Why Consult UX Designer While Defining Your Product?

Idea is just like a monster that you build from scratch, a Frankenstein monster. You have to attach the limbs at the right places, correct placement of vital elements and before it becomes a living monster you have to believe in it. If it is a mess up with limbs at wrong places and the schema is messed up, everything crumbles and your monster doesn’t just feel right.

Once you have an idea that you think can change the world, make sure you implement it the right way. The first step is to find the right direction with wise consultation from business partners and the experts in the field. You pull all the strings to raise investment and spend all your savings to build an app/website to catch the attention of customers. However, you just fail to do it because you did not have the consultation in the first place.

Instead of assuming what you want, here’s why you should consult an UX designer before defining your product and further processions:

1. Is Your Product Feasible?

2.8 million apps on Google PlayStore and 2.2 million apps on App Store, yet we know only a few. A lot of ideas are resting in App Store with not profitable output. This is because the entrepreneurs do not think through the feasibility of their ideas. Consulting a team of UX designers, Software Architects, Developers and Managers will help you find out if your idea is feasible and what you should expect to achieve from the final product.

2. Shaping Your Product

UX designers are responsible for building the base environment of user and machine interaction. A proper analysis on the basis of data will help you define your goals. UX designer will help you break down milestones for your product and come up with idealistic timelines. It’ll help you manage your resources more clearly.

3. Avoiding Blunders

We have seen products being built, some taking the market by storm and some making news for the huge failures. UX designers help you set an idealistic approach which will affect your sales and marketing directly.
For an instance, each functional component in your application should be placed strategically according to their importance. Simple blunders like multiple functional components hindering each others workflow can and should be solved by taking proper measures before they lead to a huge failure.

4. Designing A Product That Compliments Your Business Plan

Your team should be clear about your business plan. In order to solve problems that hinder your road map, your team should be on the same page as you.

The best design isn’t the one that just makes your company look cool, edgy and sophisticated. It’s the design that supports conversion, has room for good copy, and powerfull CTAs that make people click the big orange button” -Brian Massey

5. User Perspective

Put yourself in the shoes of the target audience and then create the product. UX designers always think why a user would stop using the service and take counter measures for the same. If you’re going to sell your product, you need to spend enough time and research in this sector.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

In the end, most of failures in digital era are mainly because of failed user experience or faulty business model. You are bound to make mistakes and learn from them, but when you can also learn from others’ mistakes, then why not.

We at Allurive Studios will help you craft beautiful apps with sticky, revenue generating surfaces, ensuring the best experience possible for the user. Code Brew Labs takes the design one step ahead and develop the final product by using all the right resources.

December 16, 2017



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