How to Create an App Like The Entertainer

How to Create an App Like The Entertainer

The Entertainer is a two-for-one discount app that helps more than 6 million members across the globe experience more while paying less. 

Annual subscribers get great offers at restaurants, spas, bars, and other attractions; basically, anything that falls under ‘entertainment.’ In this way, the Entertainer generates motivated customers for its partners.

The service works as a mediator that promotes businesses. But did you know that The Entertainer was first established as a book in 2001? It was only in 2013 that it launched the app by transitioning from a print publication to a data-driven company. Come 2023, it is heading in the direction of transforming into a tech company.

The Entertainer’s New Membership Model

Following a recent app update, offer-savvy enthusiasts can now experience the Entertainer without the annual commitment. Simply put, they can redeem the offers they want the moment they want them!

The new model is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be paid either in full or in installments.

This ambition to create as tailored an experience for the user as possible and the evident efforts towards it is what has made the Entertainer an app of the masses in the UAE.


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The Entertainer Business Model: The Gist

If the service manages to sell the number of coupons requested by a partner, it gets a commission. If not, partners can refuse to provide a promised discount and pay anything at all to The Entertainer.

Key Things to Consider When Creating an App Like The Entertainer

The idea is to reduce the customer acquisition cost and customer churn and continuously upgrade the services offered.

  • Single Out the Problems You Will Solve

Do research regarding the niche you’ve chosen. Identify the trends in user behavior. And then work on a targeted marketing strategy.

  • Prioritize Customer Loyalty Over Customer Retention

Most users are acquired in the early stage of the product launch. And generally, they are enough for a firm to arrive at a profitability stage. 

The only requisite: more focus on how to engage customers than on bringing more customers on board.

Besides, as word-of-mouth marketing spreads like wildfire, you’ll start gaining new customers too. So, with this single consideration, you win on both fronts.

  • Conduct Focused Marketing Using Multiple Channels

Give the users a clear idea of the service/product you offer through your marketing. A great way to market what you sell is by considering the interests and habits of your users to give them customized offers on local events/screenings/dining.

Features to Add In an App Like The Entertainer

These form the meat: the core offerings that make the app what it is. They can be classified into basic and advanced features.

Basic Features to Add

  • Registration/login
  • Personal profile
  • ‘Invite a friend’ feature
  • Determining the user’s location
  • Nearby offers
  • Offers on food, spa, restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Multiple cities and categories
  • Order management modules
  • Multilingual support
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Seller’s personal account
  • Multi-currency support

Advanced Features to Add

  • Countdown Generator

A timer on your coupon app will help you drive sales and save a lot of time for your content management team!

  • Accounting & Statistics 

Provide your sellers with access to internal analytics so they could see the results of their marketing efforts on your platform.

  • Mass Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a critical functionality for any e-commerce project. But as your platform grows bigger and there are too many sellers on board, it’s difficult to keep track of everyone. 

In such a case, developing a mass payment functionality in advance significantly helps.

  • Tracking Code Generator

This feature helps save a lot of time. UTM-mark is a common marketing tool used for tracking traffic and leads. This tool will help you and your sellers track traffic, find out the best sources, and cross-check your analytics against one that sellers have.


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UI/UX Design Tips to Build an App Like The Entertainer

  • Engaging Badges and Activations

Have a well thought-out system of discounts, badges, and countdown timers. Build a hierarchy for all types of special offers your platform will provide. 

Structure badges based on their importance, and design icons accordingly. At the same time, ensure that there’s no overload of flashy icons and colors on your platform. 

Further, create a mockup design with extra care. 

  • Product-Centered Coupon Cards

Make sure that the content and product description sits fully well within the platform’s structure. Here’s where your content writers will work their magic to create a massive and high-conversion web platform.

  • Explicit Terms of Use

Though we agree that The Entertainer’s website says it all, many customers may still not understand what the service is. So, it’s best to adhere to a policy of full transparency. 

Place Terms & Conditions on every page, at least the short version of it. Keep it simple and fair.

How to grow a catalog of coupons on your app like The Entertainer?

There are two different approaches to achieve this result:

Via Curated Content

All offers you provide are listed and prepared only by your content management team. So, if a new seller wants to place their offer on your website, they will only supply you with raw content. 

Then, the onus is on your content managers to make the most of it, get additional pictures, refine service descriptions, find reviews, etc.

This approach is preferred during the first stage of platform growth. That’s because there’s no actual need for the admin panel as all the content management is done manually by hired workers. 

Plus, you have room for maneuver at this stage. You can experiment with multiple content formats and find the one which gives a better conversion rate.

Via Moderated Content

As per this approach, all information on the service will be issued and placed by the seller themselves. Here, the sellers get access to the admin panel and fill in all required fields. 

Then, you review the information, check it against your quality standards, and submit it.

But here’s the catch: moderated content approach requires a well-developed admin panel. Basically, it requires building a full-fledged CMS system like WordPress.

This approach best suits coupon websites that are operating for years and have already gained traction.

Final Note

Building an app like The Entertainer is a multi-step process. You’d need to put in efforts across many aspects, starting from finances and ending with a defined color theme. 

But you need not worry about getting initiated into the process as we’ve got you covered! Talk to our team here at Code Brew Labs to get an expert consultation in no time.

April 21, 2023



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