Five EdTech Market Trends To Consider As Schools, Colleges Reopen Ahead

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the education industry lately. With the rapid spread of the pandemic, thousands of schools, and millions of teachers worldwide had to move to remote classes almost overnight. Online education is reckoned to become the new normal going in 2021. But with schools, colleges scheduled to reopen in 2021, how will these EdTech companies make sure they don’t go out of business? One needs to keep a check on changing EdTech market trends to sustain their business.

2020 has been a magic year for EdTech startups all around the world. Indian EdTech startups have attracted $1.4 billion worth of venture capital investments in the first half of 2020 while American EdTechs raised $803 million in the same as we talk. But how good will they perform when schools, colleges reopen ahead? We have listed below 5 EdTech market trends that are bound to scale up ahead and will ultimately decide the future of these EdTech giants.

1. Career-focused Learning and Assessment

Career-oriented education programs allow the student to concentrate on that particular area in which they are interested in learning more. The curriculum usually contains material that is specifically applicable to the area of study and focuses on basic theory and usable skills.

With the current education system, this idea would hold a lot more encouragement in the times to come. This makes this trend the most viable ahead and an important one for EdTech companies to incorporate into their business model.

2. Student-centric Adaptive Learning

What if instead of children having to adapt to the syllabus and build their timetable around it, the syllabus adapts according to them? Student-centric adaptive learning focuses on much more than that.

Student-centric adaptive learning directs learners individually through instructional material by evaluating and constantly changing their learning path to walk the fine line between what they do and do not yet understand. In this way, the children will be in control of how much and what all they carry on and ultimately be responsible for their education.

This type of adaptive learning would ensure that learners get the correct information delivered in the right dose and intervals. It will be a key trend in the year 2021 and beyond.

3. Gamification – Interactive Learning

Games have never ceased to intrigue children and encourage them. What if games are made a part of their study curriculum? Gamification-interactive learning is about translating the classroom atmosphere and daily tasks into a game. It needs imagination, teamwork, and play.

To promote learning and deepen student understanding of the topic, there are multiple ways to bring games and game playing into the classroom. Primarily, it will allow them to systematically gain control over different subjects. A quite interesting aspect for a student, right?

4. Statistical Analysis

Statistics refer to facts in numbers. As a branch of knowledge, it relates to the collection, presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data. But how can this aid in effective student learning?

Statistical reports find themself quite pivotal as an educational strategy for students to generate better outcomes. In education, statistical analysis helps to collect and present the analytics and interpret the students’ data.

This strategy is bound to get much better results going in 2021 as this will allow businesses to focus on exactly where the student faces a problem and concentrate more on that to make the learning experience smoother and more fulfilling. It helps to draw a general conclusion on students’ performance as well.

With changing education norms, this strategy may be the one to look forward to in the times to come.

5. AR/VR Technology

AR/VR Technology aims to provide an immersive and interactive learning environment without the use of textbooks. It empowers learners to explore and learn at their speed, thereby stimulating learning and comprehension and improving vital retention.

The use of AR/VR is only going to go up this year as it is the ideal amalgamation of education and entertainment. Experiential learning and the fact that it is much more interactive make it all the more successful.

Summing Up…

We’re optimistic that Edtech’s future is exciting. This will undoubtedly be one of the most intriguing areas in the years to come, as our technical capabilities progress. For the first time in history, we will have all the resources allowing us to genuinely concentrate on student needs and revolutionize education.

Yes, the reopening of schools and colleges in 2021 may downgrade the EdTech industry for a while but in the long run, given these EdTech industry trends are adhered to, one may witness the EdTech industry grow even higher in the years to come, leave behind the success stories in the pandemic.

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February 20, 2021



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