We build jaw dropping apps and our competitors wonder,

How we do it?

mobile app development warm up stage

Warmup Stage

IP Protection Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property protection is step one. We sign mutual non-disclosure agreements so your idea and our techniques are safe.

mobile app development stage 1
bring us your idea to develop App
how to develop mobile app Concept Discussion

You bring us your idea and we will help you in deciding a way to proceed. Long discussions over coffee will help us both reach a better understanding.

Consultation Mobile app clients Feedback

Feedback and revisions are an important part of a project. We are open to answering all your questions and pacifying your fears.
We understand just how taxing a project can be.

mobile app development stage 3
mobile app development stage 4
work flow of the mobile app development Finalizing Scope

At this point, we’ll start making the actual decisions with you and settling on the work flow of the project.
This sets the pitch for the match and now all we have to do is play.

Development Plan branding strategy

Time line agreement, resource allocation, back-end architecture, app architecture, launch strategy and branding strategy.
All the boring things down into one strategic plan.

mobile app branding strategy

mobile app development branding

Game on!

Product Strategy App Product strategy

This is where the actual project begins. Your ideas starts taking shape into a product by wrestling business challenges, researching new opportunities and exploiting foolproof techniques.

mobile app development team
mobile game development
app architecture Design

We take creative juices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An app is defined first by its visual experience. Wire framing and app architecture are thoroughly checked and revised for perfection.

Development agile development

We don’t believe in ‘cowboy’ coding. Our developers have the lean and agile development down to a T. Continuous integration with the design and regular adjustments help us create your perfect app.

mobile design
Implementing growth hacking techniques
time effective marketing techniques User Acquisition and Growth Hacking

We will not end the project after the app has been made. Implementing growth hacking techniques to find the most cost and time effective marketing techniques for your core user, we will magnetise attention.

Data Analytics marketing techniques

Find graphs and pie charts boring? Don’t fear when we’re here. Analysing the usage data and feedback, we’ll help you decide what features you need and what require changes.

mobile app development stage 5
Product Iterations
iterations and reiterations Product Iterations

You need an app that is for the now, which can never be the same as the one at the start.
This calls for iterations and reiterations. We will carry the app through all those, as well.

Sounds interesting?