Everything You Need To Know About Concierge App

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April 7, 2023
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Shilpi Chhabra

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Everything You Need To Know About Concierge App

Building a concierge app development is a buzzing word in the tech world that makes it become an integral part of today’s automation era. The prominence of the concierge app has evolved as technology progressed, which gave rise to favorable results for the end users.  

For instance, in earlier days, there were only traditional ways existing when it comes to offering services to customers in the hospitality or tourism industry. However, now the scenario has completely changed, resulting from the usage of mobile apps that offer comfort and convenience with the help of a concierge app.  

Enterprises and business owners have already put forth their footprints to leverage tech by developing concierge apps. This is why this era of “Digitization” which can be referred to as “the world of internet technology”, makes the user feel connected to the digital world.  

To name a few, AI and ML-based initiatives have attracted entrepreneurs to gain popularity among the leading hospitality & tourism providers and carriers who want to build an app.  

What Is A Concierge App? 

A concierge app is a mobile application just like other prominent apps on the smartphone. It allows mobile app users to book a diverse range of concierge-related services to level up their comfort with a single click on the app.  

The concierge app is the future for the hospitality industry as the app software offers the most essential tools to fulfill the purpose of anyone who wants to book a hotel reservation or a table booking in a restaurant. Such a solution outlines to provide concierge services with specifications related to nearby attractions and restaurants as a medium of recommendation to users. Alongside this, it allows the user to schedule their preferred activities and make prior reservations themselves.  

With this, concierge software has become the most commonly used in the hospitality industry such as in resorts, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, event planning companies, etcetera. And now, mobile concierge apps also work like personal assistant apps that help users quickly make hotel reservations, book a table in a restaurant, or organize an excursion through the app at any place.   

How do Concierge Apps Work?

Concierge apps work like any other app by providing in-detail information through a personal assistant app.  

The availability of resources is the biggest whim of all time. It is because of the extensive demand for the online services that are available for the users on the concierge app.  

Concierge apps provide information to users, helping them organize their activities through the app. For instance, through a concierge service app, users can build a comprehensive itinerary for traveling or simply showcase suggestions according to their preferences.    

Step #1 Client’s Request 

The concierge service app acts as a personal assistant app to assist patrons, guests, tenants, or office employees with app services online such as making dinner or local/outstation reservations, offering recommendations for places to do events, and arranging transportation. 

Upon the recommendation shown in the app, it is treated as a request put forth by the customer on the app. 

Step #2 Performing the Request 

Once the user request to avail preferred services in the personal assistant app, it goes into the merchant’s panel for approval.  

So, this process goes in the following flow:  

  • A customer makes a specific request in the app as per their preference, i.e. to reserve a table or to book a hotel room, purchase a flight ticket
  • Further, the vendor analyzes the request and offers recommendations 
  • The customer chooses the optimal solution and reaches the final step of booking and taking up the service in the app
  • Later, the customer gets a notification to provide feedback and comment on the services 
  • Finally, monitoring the analysis of the results, the entire collected information is analyzed by the app which helps to generate possible recommendations for subsequent requests in the future 

Types of Concierge Apps

Everything You Need To Know About Concierge App

Concierge service app development enables guests (users) to access the app to fetch relevant information and browse different services that are of interest to them.  

The sole purpose of a mobile app for concierge services is to assist customers with their requests. The app is classified into three major categories: front desk, tourism, and conference management.  

Let us understand the types of concierge applications in detail.   

Front-Desk Operation

Mobile concierge apps clearly replicate the human version operating at the front desk of any restaurant or hotel. 

From check-in and check-out to table reservation and to finding out prices for different hotels & rooms, availing the indoor plus outdoor services such as gym, spa, swimming pool, mini-theater, etcetera all these services are leveraged with just a few clicks on the concierge app.  

Travel Assistant

People travel to diverse places with the aim and plan to explore the world and uncover its charm. For individuals who love to visit different locations, the personal concierge app for travel purposes plays a climacteric role in reserving flight tickets and providing information about places in that vicinity.  

Build a travel concierge service app and win users’ hearts by offering them an array of related services.  

Leisure Apps

Building concierge service apps for entertainment does real work of attention-gaining. Customers using the app tend to spend more on fun & leisure activities, for instance, movie ticket booking, concerts, events, seminars, exhibitions, & parties, and the list is endless. 

Conference Managers

Building concierge apps for conference managers would be extremely helpful for the officials at the hotels or for corporate management people. It keeps reminding them of the upcoming meetings, helps in preparing the meeting agenda and so on. 

Why Do Brands Focus On Building A Concierge App? 

Brands felt the need to build a concierge app development because nowadays millennials show an extreme willingness to spend lavishly on exploring different destinations, travel, luxury hotels, etcetera. In return, it is a much more likely element that fuels the market demand for concierge services.  

For instance, C-suite level, professionals, and executives who relocate to new locations for job purposes opt for concierge services to explore the city and feel afresh. Being said, when it comes to corporate life, it holds the largest market share owing to the soaring demand for organizing corporate events and annual gatherings in the industry. It is where business owners and entrepreneurs feel the most need to build a concierge app.  

The latest advancements in the tourism and hotel industry have altogether shifted its interest from using conventional mode of concierge services to book everything through a concierge services mobile application. The market witnesses a gradual rise in the forthcoming years, which specifies a reason to build a concierge mobile app.  

According to a survey by market insight, it is estimated that the concierge market size globally would climb to 773 million USD by 2025. It is quite predictable that it will grow at a CAGR of 5.3% between 2020–2025. 

Hence, it brings a win-win solution for building a mobile concierge application for your target audience. Let’s briefly discuss each of these steps.  

To build a personal concierge app, these four steps are helpful in the development process.

Everything You Need To Know About Concierge App

  • Step #1 Product unveiling and research process
  • Step #2 Feature discovery, identification, and prioritization
  • Step #3 Selection and implementation of the tech stack 
  • Step #4 Application design, development, and launch

Must-have Features Of A Concierge App

A good concierge app development should provide the following:   

  • Multiple logins to use the app 
  • In-app search query to enable users to find relevant information quickly
  • Advanced booking filters for various types of services simplify the booking process and make it easier
  • The customer can check their order history as to how many times a particular service has been booked, the payment history, bookings or cancellations (if any)
  • Hassle-free payment methods, which enable users to pay instantly for the ordered app services. The concierge service app has multiple payment methods with adherence to data security and following protocols 
  • Direct chat with the automated chatbots, hence enabling app users to get queries resolved instantly anytime, and receive assistance right away
  • The powerful admin panel allows the administrator to track & analyze data and take insights into the entire application of each panel, i.e. customer panel, merchant panel, and the admin panel 

How Code Brew Help Brands Build An On-demand Concierge App?

Code Brew offers the top-notch mobile application and web development services, with a proven track record of building 150+ mobility solutions for industries. For instance, real estate, food delivery, e-commerce, pickup & delivery, healthcare, logistics, fitness, education, and concierge is no different. It has gained traction among the business community.  

Our expert development team at Code Brew Labs has not only created apps for all these above-mentioned platforms but has successfully included customizations in the app as per the business needs for a seamless user experience.   

Costing Involved In Building A Concierge App

The overall app cost depends on the customization and number of features a business wants to include in the concierge services app development.  

Below are the basic features affecting your concierge services app development cost:   

  • Third-party or CRM Integration
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Include advanced filters
  • AI or AR integration
  • Local recommendations
  • Maps inclusion

Build an on-demand Concierge App 


To compete in this digital era, developing such a concierge app development according to your business needs improves user experience and lets your business grow impeccably in this industry. As the popularity of personal assistant apps is constantly evolving and increasing, people are more likely to get used to these apps in every form. That’s why it is the best time for businesses to get their hands on it and build an app. 

With such a user-oriented concierge services app, it enhances customer experience which makes it a powerful tool for building loyalty and trust factor within the customer base. With the help of concierge app development, one can build their brand’s identity more visible and recognizable in the market.  

If you wish to get a personal concierge app, get in touch with us for building concierge app development services. 

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