Code Brew Launches ‘Deliver Safe’- A Complete Tech-Suite For Businesses To Combat COVID-19

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April 30, 2020
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Amit Rana

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Code Brew Launches ‘Deliver Safe’- A Complete Tech-Suite For Businesses To Combat COVID-19

COVID-19 is presenting several challenges to businesses around the globe. Governments are enforcing different rules and policies to protect their citizens from the pandemic. Situations like lockdown are effective in curbing the virus-spread. However, there is another side to it which affects people and businesses, altogether.

Offline businesses are enforced to shut down and people are confined to their homes. But governments are taking all necessary actions to supply essentials to the people at their doorstep. They have come up with solutions like curfew e-passes, which allow delivery of essential services and commodities. In the same queue, it is crucial for business owners to identify ways to keep moving and support their communities amidst this chaos. It is time to come together and stronger.

Being your technology Partner, Code Brew, is strongly committed to helping business owners like you conquer this challenging phase.

Introducing – Deliver Safe Tech Solution

Understanding the need of the time, we are launching the next-level technology solution- Deliver Safe. It brings forth an opportunity to run multiple services under a single marketplace app. While it keeps you growing during lockdown situations, it helps you serve your community with all essentials under one roof. For businesses affected by the pandemic crisis, it is a complete solution to ensure safe deliveries to their customer’s doorstep. And that’s why the name arrives- Deliver Safe.

Developing the finest mobility solutions for the last 6 years, we are always on the verge to help the business world. From crafting white-labeled apps for the on-demand industry to developing custom enterprise software, we hold expertise in brewing industry-leading solutions. As none of us was prepared for the current situation, we felt it our responsibility to help businesses battling with the pandemic spread. Hence, introducing Deliver Safe tech-suite, we want business owners and entrepreneurs to launch their business online and support their communities. To introduce you with this all-in-one tech solution, we are answering here your- What, Why, and How.

What Is Deliver Safe Technology Solution?

To make it precise, it is a comprehensive tech-suite which comes with all the powerful features you need to combat this phase. You will get intuitive mobile apps and website for customers and drivers, along with a robust admin dashboard. Using Deliver Safe suite you can offer your customers all essential services under a single app. On the other hand, you can help your drivers’ complete deliveries in a safer and hassle-free manner. And then you get a feature-loaded admin panel to monitor every aspect of your business.  Let’s sum it up for you.Code Brew Launches 'Deliver Safe'- A Complete Tech-Suite For Businesses To Combat COVID-19


Customer Website & App: Launch your business with a branded customer app and website which allows them to place online orders for all essential commodities. From food to grocery and pharmacy needs, you can sell everything in one place. Along with that, they can book medical vans, taxis, or ambulances through the same app.

Delivery Agent App: Give your drivers a one-stop solution where they can register for e-passes easily. Simply, they need to add all their required personal and health details. With all these details verified by the authorities and the admin, they are eligible for making safe deliveries. Also, the drivers get notified for the lockdown or the quarantined locations, where they are suspected to virus-spread. After all, their health impacts your business.

Admin Panel: Get a powerful dashboard to manage your business seamlessly through COVID-19. With Deliver Safe you can make your business comply with governments’ urge to imply social distancing. Check all the details of your drivers and verify them for delivering essentials. Keep a track of every single moment of your drives and other business activities.

This tech-suite comes with all the basic features and advanced features you need. You can check them in detail here.

Why Your Business Needs Deliver Safe Tech Solution?

The virus spread has driven customers indoors. More than 30.6% consumers will make their purchases online. Taking your business online with a robust and powerful marketplace is the best way to reach them and help your society during these hardships. Explore why it is the only solution your business needs now;

Code Brew Launches 'Deliver Safe'- A Complete Tech-Suite For Businesses To Combat COVID-19


One app, multiple services: As stated above, it is a multi-service marketplace. As a business owner, you can add as many services as you want to offer. For instance, if you are into food delivery and want to expand your business into grocery, this is all you need. You can list all essentials your customers require, including medicines, sanitizers, masks, and even medical van booking. 

Code Brew Launches 'Deliver Safe'- A Complete Tech-Suite For Businesses To Combat COVID-19


Simpler e-Pass registration: This solution really simplifies the process of getting e-passes. Drivers and business admin will be adding every required detail to register for the passes. And after filling the form, it will be sent to the respective government authorities for approval.

Code Brew Launches 'Deliver Safe'- A Complete Tech-Suite For Businesses To Combat COVID-19


Government approval: With this advance solution, you will be offering extended help to your government. It will become easier for the authorities to verify the collective details of the drivers and allow them to provide services in the authorized areas.

Code Brew Launches 'Deliver Safe'- A Complete Tech-Suite For Businesses To Combat COVID-19


Task assignment to verified drivers: When the drivers get e-pass, they can mark their availability to deliver. Business owners will assign tasks to the verified and non-positive agents only. Complete information of customers and their orders will be sent to agents. And they will proceed further to complete the delivery process safely.

Code Brew Launches 'Deliver Safe'- A Complete Tech-Suite For Businesses To Combat COVID-19


Safer & smoother deliveries: This tech-suite facilitates you to freely continue with delivery services in the permissible regions. It means you can now serve your customers with contactless delivery, ensuring timely deliveries of their orders. And your business gets back on track.

Track COVID-19 positive cases: Deliver Safe empowers you to identify and track the corona virus-positive cases with ease. For instance, if any of your drivers fall sick and are tested positive, they will mark it on the app. Their e-pass will be disabled immediately and they won’t be able to continue with the delivery services.

Code Brew Launches 'Deliver Safe'- A Complete Tech-Suite For Businesses To Combat COVID-19


Stay alert, make alert: As soon as you identify any positive case, the platform will alert your government and customers for the same. The authorities can easily track the travel history of the positive case. Moreover, they can also track the people/places where the agent has delivered any orders in the last 7-10 days.

Mark quarantined/lockdown locations: Business owners can add and edit any number of quarantined or lockdown locations through their advance panel. It will help both their drivers stay updated in real-time and be more alert while delivering in those locations.

With these unique features and advantages, we simply tend to help your business navigate the impact. 

How Deliver Safe Suite Can Bring A Revolution?

These are testing times and we are together in this. Introducing such a comprehensive solution, we truly aim to keep your business moving today and in the future. It is meant for the safety of your customers, drivers and business, altogether. Here’s a detailed infographic, stating how Deliver Safe suite will bring revolution to all sectors. Have a look:

Code Brew Launches 'Deliver Safe'- A Complete Tech-Suite For Businesses To Combat COVID-19

Together We Can Fight Back!

Designed to help the businesses through these uncertain times and support local communities, Deliver Safe is what you need. Flatten the curve by taking the right step forward, without any further delays. And supporting your business a little more, we are offering a discount up to 50% on Deliver Safe tech solution. You can easily avail this discount on the first kick-off amount.

Are you ready to launch your business with Deliver Safe? Let’s connect to help you get onboard in no time.

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