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Hire App Developers

Meet Our Talented App Developers

Matt Maruda

Sr. Developer
Matt is a passionate iOS and Android App developer with strong attention to detail that has produced great apps. He has delivered several projects for millions of users, for both startups and big companies, and he’s operated extensively on back-end and API integrations
Android SDKiOS SDKXcode

Hire Matt

Deny Minoski

Deny has extensive experience in different areas of software engineering. He quickly connects end-user expectations with business requirements. He is profoundly motivated, proactive, and self-organized, and surpasses at developing mobile applications, specifically for iOS.
Objective-CJiraUI Kit

Hire Deny

Nikolas Brown

Sr. Developer
Nikolas is a passionate Code-brew mobile app developer with 7+ years of experience in mobile apps and game development. He also has powerful skills with web development and desktop apps. Since the announcement of the iPhone SDK in 2008, worked on over 30+ applications in his career.
Game KitGame DesignUI Kit

Hire Nikolas Brown

Tyler Dimoski

Tyler is a professional iOS developer. She has been in the mobile industry since 2005 and developing iOS apps since 2008. She’s operated in projects ranging from IoT/BLE to photo and video sharing apps to games. She loves delivering incredible products.
XMLAndroid StudioAndroid API

Hire Tyler Dimoski

Mithun Saini

Mithun is a mobile engineer with over 7 years of experience creating native Android and iOS applications. He has a strong product sense. His portfolio comprises a social network with millions of users, to real-time messaging and more.
Android StudioSQLAlchemyObjective-C

Hire Mithun

Shilpa Luthra

Shilpa is an incredibly fast learner, she was once able to pick up a musical device in the morning and play nice tunes by the afternoon. She has the similar when it comes to working with new technologies and on new projects. She values high-quality code and attention to detail, and she cares deeply about great UX.
Mac OS Css3 iOS

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Martin has taken over 10 mobile apps from concept to millions of users as the leading engineer. Before concentrating full-time on Android apps, he worked for various tech startups. He has valuable experience in all areas related to Android apps from design and coding to benefit and growth.
Parse SDKAndroid SDKUser Experience

Hire Martin


Dharamveer has over nine years of professional experience with Java, including five years on Android by developing software for high-profile companies like Samsung and Sony. He brings a passion for excellent user experience and UI into every Android project.
Android StudioKotlinAndroid SDK

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How Code-brew Work


Requirement Analysis

A Code-brew Industry Expert will talk to you to understand your project requirements and goals.


Talent Selection

A suitable individual and/or team is handpicked for you within a course of 24 hours.


Project Kickoff

After a trial period of 7 days and ensuring you got the right team, the project picks up the momentum.


What’s More

We Also Appoint A Project Manager From Your Timezone For Smoother Communication

Complete Peace Of Mind

Hiring Development Company

Trained Talent

We don’t stop at hiring the best talent; we also equip them with the latest skillset to help them stay ahead of the curve.

Hiring Development Company

Local Point Of Contact

Being in the same timezone as yours facilitates better communication, curbing unnecessary waiting to a minimum.

Hiring Development Company

24-hour Workflow

Get your queries and project related issues resolved within 24 hours. Rest assured that your project is in capable hands.

Hiring Development Company

Trained Talent

We don’t stop at hiring the best talent; we also equip them with the latest skillset to help them stay ahead of the curve.

Hiring Development Company

80% Less Than Avg. Cost

Hailing from developing economies such as Mexico, India and Eastern Europe, Code-brew charge 1/5th of the global average hiring costs for their work, giving them a highly competitive edge.

Hiring Development Company

Complete Refund

In a highly unlikely event when you aren’t satisfied with the work, we’ll change the Code-brew to make things right, or give you a complete refund. From cost of hours worked to the upfront fee, everything!

Make The Most Of No-Risk Talent

Hire App Developers

How We Get Top Talent @ Best Price


Pass rate

Geographical Filtration

We look out for amazing talent in developing economies such as Mexico, India and Eastern Europe. We pick talents from the same institutes trusted by Google, Amazon and other tech-giants.


Pass rate

Communication Skills

We make sure our Code-brewers can convey even the most complex concepts in the simplest way possible. Our Code-brewers are known to have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.


Pass rate

Technical Skills

Right from creating an algorithm to writing a subsequent code, the core technical skills of every Code-brewers are evaluated by our mentors and a panel of expert programmers.


Pass rate

Problem Solving Skills

Every plan of action comes with some unforeseen roadblocks. This is where a Code-brewer’s presence of mind is tested. We evaluate our Code-brewers on the basis of how many impromptu solutions they can provide.


Pass rate

Deadline Adherence

Time is the most valuable asset for every business owner and other people involved in a project. Therefore, Code-brewers are screened on various parameters: Ideation, Scoping, Implementation, and Project Completion along with Problem Solving to filter the best suited talent.


Pass rate


A consistent track record of successful project delivery is of utmost importance. Every client-developer engagement is followed by a series of assessments to ensure our standards are met.

Skill Enhancement

Even the strongest of skills need regular updates and training. So, we leave no stone unturned to ensure our Code-brewers are always a step ahead of the rest.

Let’s get the wheels rolling.

Hire App Developers

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John Smith


“Code-brew is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Their professionalism, dedication and passion for creating the right solution is really amazing.”

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