How To Start Your Telemedicine Business- Key Benefits, Process & Solution Explained

The Covid outbreak led to a severe increase in usage of online telemedicine apps like Practo, Teladoc, and ZocDoc. As per the stats, the global telehealth market is expected to grow up to $55.6 billion by 2025. Hence, if you have been planning to launch your on-demand telemedicine business, the time is now.

As the world navigates the ‘new normal’, it makes an excellent opportunity for healthcare businesses to level up their game. Business owners and entrepreneurs can enter this lucrative market and grab a share of the pie. However, it is important to understand that this thriving industry demands high-quality services. In order to survive the competition with already popular telemedicine apps like Practo, there is a lot of work involved.

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Before you head-off with your idea to establish a telemedicine system online, let’s check on some essential things here.


What Are The Key Benefits Of Starting Own Telemedicine Business?

Improved Efficiency Of Healthcare Experts

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American Well’s Telehealth Index: 2019 Physician Survey shows, 340,000 – 590,000 US physicians are estimated to use telehealth technology by 2022. The numbers prove that not only do on-demand doctor consultation apps benefit patients but also healthcare workers.
Apps help doctors offer consultation to more patients in the same amount of time, if not less. They also facilitate a better relationship and high-quality consultation through technology. Doctors definitely identify this perk, and they are now more willing than ever to boost their efficiency.

Added Convenience- Virtual Consultation

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Launching your own telemedicine business keep healthcare experts and patients safe. In the current times, when it is advisable to stay indoors, apps like Practo and Zocdoc ensures timely consultations with experts. Patients can leverage from video, audio and even text consultation as per their need.

Advanced Patient Management

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Emergence of telehealth apps have simplified tracking of patient’s health and maintenance of related documents. This makes it easy to monitor and manage patient’s health remotely and in a safe manner. Having all documents like test reports, prescriptions, etc. at one place proves to be extremely beneficial while treating high-risk cases. A digital trace helps healthcare providers offer a better treatment.


How Your Telemedicine Business Operates Online?

The brief working of how your telemedicine solution works is stated below:

Step 1: User downloads the app on their device and is asked to sign up or register

Step 2: They are then directed to create a profile with their basic information

Step 3: Once the profile is created, they have access to the services of the app

Step 4: They can search for a doctor by health concern, their current location, treatment name, etc.

Step 5: Information about the options for doctors is made available to help them choose better (rates, ratings/reviews, qualifications, experience, speciality, etc.)

Step 6: The user can choose a doctor and proceed to book a consultation. At this point, they are directed to the payment gateway and can finish their payment

Step 7: Post payment, the consultation is scheduled as per the doctors’ available time slots and the customers’ convenience.

Step 8: The consultation can be conducted over text, audio, or video call, as per their need.

Step 9: The patient over the app can share reports or history & once the consultation is over, a digital prescription can be given.

Step 10: Both patient & doctor receive the option to rate their experience and submit feedback

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How To Establish Your Own Telemedicine Business Online?

Consider Your Business Model & Features

Providing quality services and a pleasant experience to doctors and patients is key to retaining both on your platform. This can be made easier by offering convenience features at both ends. You can let your business model guide your features or even vice versa. A strong business model and features like video interaction, scheduling management, SMS notifications, order history, multiple payment options, etc., will set you apart from the competition and other teladoc like apps and ensure you offer a one-of-a-kind service.

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Assess Your Resources

Calculate and assess your resources and how you want to allot them further. It is completely alright to start small and expand as you go. Offering limited but quality services can help you establish a niche. But offering multiple services badly can quickly take your business south.

Make a timeline for your business to be up and running so you can start acquiring healthcare workers or other key assets, depending on your business model.

Building The Right Telemedicine Platform

When you are offering on-demand doctor consultation, your app is your product. It makes complete sense to invest the time, effort, and capital in building a robust telemedicine app that can stand the test of time today and tomorrow.

Hence, when it is about launching apps like Practo, you require an experienced team of healthcare app developers. A right technology partner, having the apt experience and expertise of building a customized solution, can make a huge difference to your success story.

Now end your search for the best development company to start your telemedicine business with Code Brew. What about checking on a complete suite, backed by high-end features? Running a successful telehealth app gets simpler with this telemedicine app development solution.

In case, you have some doubt for how to make an app like practo or you want to know the cost of building a telemedicine app, get in touch!


June 26, 2021



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