How To Develop a Successful Travel App Like Priceline, Expedia, and Airbnb

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March 6, 2023
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Amit Rana

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How To Develop a Successful Travel App Like Priceline, Expedia, and Airbnb

Today, travel is reasonably accessible. Simply by pressing a tab, we can book a flight and jet off to wherever our wallets take us! This convenience in getting an entire travel experience has majorly contributed to the soaring demand for travel apps like Airbnb, Expedia, and Priceline; the three juggernauts of the online travel booking industry.

Moreover, the future for these already billion-dollar businesses is also ripe. To give you an estimate, in the U.S. alone, the total revenue from travel apps is expected to show an annual growth rate of 8.11% in 2022-2027. This means a projected market volume of a whopping US$533.50m by 2027!

Now, you must be wondering, How did these brands come to stand so high on the travel industry scoreboard.

They understood that the idea was to make an app that really works for the user. This means convenience, access to lucrative deals and offers, and complete guidance in making a choice when the user is in a dilemma.

Providing all these to your customers may seem like an easy thing to implement when you build a travel app. But it is much easier said than done. So, without further ado, let’s initiate you into how to get a taste of success like the big shots did.

Speaking of which, take a glimpse at the services offered by Airbnb, Expedia, and Priceline apps. 

Business Models of Airbnb, Expedia, and Priceline

1. Airbnb

The app offers an apartment rental service and is also one of the most popular real estate platforms worldwide. Airbnb app users can directly communicate with apartment owners without involving agents.

Presently on the app, over 700,000 lodging options are available in as many as 34,000 cities across the globe. The app also helps you find an apartment in a specific part of the city and with certain facilities.

Further, before booking a room or apartment, you can contact the owner, discuss requirements, check out the property’s photos, and even take feedback from previous clients. You also have the option to put your own apartment on rent. 

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the makers of Airbnb have aced it in terms of travel mobile app development.


Airbnb Business Model


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2. Priceline & Expedia

The app is particularly a lifesaver for people who are always on the go and have travel commitments constantly turning up. As such, it isn’t possible for them to book hotel rooms, rental cars, or flight tickets in advance.

So, when the time strikes, they can instantly book flight tickets and hotel rooms within seconds while getting the best deals. Here, you can also find car rental stations, and see buses and trains schedules. 

What’s more? Priceline also offers free cancellation on most bookings and charges no credit card fees. When you build a travel app, make sure you choose a travel app development company that includes all these features that Priceline has to offer.

On Expedia too, you can book flight tickets and hotel rooms. Once the booking’s done, you can see full information about arrival and leaving time. 

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Things to Consider Before You Build a Travel App

Simply launching your travel app isn’t enough. You also need to have your finger on the pulse of your target audience’s wants and needs. This will help you significantly improve the quality of services offered. And that means moving closer to getting business success.

But that’s not all.

  1. There are loads of travel apps in the market. So, for you, the competition is high. To start with, make sure you have COMPLETE CLARITY about your target audience.
  2. Thoroughly analyze the market and your rivals. Do the research. It may seem tedious but we can assure you that it’s totally worth it. As they say, understanding the problem is half the solution.
  3. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to take advice from seasoned entrepreneurs in a similar industry. If that’s not possible, educate yourself through YouTube videos of industry experts. 


Online booking app worldwide market share

Tips To Develop a Successful Travel App

Here are some simple but easy-to-follow tips that will make your travel app deliver impeccable business results:

1. Build a Travel App with Top-Notch UI/UX

Users should be able to login and book hotel rooms and travel tickets within seconds. Besides, registration and making a profile shouldn’t be a hassle. The whole experience of using the app should be intuitive and not counter intuitive. 

2. Add the Feedback Feature

Allow the users to leave star ratings, reviews, and comments. When they know that you’re open to feedback, they give authentic feedback without any fear of being haggled (digitally). 

Moreover, it’ll help you understand what you could be doing better. Accordingly, you can add the needed features in the travel app or upgrade the app.

3. Offer Hot Deals To Users

Serve exclusive personalized offers to your clients as per their travel history and interests. These include last-minute deals and holiday packages. Hot deals generation engines automatically provide the best costs from hotels so you can sell them for a special price. 

4. Multiple Payment Gateways

To rise above the competition, an online payment system is crucial. Further, give your users multiple payment options like debit or credit card, UPI, etc. This feature is an absolute must-have as this convenience plays a major role in the user actually making the payment.

5. Hiring Guides Feature

Though Google Maps largely helps, it’s still no alternative for locals when it comes to finding some great places. So, make sure your travel app allows users to hire local guides who have proper information about a specific location. 

6. Implementing APIs

When you choose a travel app development company, tell them to implement APIs in your travel app. Such a partnership program allows you to add more capabilities within the app. 

Here are the details of various APIs you can integrate:

  • Priceline API

The Priceline Partner Solutions API makes connecting to multiple product sources for rates and availability directly on your app easier than ever before. This API easily integrates Priceline’s Hotel, Rental Car, and Flight products and other various functions directly on your travel app. 

Using it, your customers get access to over 9,80,000 properties, the best travel deals in the world, and exclusive discounts.

  • Expedia API

EPS Rapid is a quick, light API product that allows your clients to customize their hotel bookings end-to-end; from booking to payment. 

Your travel app users can view a huge range of accommodations with competitive rates and up-to-date information on everything; amenities, high-resolution images, and intelligent geography definitions.

The API presents over 35 different property categories, from hotels and apartments to treehouses, chalets, etc. 

  • Airbnb API

The Airbnb API integration gives web developers in-depth access to an Airbnb dashboard, data, and listings. Further, they also get the technological ability to design better mobile and web apps. Moreover, it can be used to create new services that delight travelers and property owners alike. 

With the Airbnb API, users can update Airbnb listing info, price, etc., for multiple listings at one time, and improve existing email flows. 


Airbnb quarterly revenue 2019 to 2022


7. Other Essential Miscellaneous Features

If your app notifies the users about their check-in or ticket cancellation even when they are offline, it’ll cast a great impression on them. Further, don’t forget to integrate social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with your app.

And after travel mobile app development, during app testing, use as many smartphone models as possible to prevent the bugs from sneaking in.

Final Note

The time is ripe for you to plunge into travel mobile app development.

And when you partner with a travel app development company, brief them that the app’s purpose is to make your users’ trip more comfortable and also allow them to communicate with other tourists.

If you are looking to build a travel app, do consider Code Brew Labs as your partner in delivering the solution. With a portfolio of over 3,000 clients spread across 150 countries worldwide, we have set quite a mark in the mobile app industry.

Talk to us and we will make it happen. Until then, adios amigos!


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