What if Your Business Slows Down? 7 Tactics to Scale Up Your Business Around

The casual public life is hitting businesses hard, in addition to the crippling health and welfare impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses are slowing down nowadays owing to revenue prospects. No one knows the answer to ‘How To Scale a Business?’. Organizations seem to be perplexed about what to do ahead. Everything seems to be at a standstill. Having second thoughts on your business idea now?

Businesses have experienced quite a few Ups and Lows in various marketplaces.

Source: Statista

With the world moving towards the new normal, surviving the rollercoaster results is going to be a major challenge for companies. It is worth remembering the classic example of Apple failing in 1997 and Steve Jobs returning with some difficult decisions like reducing the product line from 350 to just 10 deserves a mention here. According to Statista, SMBs worldwide had quite a booming trend, though just in some areas. Given below are 7 tactics to keep your business afloat during these times.

7 Key Tactics to Scale Your Business

1. Keep Check on Your Supply

Regardless of the type of business, one must keep track of the supply one provides in the market. It is the first and foremost thing to consider while doing a gap analysis of the business. One might be running low on supply owing to pandemic situations. But one must know how to use available resources and create ways for new ones.

2. Do you Understand your Market and Customer?

Reasons, why your business is not performing, may include understanding the market and your end-customer. One may be intrigued to see food delivery businesses prosper and may think of opening another business in another niche. He may falter because he may not have a proper understanding of the market and end customer he’s going to cater to. One can redefine current strategies of market and customer to revamp their business.

3. Go S-W-O-T

SWOT analysis was earlier limited to only the personality growth of a person. Nowadays, the definition has changed altogether. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, so SWOT Analysis is a tool for analyzing these four aspects of your business. You can use SWOT Analysis to make the most of what you have, for the best good of your company. This is the best tool by far to analyze the growth and future aspects of a business.

4. Money Matters

The most important aspect determining the stability of a business is its monetization strategy. Businesses having no clear monetary goals happen to go to a standstill quite early.

It is advisable to foresee and track cash flows every week if your company is not doing well, which you can later switch to monthly after achieving stability. It should be a priority to keep an eye on working capital and to try to turn receivables into cash inflows.

Given ahead are bonus points one may consider to ramp up their business manifold in their niche.

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5. You Select, We Deliver

Businesses can offer home delivery services during these times. Be it any vertical or niche, customers love when they get their needs delivered right at their doorstep, and that too in a dash. You can charge a certain amount for the delivery that suits your customers. Know how to build your dispatch software.

6. Using Gift Cards for Recognition

Entrepreneurs can advertise their business by selling gift cards to customers. Strategy can be any they want. They can offer it to current customers to boost up the sale, or grant to newly registered users (owing to a minimum sale), or anyone might think. One has to brainstorm ideas for an effective strategy. One does know how Netflix advertised their 2-day free access, right?

7. Make Everything Virtual

This aspect may be limited to certain businesses only. Entrepreneurs can offer certain services virtually to their customers. Realize this, customers will practically enjoy having these services when they spend much of their time at home. One mustn’t let this opportunity go away in these times. The longer this unique scenario lasts, the more accustomed individuals can get to purchasing and using online services. Get ready for a major cash inflow!

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Summing Up…

The consequences of the pandemic of Covid-19 will be felt for a long time all over the world. Marketplace companies that rely on social interaction are likely to encounter their organization slowing down and questioning ‘how to scale a business’ ahead.

But we, at Codebrew, are extremely optimistic that the world continues to give marketplace companies enough opportunities, now and in the future. The need is to stay hungry and afloat. Get In Touch to plan your things and save your business from failing. Code Brew Won’t’ Let You Down!

February 16, 2021



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