a child.

Apps are fun, they teach in a way a child can understand. Education imbibed in such way stays with the kid forever.

And now we have only 8 planets, poor Pluto!

A Better Resource

Educational mobile apps not only help kids, they are also benefiting students and people of all ages. From learning a new language to preparing for a certification, mobile apps open doors to the galaxy of information. From ebooks to sample papers to knowledge bases, everything is made available for the keen learner.

Yes, books do that too, but carrying all the information in a handheld device is way easier than carrying a bag full of books on your back.

Portability, quick access and the unlimited knowledge at your disposal, mobile apps are empowering education without adding any weight to your back. And all that, anytime you want, anywhere you want.

Enhanced Coordination

Educational mobile apps for schools not only help kids, but also enable teachers to coordinate with each other. They also help in better parent teacher communication. A mobile app that records a student’s progress helps teachers and parents a lot. They are better equipped to identify where a student needs to improve.

Apps also help in devising an action plan to help students learn better. The power of artificial intelligence can be put to use here. AI analyzes a student’s learning pattern and creates a course plan that works accordingly.

Take Thinkster Math for example. Its AI identifies a student’s learning curve and creates a mathematics course accordingly.

Thinkster Math


Only if all the teachers in the world would realize every student learns at a different pace.

Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

Big news: Books are made from paper.

Question: How many of them are made from recycled paper? Or use bagasse or other nature friendly means of papermaking?

Mobile apps, on the other hand, are available at the tap of the screen. Download any educational app you want, and the world of learning is right there on your screen. What else one could ask for?

While the world is working towards sustainable energy resources, technology is helping us save trees, one educational mobile app at a time.

Only if apps could smell like a new book. Apart from that, one can have the joy of learning on a mobile device too!

Great Business Opportunity

A keen learner can easily leverage upon mobile apps to learn without boundaries. Many schools, colleges and universities are getting a dedicated app for their institution. Even third party education mobile apps are also making it big in the world of learning. Apps such as The Great Courses, Memrise, and Udacity are helping thousands of students across the world.

As an entrepreneur, there are primarily two ways to launch your own educational app:

  • Hire your own team of app developers. Doing so will require you to interview each and every developer. The hiring process in itself is a long tiring job. Add salary to this factor and your budget of hiring a team may overshoot.
  • Hire an agency: This is the better option because all you need to do is get in touch with a mobile app development company. Talk to the representative to discuss your requirements. Do make sure that you go through their work before making a decision.


Education industry has evolved from books to mobile apps, and for all the right reasons. Mobile apps offer unlimited access to knowledge in a matter of few seconds. No wonder many institutions and third party apps are available in the market today. From a helpful learning tool to a great business idea, educational apps bring along unlimited learning and earning opportunities.

December 8, 2018


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