How Politics is Leveraging Mobile Apps?

Date :
February 21, 2019
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Amit Rana

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How Politics is Leveraging Mobile Apps?

After entering into essential domains like healthcare, social, tourism, etc., politics is the next move of mobile apps. The political mobile app is useful for candidates & their fans.

Barack Obama launched the very first political app, the Ex-President of America for his gubernatorial run. It had a donation interface, news feed, event notification and much more.

This action by Ex-President was unbeaten and showed extraordinary results as it was a unique app. This app grabbed the limelight like fire, all parties came forward and tried their hands on the political app. And in this way mobile app development catered additional field.

A piece of news reported that Blockchain Technology was used in Thailand for voting to make the complete method smoother and accurate. It was a big hit. The outcomes proved politicians are also encouraged by technology. They require to relinquish their fans and what can be the other way than technology? It turned out as the best way to approach users without spending on travel.

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Some live models of political mobile apps:

Today several apps that have marked their place in leading politics apps. We have discovered the top five political apps and briefed about them. Let’s have a  glimpse of them.

The White House app

This app provides exceptional features. Some exciting characteristics include a tour map, a virtual tour and much more. The app can give you all the essential information about the White House. The White House website has a full-fledged article containing all the information regarding it.

Congress+ App

Congress+ is another political app designed especially for iOS and Android users. It enables users to perceive upcoming events. It also allows users to comprehend the activities of their representatives. The notification feature notifies users about the news instantly.

iCitizen App

iCitizen is an app that encourages political engagement and has 300,000+ downloads. It has unique features that entertain political fans. It enables users to trace the political upshots they desire. You can adopt from 18 diverse management verticals.

Narendra Modi App

The current Indian prime minister launched this app to bring notification to the youth. It also enables them to contribute towards multiple causes using the donation. Another engaging characteristic is that it allows for user’s direct communication with the prime minister.

Indian Politics

It was the most popular app in 2018. The app contributes news on topics related to politics. This app was loved by the users, as it provides a bucket of information. This app has 10,000 downloads.

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How do politics benefit from mobile apps?

How can politics benefit from mobile apps?

While political mobile apps are far from perfect, their benefits have definitely overshadowed any minor limitations they possess. The benefits of mobile apps that can help in politics:

Generating Awareness

Its necessity of politicians to share political plans with people. So mobile app helps them to generate awareness. The people can form their thoughts about the candidate through the app.


When Obama originated the political app, he had the vision to lift money for campaigns. After the success of this app, several politicians adopt mobile apps to raise money for a good cause. This brought storm in the political and people contributed with joy for this cause.


The more individuals try their hands on the app, and more engagement will increase. This encourages individuals to share their suggestions as well. So this app is useful for engagement also.

Social media sharing

It is the most exceptional feature of political apps. Social media these days is the most followed trend. So if this is used in the app, then it will help politicians to

Politics is spread on social media now and having an opportunity to share the latest news on various social platforms will engage more audience. The increase in sharing will occur in more engagement in the app and will concurrently create more awareness.


Several politicians run surveys to recognize the problems of the general public or get their opinions on specific topics. Surveys also assist in gathering data about a situation which enables politicians to take significant actions. Such precise interactions between the candidates and the public will build a trustful bond. If an event is occurring then, surveys can be done to gather necessary information. The same information can be used to fix things and take actions.

We shared our views on the way mobile apps are leading the political domain. If  you have any political app idea and desire to get your political app developed, contact Code Brew Labs.

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