What is Wearable App Development Technology?

Most commonly known as wearables or wearable technology - it is used to be embedded in the human body or can be used in clothing as an accessory. Such devices come up in the form of smartwatches (Android/ iOS) and fitness trackers. Smart glasses are another way of displaying head-mounted accessories in this category.

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Numbers that Speak About the Business Transformational Journey

Forecast Period

The growth of wearable technology market will grow massively between 2022-2030.

Market size

It was valued at $138.61 USD Billion in 2022, which will grow by $392.4 USD Billion by 2030.

Rising Growth Rate

The market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.89%.

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Wearable App Development?

At Code Brew, our proficiency in building custom-made wearable app development solutions is well-aligned with the futuristic technology
parameters. It works to create an impactful highly immersive and engaging applications compatible with the latest wearable devices.

User Interface

While planning the wearable app development, the interface is the first thing we plan and strategize that is hassle-free and easy to operate by the end user.

Screen & Device

We create application interfaces that are adaptable to be easily readable on any device and the navigation fits within the phone screen size for a variety of models.

Minimize Action

To curtail the user’s navigational journey on the app, we reduce the number of activities to simplify the process and let the user complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.


With our wearable mobile app development solutions, we deploy the best safety measures to secure your all confidential data.

Wearable App Development
Solutions We Offer!

Right from strategy-building to the creation of robust growth via backend infrastructure, we offer all API integrations with multiple features on a single platform.
Get an agile methodology to build a wearable app with our high-end app development for wearable devices.

Apple Watch

01. Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are activity trackers that are used to track & monitor the fitness activities such as sleep duration, running/ walking metrics, calorie depletion etcetera.

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02. Smart Jewellery

Rings, necklaces, and earrings are some of the smart jewelry pieces that notify the wearer for making calls & respond to texts when the user is inaccessible to the phone.

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03. Smart Clothing

There are smart clothing products that monitor a user's stress levels, heart, and pulse rate through wearable electronic devices in the outfits.

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04. Head-Mounted Displays

Wearable head-mounted displays offer the best user experience with features such as taking photos, sharing, and recording videos.

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05. Smart Watches

Wearable devices include smart watches that allow users to make calls, receive text notifications, and have music accessibility. It is similar to the smartphone functionality.

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06. Implantable

By surgery, microdevices are implanted under the skin. The body senses its function through defibrillators, pacemakers, insulated wires, nerve stimulators, etc.

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07. Apple Watch Development

For Apple Watches, we use the leading iOS wearable app framework. Providing a seamless user experience on both Apple Watch and iPhone, we build WatchOs and Apple HealthKits.

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01. Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are activity trackers that are used to track & monitor the fitness activities such as sleep duration, running/ walking metrics, calorie depletion etcetera.

02. Smart Jewellery

03. Smart Clothing

04. Head-Mounted Displays

05. Smart Watches

06. Implantable

07. Apple Watch Development

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Wearable App Development Process


Our mavens who are handling the project will outline a detailed framework for creating an agile strategy tailored to your business plan.


Our next step lies in creating a wireframe that represents an engaging prototype. We excel in forming the prototype that brings out a full-scale app development for wearable devices.


Our team of skilled professionals is proficient in building high-end app solutions and uses the latest tech stack with a highly compatible app with top-performing wearable devices.


We aim to create an immersive app design that looks creative. Our designers use extensive SDKs for Android and Native apps that empower them to design engaging UI/UX.


The last stage is to launch wearable mobile app development solutions. After running through all the testing processes, we successfully launch the mobile app on any desired platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wearable app?

Wearable apps run on smartphones, fitness trackers, and other wearable devices that gauge human body functionality and notify the wearer how it reacts. For instance, notifying tracking capabilities such as pulse rate, heart rate, fitness levels, daily steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt, sleep duration, brain & physical activities, etcetera.

How do these wearable apps work?

The wearer can set fitness goals through which the in-built sensors track body motion and muscle activities. It allows the users to keep a close eye on their day-to-day activities and how their body is responding to achieve those goals.

Is building this app generate profits?

Due to their quick accessibility and extraordinary app functionality, wearable apps can notify users much better than smartphones or other devices. A wearable app serves as software to collect users’ valuable data and to improve the overall user experience with its user-friendlier customizations in the app. Hence, it is more appreciated by the users which creates demand in the market that ultimately gives profits to the company.

How much does it cost to build a wearable app?

The costing part depends on various factors such as the complexity of features and functionality. The overall development & designing time, tech stack used, project handling team & its size, project location, resources deployed, and so on.

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