What Is The Total Cost For Taxi App Development?

What Is The Total Cost For Taxi App Development?


The world witnessed an impactful increase in the total number of taxi companies that are levying semi-variable costs. Here, the aim is to gain wide market access using some robust taxi app development solutions. The broad adoption of on-demand transportation services is one of those technological advancements in information and communication necessities. 

As a result, it is Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft that extend new mobility options elevating equity, safety, and compliance with app-based ride services altogether. You should know that these Whitelabel taxi applications cost an amount of 5000 USD, whereas if you try to build the app from scratch, the cost shall escalate up to $19,000. But then you get to have your hands on various on-demand features and functionalities.  

Do you know what is the best part here? 

This business model trend is here to stay and won’t be taking any 180 degrees turn soon. This simply puts numerous startups to join this successive realm and grow exponentially. The success behind these apps is developing a robust app’s back-end while infusing it with convenient features. Plus, there are many solutions available to grow your business by 10X with a reliable taxi app

So, why not reap the benefits? Let’s get better insights into this concept. 

How Does A Taxi Application Work?

Taxi booking apps like Lyft and Uber are programs that are designed to match passengers and service providers. The latter people are the non-commercial vehicle drivers who get in contact with the former ones through an online taxi app. Meanwhile, iOS and Android applications intend to offer on-demand transportation options. Be it ride-hailing or sharing, the service can either be web or app-oriented. 

Talking about ride-sharing, it’s one of the promising sub-segments of the taxi app business world. If you wish to grab some useful insights quickly, surf through this video made for you!

This brings a slight difference in the overall number and types of features or functionalities. However, you should begin by keeping a hawk’s eye on the standard feature checklist of a top-notch taxi app. This can give you a fair idea of in-demand end-customer needs. 

A taxi booking app that mainly consists of three main interfaces:

  • End-user 
  • Drivers
  • Admin panel

Let us start discussing each component one by one in a detailed manner.

Features for an End-User

  • User sign-up and login
  • Editing profile
  • On-demand and scheduled cab booking
  • Notifications
  • Flexible payment options
  • Real-time GPS tracking
    Automatic fare calculation
  • Feedback


Taxi App For Drivers

  • User Sign Up & Login
  • Profile editing
  • Ride confirmation
  • Real-time GPS
  • Profit analysis features
  • Push notifications
  • Feedback & ratings

Admin Panel

  • Trip details
  • A live map
  • Tracking and analytics reporting
  • Revenue management
  • Driver management
  • Passenger management
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Complaint management
  • Notifications

The Concept of App Complexity-

It is quite obvious to understand that the more function-rich your app will be, the more resources you will have to put into building a white-label taxi app. As far as the cost is concerned, let’s sail through an estimated app cost scenario. Cost of- 

  • Basic complex features app- $5,000- $30,000
  • Medium complex features app- $30,000- $50,000
  • Large/advanced complex features app- $50,000+

Development Stage Time Estimation:

User App- 

  • Users Android App Design & Development-
    40 working days (approximately)
  • Users iPhone App Design & Development-
    40 working days (approximately)
  • Users Web App Design & Development-
    38 working days (approximately)

Driver App-

  • Drivers Android App Design & Development:-
    35 Working days (approximately)
  • Drivers iPhone App Design & Development:-
    35 Working days (approximately)
  • Geographical Location Of The Development Company-
    This is also one of the crucial deciding factors of an overall app development cost. Companies located in the USA, UK, and Australia usually charge more than companies in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Japan.
    1. US-based developers charge $150-$250/hr
    2. Eastern-Western developers charge $40-$150/hr
    3. India-based developers charge $10-$80/hr
  • Updations-
    It is never too late to discuss things in the end. Revision of requirements and post-development modifications increases the overall cost of app development. All the potential requirements/features must be noted down at the time of application prototyping. Nevertheless, we have calculated the cost for taxi app development in a tabular form. 


In the table, we have mentioned the cost of taxi app development for both iOS/Android users.

cost breakdown for taxi app development

This is an overview of the app cost breakdown. However, this can be adjusted at the time of the final agreement.

What Is The Revenue Model Of The Taxi Booking App?

  • Dynamic pricing-
    Taxi aggregators can apply the dynamic pricing strategy (multiplying the cost per mile) when the taxi demand is more than average. Generally,  it’s during unfavorable weather conditions, strikes, traffic congestion, peak hours, and public holidays.
  • In-app advertisements-
    In-app advertisements like video ads, banner ads, and interstitial ads can also act as a great monetization strategy to earn money through such applications.
  • Promotional partnerships-
    Collaborating with brands who are looking for impeccable marketing can be a win-o-win situation for both parties. Therefore. such associations can result in a giant customer base to make handsome profits.
  • Premium rides-
    Apart from running ordinary cabs, service providers can offer their customers the luxury feeling of prime sedans, SUVs, and more. For instance, Uber offers UberBLACK, UberSUV, UberLUX, and so on.
  • Commission-
    The commissions earned on each taxi ride come as a direct source of income for taxi aggregators. For instance- Uber charges a ride per km, the time spent, and earns a commission on every kilometer covered by the driver. 

Tips To Consider While Developing A Taxi Booking App

Here’s what to consider while developing a taxi booking app 

Keep It Simple

Your business model must be scalable and simple as much as possible. The more simple it will be, the more are the chances of it being a huge success. Uber is its finest example with the simplest features accomplishing huge successes. 

Cross-Platform Development

If you are thinking of developing a single platform, then rethink it. Understand that you have a diversified customer base. Thus, cross-platform development is the key; it will help you save costs and time by using a single code across multiple platforms. Here, different types of languages can be used, such as

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

Thinking about the ultimate perks of cross-platform development? Here’s it:

  • A pocket-friendly approach
  • A wider chance to explore
  • a single code base across various platforms. For instance, some of the most popular tools are- Flutter SDK, Unity 3D, React Native, and Ionic. 


Have a Minimum Viable Product 

Do you know that the cost of MVP is less than that of the original product? With MVP, you can create and release MVP publicly. Besides, you can also collect money to avoid time wastage on app development in one go. Once you have finished gaining profits from MVP, you can devote your time to the original product.


You need to focus on fixing and settling bugs that may appear at the development stage and even after launch. You can even hire a team of experts who can help you in diminishing overall costs. 

Focus On Critical Functions

The year 2022 is going to be a booming year for taxi business owners, especially those planning to launch their taxi applications. Having said that, you need to add some wonderful features integrated with your application. The inclusion of unnecessary functions must be avoided to lessen the overall cost of the application. 


The competition is rapidly rising to a great extent. This cut-throat competition isn’t letting businesses stay for long. As a result, many businesses vanish without even notice. The reason is the immense focus on building an in-house team. This is when outsourcing competitive employees is trending. 

How Code Brew Labs Can Be Your Technology Partner?

When it comes to getting a reliable technology-enriched solution for all your next-level business requirements, you need a team that understands and executes the right mobile app development roadmap. That’s where our team at Code Brew Labs fits in all your app needs. From idea validation to maintaining the app on servers, we have a professional for each day. 

So, come forward, and let’s brew an app idea for your venture!

Wrapping Up

As we conclude the article, it is critical to state that shared transportation is a booming business. Over 50% of the world has yet to be penetrated, with everyone looking for sustainable & affordable transportation in crowded cities. It’s a good time to build an app and bring plenty of reliable options to the marketplace. And, now that you have an idea of the cost of taxi app development, you are in a position to find your marketing niche and load the app with features. 

February 9, 2022



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