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“The idea behind Nizcare was to deliver quality healthcare assistance to users worldwide. They required building a next-level mHealth App that bridges the gap between doctors & patients. We crafted an end-to-end healthcare marketplace, which is loved by patients & other healthcare experts equally.”

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Recommended By Customers...

  • It is a really good app...very fact it helped me cure my migraine during app every must have

    - Hari.A.N 38

  • It's a nice and handy app. It was very helpful in lockdown period for my family. I consulted number of doctors at very nominal cost.

    - Ammani Bala

  • It was really useful apps Any body can easily access.

    - Noorunnisha Mubarak Ali

Trusted By Doctors...

  • Awesome very useful to doctor's..

    - Mohamed Meeran ibn Fazil

  • Excellent . Easy to Manage.

    - Anandh M

  • No lag, good for doctors to join and consult

    - Praveen Sebastian

  • It was helpful and smooth

    - CareerSpark

Code Brew Developed A Complete Tech Suite To Launch, Run & Grow Nizcare’s Healthcare Business Online

Easy Online Appointments & Homecare Visits

ChallengeNizcare wanted to offer a simplified way of booking appointments with expert doctors.

SolutionWe provided them with an advanced online appointment booking system. It facilitated their users to book appointments for online consultation instantly, or they could schedule the same as per the requirement. Also, the users could opt for a doctor’s home visit, if required.

ImpactDoctors & patients could connect and communicate seamlessly. And this led to an increase in customer satisfaction by 87%.

1:1 Virtual Consultations Made Possible

ChallengeThe idea was to serve users & doctors with multiple modes of consultation.

SolutionCode Brew developed a robust conversational marketplace, offering three different modes of consultation – Video, Audio & Text. While patients could select the mode of consultation easily, doctors were able to charge them as per the mode selected.

ImpactHaving more options to consult with specialists & doctors, there was seen a boost in a number of users registered with the platform by 72%.

Improvised UX Across All Devices

ChallengeOne of the biggest issues was to enable video consultations on different devices.

SolutionWe replaced VoIP calling with a Push Button feature to offer the finest video conferencing experience. Our team of highly skilled testers worked rigorously to create a coherent UX across multiple devices.

ImpactDoctors & patients could connect and communicate seamlessly. And this led to an increase in customer satisfaction by 87%.

Simplified Appointment & Patient Management

ChallengeAnother challenge was to help doctors & specialists manage their appointments.

SolutionCode Brew developed a feature-loaded app for doctors. They could share their real-time availability, get instant appointment notification, accept or reject appointment requests, and manage their patients’ data efficiently, all from one window.

ImpactThe doctors were then able to consult a more number of patients, leading to a nearly 23% increase in appointments made every month..

Health Packages, Second Opinions, Feed & Guide to Ensure the Best Care

ChallengeNizcare was facing a problem in retaining & satisfying their customers.

SolutionVarious health packages were offered to boost customer engagement. There was an additional feature offering the second opinion to the patients, in case they were unsatisfied with the first consultation. Moreover, they were a separate feed section and a health guide to allow users to ask their queries, get health updates, etc. from health experts.

ImpactThe health packages & other features encouraged repeat consultations, leading to a boost in ROI by 47%.

Subscription Plans & Fee Management For Experts

ChallengeFor the doctors on the Nizcare’s platform it was quite challenging to manage fees & payments.

SolutionAdding monthly, quarterly & yearly subscription plans, it was made simpler for doctors and other specialists to choose their period of service on the platform. Moreover, they were able to set consultation fees as per the mode selected, health issue & other factors.

ImpactWith multiple plans available, Nizcare was able to retain 92% of the registered doctors & other healthcare specialists..

Highly Secured & HIPAA Compliant Solution

ChallengeIt was highly essential for Nizcare to be HIPAA compliant.

SolutionCode Brew delivered the most robust & scalable technology solution to launch its online healthcare business. We made sure that all information shared and stored within the system is fully encrypted according to the HIPAA requirements.

ImpactEnforcing the highest standards for security, Nizcare was able to reduce the risk for healthcare fraud completely.

Robust Panel to Run & Grow Seamlessly

ChallengeNizcare required a one-stop solution to run & manage their healthcare platform.

SolutionWe provided them with a powerful dashboard to keep a bird’s eye view on their online healthcare business. They could track appointment status, payments, packages, subscriptions & other important numbers from one window.

ImpactWith data-driven insights, they were able to make better decisions for their business growth.


With the high-end features & most advanced tech solution, Nizcare is now a full-blown online health marketplace.

After its initial launch in India, it is all set to expand the horizons worldwide.

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