How To Create On-Demand Home Services Booking Apps Like Handyman, Thumbtack, and TaskRabbit?

How To Create On-Demand Home Services Booking Apps Like Handyman, Thumbtack, and TaskRabbit?

The advent of technology gives rise to on-demand home services app development due to a large demand for on-demand services. The growth of this industry depends on multiple aspects such as that market penetration that gives a green flag for startups to enter the segment. 

But, why is it so? What change do these home services bring to an individual’s lifestyle? Probably, the challenges that people face in their everyday life gets sorted with the convenience of getting the things done that they need with the help of an on-demand home services app.  

The dynamics of home-related services have drastically transformed how we work and manage household chores due to the leverage that technology has extended. 

Through this guide, we aim to give a brief to entrepreneurs that how they can create and become a well-established home services app development company like Handyman, Thumbtack, and TaskRabbit. 

Let us look at the industry’s key growth drivers, market size, features, and cost to build an on-demand home services app

The Market of On-Demand Home Services App Development

The market of home services industry has generated a substantial likelihood for the service providers and the end user. As a result, entrepreneurs show interest to develop such an app to reap the benefits of this mushrooming on-demand home services segment. 

The global online on-demand home services market size was estimated at USD 0.9 bn in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.7% from 2022 to 2030. Online on-demand home services contain all digital marketplaces that offer timely access to a broad range of home facilities.  

How To Create On-Demand Home Services Booking Apps Like Handyman, Thumbtack, and TaskRabbit?

Why do Businesses Prefer to Build Home Services App Development?

The market of on-demand services has flourished over the years due to their high demand worldwide. 

On-demand services are highly prevalent across the globe because people are increasingly looking for a diverse range of services they can access with a tap on the phone. The wide acceptance of using mobile apps is ever-increasing as people are using apps to book services with a single click on the app.  

With the comfort of securing and booking their preferred area of service, they want to book for getting an on-demand home services app, whether it is house moving, remodeling, assembling or dismantling home or commercial cleaning, pest controlling, general repair work, etcetera. 

The online on-demand home services market is set to grow at a CAGR of 60.78 percent. The market size of the home service industry has been speculated to expand between 2022 and 2027 by USD 7259.2 billion

Hence, it gives business owners and entrepreneurs a significant advantage to build on-demand home services apps like Thumbtack, Handyman, and TaskRabbit.

Must-Have Features of On-Demand Home Services App Development

On-demand home services app consists of an online marketplace that offers access to wide-ranging home service facilities. 

Hence, the features of on-demand services give all user tiers a particular panel through which they can manage their profiles in a specified way. 

Let us walk you through the panel details of each user profile and what features they can access. 

Key Features for Customers

Customer App: 

The customer interface of an on-demand delivery app like others should be designed to offer a seamless ordering experience.     

Here is a checklist of necessary features for the customer interface: 

  • Easy Sign-Up & Login

Users can easily sign up and log in to the portal by putting their name, contact details, email address, and other relevant information.  

  • Push Notifications

Through push notifications, customers are able to stay updated about the status of their booking, the arrival time of the service provider agent, cancellation of booking, any ongoing offers, etcetera. 

  • Advanced Search Filters

Customers can use advanced search filters while searching for home services online such as location, type of service, price, service agent experience, etcetera. 

  • Order Placement & Tracking

This specific feature allows users to place their orders to opt for any service they want. Moreover, they can track the service agent in real-time to check the ETA of the person. 

  • Booking History 

This functionality in the app allows users to access the bookings sections. They can see the amount they have paid along with the details of the service providers. 

The feature offers two benefits to the customers namely,

– Enables them to view the service history information

-Identify the service provider to call again for the service

  • Diverse Payment Gateways 

The comfort of paying through different payment gateways lets customers sigh in relief. 

With the ease of paying through credit, debit cards, personalized e-wallets, or online banking for the picked service on an on-demand home services app platform, it gives customers a reason to book home services effortlessly.   

  • In-App Messaging

In-app chat availability allows customers to chat with the assigned service provider in real time. It makes users message the assigned service provider about their queries. 

  • Feedback & Rating 

Customers can share their respective responses about the service provider or the service the user has taken. The feedback will be displayed on the mobile app in the feedback section.  

Key Features for Freelancer/ Service Provider

  • Simple Registration

The procedure for service providers is relatively quick and easy. Once the registration gets through, the service provider can begin working after finishing the registration process.  

  • User Request Management 

The service providers ought to receive requests from the customers so they can handle them in accordance with their available time plus bandwidth.  

  • Real-Time Messaging

The platform gives an in-built chat system to the service providers an option to chat with their customers in real-time and is a great option to answer users’ queries. 

  • Feedback Management

Periodic feedback from the customers about the service providers allows them to come to the top of the search list. 

  • Payment Management

Service providers can specify which payment methods they want the amount to be credited such as through online banking, e-wallets, or PayPal. 

  • Support & Help 

The help and support section plays an integral role in the on-demand home services app development because there could be chances of discrepancies in an on-demand model. The instant help section allows customers to raise their tickets against any query. 

Key Features for Admin Panel 


How To Create On-Demand Home Services Booking Apps Like Handyman, Thumbtack, and TaskRabbit?


The features integrated into an admin panel on the on-demand home services app can seamlessly manage three tier profiles namely –  users (customers), service providers, and the administrator profile. The admin is solely responsible for managing both user profiles and service providers. They have complete authority over the platform. 

Here are some of the important features of the admin panel:  

  • User Profile Management

The admin has complete access to manage profiles such as ‘customers’, ‘agents’ (service provider), and the ‘administrator’ dashboard.  

  • Robust Dashboard 

Admin dashboard is a feature-rich panel that gives the administrator the power to manage tasks, requests, and each user’s profiles & roles and allocate particular permissions to customers and service providers.   

  • Reporting & Analytics

With reporting & analytics functionality, the administrator can check the overall status of each booking, can access ratings, and evaluate feedback. It gives a complete overview of how the platform works. 

  • Manage Notifications

The admin can easily send notifications in the form of SMS messages or emails to both parties about bookings, arrival schedules, orders, cancellations, agent details to the customers, and other information. 

  • Tracking Management 

The administrator has full control over the platform with access to monitor and track the entire app. In regards to this, the admin can check the service provider’s details and customer information, the delivery address, payment details, cancellations, and everything. 

  • Manage Listings

With a simplified dashboard, manage each ad and listing on the platform to make users a seamless and hassle-free experience. 

How To Create On-Demand Home Services Booking Apps Like Handyman, Thumbtack, TaskRabbit?

Do you wish to run your business like Handyman, TaskRabbit, Handy, Thumbtack, etcetera? 

Code Brew is an on-demand home service app development company that offers on-demand home service software applications for startups and enterprises with complete end-to-end solutions based on your business needs. 

We provide businesses with on-demand local and home service-based app development similar to Handyman, TaskRabbit, and Thumbtack clones. The platform helps to connect your customers and local service providers in an all-in-one portal where users can easily search for service providers on a single platform. 

Want to build an app like Handman? Watch our video on how to do that

Cost To Build On-Demand Home Services App

The foremost factor that depends a lot on building home services apps is the overall cost of app development. The next big question for entrepreneurs is the cost involvement in building an on-demand home services app development. The answer to this particular question depends a lot on the tech stack and customization. 

As discussed earlier, the development cost depends on multiple factors. The development cost would go around $10000 – $40000 with all the factors mentioned below. Our dedicated team of mavens takes 12-16 weeks to build your on-demand home services app. Other than that, if it has specific integrations or customizations, it might take longer than this.  

Factors that Influence the On-Demand Home Services App Development Cost Estimation:

  • Tech Stack 

The technology that is being used plays an essential role in app development such as Native or Hybrid.

  • App Platform

A lot depends on the platform that is being deployed in the process whether it is Android, iOS, or Cross-platform. 

  • UI/UX Designing

The designing part is the heart and soul of the entire process. 

  • Advanced Feature Integration

If the feature integration is over and above the basic ones, then surely it is going to take extra time and cost to deploy in the development.

  • Team Size and Expertise

The more, the large! The project handling is majorly concerned with the team size deployed in the project plus their experience.  

  • Team Location (On-site or Remote)

The team who is working on the project involves more expenditure such as their remuneration and location. 

  • App Development Deadline

If you want your business app to be launched sooner, it will take more resources to work on the project by putting in extra effort to get it delivered on time. 

Final Words

The on-demand home services app like Handyman, Task Rabbit, and Thumbtack are already ruling the on-demand home service app industry. However, these innovative app development ideas such as advanced features in each panel can make the marketing of your app successful.  

The demand for home services apps caters to the audience with their day-to-day needs that get right with the right approach. 

To know more about on-demand home services app development you should contact a top mobile app development company. 

April 12, 2023



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