The idea was to launch an advanced taxi booking platform like Uber in Tunisia. For Salem, we created a highly robust & scalable technology solution that simplifies taxi booking, tracking, payment & more. In just one year, the app has witnessed exponential growth.

And The Numbers Are Proof!

Salem’s Exceptional Growth Is Backed By A Comprehensive Technology Solution

Code Brew delivered a complete tech suite which was customized for Salem’s business-specific needs.

Client Is Super-Happy & So Are We…

All of our experience during our association with Code Brew Labs has been very positive. The solution they delivered is highly customized to our business-specific needs. It has all set of advanced features and offer exceptional user experience. And that’s the reason why we have reached more than 60,000+ download in less than a year. To our knowledge, the company has a history of timely and successful completion of its jobs. And not just their team at India but also the Dubai team is very supportive. They are very open to new ideas and roles. They are super flexible to work with. We know no reason why you should hesitate to award a contract to this firm.

Hasan Dridi

Salem Tn (IT Manager)

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Delightful Taxi Booking & Seamless Payments

Challenge: The initial challenge for Salem was to simplify the taxi booking & payment process for their customers.

Solution: Code Brew created a fully-featured app to let passengers book rides instantly or schedule for later. They could easily pick from the available taxi options, choose a destination, get fare estimates, real-time ETAs & more. Besides, they could easily pay using one of the many payment options available & get digital invoices for the same.

Impact: Advanced features made booking & payment easier, leading to an increase in the number of bookings by 63% in the first quarter itself.

Launch Branded Taxi Booking App

Live Taxi Tracking & In-app Assistance

Challenge: Salem wanted to improve user experience & help passengers track taxis in real-time.

Solution: With an interactive map, Code Brew made it possible for the passengers to view their taxi arriving in real-time. Both customers & drivers could contact with each-other through in-app messaging and calling features.

Impact: Real-time tracking & chat improved overall user experiences. It led to a 47% decrease in the number of cancelled bookings.

Boost Experience with Live Tracking

Different Needs,
Different Rides

Challenge: Being the first app in Tunisia, Salem wanted to serve different customer needs under one platform

Solution: Code Brew crafted a highly scalable solution & added ease to offer different types of rides on the same app. They created four different ride categories, namely- Berlin Eco, Prestige, Salem Kids, and Salem Ladies.

Impact: Adding specific ride facilities to each category, Salem was able to attract more customers. It helped expand their customer by 6X.

Run Different Services Under One Solution

Instant Booking Requests & Built-in Navigation

Challenge: Notifying drivers with ride requests in a timely manner was another challenge for Salem.

Solution: We delivered an easy-to-use app for their driver network. While drivers could receive new ride requests instantly, they had complete freedom to accept/reject the same. All the essential details about customer & ride were offered for a seamless pickup and drop. Plus, in-app navigation with Google maps provides the best route and ETA details.

Impact: Impact: Instant notifications & in-built navigation enhanced their fleet’s efficiency by 56%.

Improve Efficiency & Fleet Performance

Complete Management Hub For Salem

Challenge:Salem required an end-to-end management solution for their taxi business.

Solution:Code Brew developed a powerful admin dashboard to let them view and control all aspects of the taxi booking operations from a single window. Packed with highly advanced features, this panel facilitated Salem manage,

Impact:Having everything under control & being tracked from one place, Salem was able to increase their profit by 67% in the second quarter.

  • Customers, bookings & queries

  • Fleet, dispatchers & drivers

  • Ride fare based on vehicle category, wait times, distance, etc.

  • Driver payouts, commission rates, refunds & more

  • Operational area by creating geo-fences

AI-Based Analytics & Business Reports

Challenge: With time, it was becoming difficult for Salem to grow their business & ROI.

Solution: The dashboard offered them advanced analytics & complete reports for their taxi business. They could easily get actionable insights & important numbers which made a difference to their revenue and growth.

Impact: Data-driven insights helped them make informed decisions & boost overall ROI by 59%.


Being the first taxi booking app in Tunisia, Salem has found success in a very short span.
The app is loved & trusted by the customers immensely. Their phenomenal
growth by the end of the year is summed up here:

43% Increase in new passengers/month
56% Spike in taxi bookings under ‘Prestige’ category
73% Increase in bookings for Salem Kids & Ladies category
92% Rise in number of returning customers

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