Designing with your clients!

Date :
September 11, 2020
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Amit Rana

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Designing with your clients!

Hey There!

I am Ranbir Singh, Code Brew’s very own design technician or Sr. UI/UX Designer. Now normally, I would tell you all about my years of hands-on experience, comprehensive skill-set, effective communication & problem-solving skills, but I am pretty sure you are not really interested in that so let’s get to the serious stuff. I love stand-up comedy, live for Netflix Shows (have been binge-watching Away) & would play cricket all day & all night if I could.

Now, getting to what I do, you must have seen us mentioning time and again that we at Code Brew believe in a design-first approach. Executing that is where I come into play, striking the right balance between a product design that’s equal quantities unique, suits each brand’s personality and is functional, while being user friendly every time with different clients is something I am responsible for. Fascinating isn’t it? Sure is!

So let me give you a sneak peek into my team’s working process. Let’s start the decoding!
The process begins by getting answers to a few basic questions that are extremely integral to the entire process. The questions are:

What is the problem that we are looking at?
Who is facing that problem?
What’s the final goal we want to achieve?

With the answers to these questions come a whole lot of clarity about the client as well as a vague picture of the entire UX which then leads to the designing process which comes from:

– Defining the user requirements & insights
– Ideate for potential solutions creatively
– Building a prototype or in most cases a series of prototypes.
-Test for feedbacks

Post this, we generally have a conceptual understanding of the product. The trick after this point is to strike the right balance between a client’s demand & his need, while the client might understand the product to the T, they might not grasp the taste, preferences & the outlook of billions of the target audience that is going to be using the website in the future which will then ultimately determine if the application is a success or a failure.

After the elements lay the foundation we start working on the parameters of the brief & the research comes to play. The extensive, the better! Also having a solid, well-structured process helps for the entire team & I to not lose the sight of the vision & stay on schedule.

Now, here’s a process we at Code Brew like to broadly implement while working for a new client.
-Defining the product vision
-Product research
-User analysis
-Testing and validation
-Post-launch activities
This has seemed to really work for us in terms of happy clients!

Another great tip, arranging chairs on the deck, couldn’t have saved the titanic so just putting everything on a screen is not gonna do anybody good. So the design should be clean, uncluttered and should have breathing space. The second golden rule, they might tell you that you need to design for the user & not for the client but my experience so far has taught me to design keeping in mind both the parties and keeping both of them happy because, at the end of the day, both are co-dependent on each other.

You must align your design with your client’s ultimate vision for the brand, this is something that many people while designing lose the sight of. So, while it might not be the most exciting part of the job, it is the parcel that comes along with it.

So design for your user and your client!

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